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Religious fanaticism in Pakistani society – By Muhammad Faisal Younus

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
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  • Excellent article….great job. Keep it up.
    Extremism should be eliminated from Pakistan.

  • I’d not use such a harsh language. They’re part of Pakistan and we need to bring them along with us. It’s not them vs us. We’re part of the same cloth. if anyone does harm to people/Muslims, we’d all get blamed for it. No one is going to come out and say that, no it’s only Mullahs. We need to work on educating our people and guide them thru the tough times. We have to invest in people, build more schools, colleges, & hospitals. We need to provide jobs so that people have work instead of talking about non-sense issues that don’t impact them at all. I can go on and on but i guess you get the point. We’re all on the same boat, lets stop blaming and start fixing!