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Update report of Mandibhudin chak 44



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The Hunts of middle ages is the manner in which Christian colonies are attacked and burnt over charges of blasphemy in Pakistan. The Christians in Mandibhaudin chak 44 was facing threats of attack unless they all covert and hand over a blasphemy accused Imran Masih S/o,Ashraf Masih 24 to the muslims. The Christian community commercial and social boycott and local shop keeper refusing to sell them anything, so they running out of essential needs (According to social media and some Christian org)
History: N.A 109 Mandi Bahudin Chak 44 has 1900 registered vote, Nasar Bosal of (PMLN) is elected MNA and Ahktar Abass Bosal is MPA PP 118 of (PMLN) is elected. 30 Christian families are living with registered votes 160. Christians are living with the Muslims with peacefully and family relations as well as attending family functions and cultural activities without and religious discrimination.
On 19th of April Imran Masih, son of Sharif Masih, 23 resident of Village Chak 44 Mandi Bahauddin, is employed at BHU as a cleaner. He had good terms with his co-workers, and the day he handed his cell phone to one of his Supervisor M Manzoor and Bilal dispenser and left to finish his work. When he back he saw that Bilal store is located adjacent to his workplace, was holding Imran’s phone and showing the provocative video to workers standing around him. When Imran asked Bilal to return his phone, he refused to give him back. Bilal accused Imran of watching anti-Islamic lecture downloaded on YouTube. Bilal called other friends and started to beaten Imran Masih, Imran Masih presented to the Health care head and he asked about blasphemous video , Imran explain and his Head of BHU explained to the public about the facts and Imran`s cell phone expertise that he had never browsed.
On Thursday 5th of May, Muhammad Asraf went to Mosque for the announcement of Imran`s case and a chrsitain Amar Yaqoob called 15 for the help of local police,??? The muslims never move any application against Imran Masih or other Christian. The Christians also not move any application for their safety and security.
The roll of police. After the call of police helpline, The DPO personally visited their and deputed 10 police men for the safety and security of the Christians and also warn to Masjid Committee to avoid the violence and announcement against any Christians.
Facts. After the 19th of April and 6th May the Christian never made any efforts to bring peace and dialogue with local responsible and good Muslims. They just avoid and writing negative reports and all chak 44. The good muslims whom are kind hearted was worried about Christian`s attitude.
Our Committee. Our committee went to chak 44 and met with police officers, local Muslims and Christian. We found none serious attitude of Christian local leader and his family.
We had a meeting with Muslims and Christians where we suggested peace committee which was approved by both side and accepted by DPO DSP AND SHO the committee will find peaceful way and facts to maintain the self crated bad situation although police worn both parties to avoid missed news and cross questions. The committee based on.

1: Naseer Ahmad Saleem Bhati( Vice Chairman UC60)
2: Allah Ditta Qadri (Masjid committee)
3: Riaz Ahmad Dohdra (Masjid committee)

1: Yaqoob Masih(ex councilor)
2: Iqbal Masih
3: Ishaq Masih.

Our peace team played vital role for the peace and harmony and bring Muslims and Christians at a plat form. All committee members are agreed to report the police and will continue their relations as past. Am Thankful to Dr Riaz Asi, Tariq Saraj Advocate and Nadeem Hassan Advocate whom felt pain and shown deep concern about the Christian community of Chak 44 Mandibhahudin.

Khalid Shahzad
minority rights activist.