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Daughter of the East, Queen of Pakistan’s Tribal Areas, Benazir Bhutto Shaheed – by Riaz Ali Toori

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Ahsan Abbas Shah


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  • A comprehensive essay on the achievements and dignity and role played by the Nation’s two to be ever remembered leaders who laid down their lives and left us so early in their life no dying their natural death but were removed from our leadership by the enemies of our country , the greater enemy who feared that this family could have made the difference for raising the morales of all Pakistanis and in the larger picture they could have changed the position of the Muslim world in general. After reading your report Mr Tori i could not stop writing my opinion of the achievements of the Bhutto faimly that gave its lives but made Pakistan a progressive state in all respects , Mr Toori u have done great justice in paying tribute and homage in full respect to the great leader and that the present Government has taken unto itself to see that her and her fathers’ dream will come true even when they have left us , we send all our good wishes and hopes to the present governance and shall inshallah see Pakistan a prosperous state. I like it when u called her jirge ki shahzadi and sindh ki beti, who darhaqqiqat ap ke khene ke muttabiq puri qaum ki leader theen aik sissa pilai dewar ki tarrah jisku koi samne se war nahi karsakta tha buzdil ki tarrha peeche se hi war karne wale ne unko shaheed e qaum banadia. shumal se junub tak whu hammari leader theen.A job well done by you in this article and it is forcing me to write too.

    EXCELLENT Article bhut shandar peraye mai likha gya .umda andaz e tehrer concept but aalla aur jazbo aur suchaye sey likha gya article tabeat khush hogye !