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A tribute to Khurram Zaki – by Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi



The bastion of resistance against Takfiri Deobandi militancy, a soul incensed with undivided passion, an activist obsessed with cause, a warrior without arms against those who don’t know any other way but violence is no more. He was target killed by the same Takfiri militants he so aggressively exposed.

Another voice silenced. Another friend, colleague, comrade laid to rest. Another ‘Shaheed’ listed in the growing list of activists killed by Taliban, LEJ and cohorts. I will not forget how much I tried to make you understand to be careful. I will not forget HOW I PLEADED YOU TO BE CAREFUL, many times. I saw this coming. I knew they will kill you. Because they kill who-ever exposes their core ideology. I will not forget how you said, “Ali! You will live. Someone should live to carry this forward.”
I will forever carry this burden.

SALUTE, Khurram Zaki

You live in death.

Meray qaatil ku pukaaro key main zinda houn abhi-
Pher se maqtal ku sanwaroo key main zinda houn abhi..

Ideas are bullet-proof.