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Hajjaji leaks on Panama Leaks: No Tolerance for ANY criticism of Comrade Noora who like always Innocent Yo!



Syed Riaz al-Malik Hajjaji is itching to join the Nawaz-Yafta Liberal Gravy train. Towards that end, I Riaz Malik (yes, I am a typical Salafi/Selfie activist who tags himself in his own post) Hereby Declare that my (Desired) Employers of Noora League are – as always – completely innocent of any malfeasance in the wake of the ‪#‎PanamaPapers‬ leaks about offshore companies! I would like to join this gravy train of pompous blowhards writing detailed articles proclaiming Noora League as “anti establishment”, “Liberals” and “Fiscally clean”.

So what if Noora League and Ishaq Dar stuffed suitcases full of cash for money laundering and used Hudaybia Paper Mills to launder money as well as a host of other industries etc following their good fortunes of being “appointed” by General Gillani in 1981.

“Lenin said ‘hang the capitalist with the rope you have bought from him” But, but Lennon also said “I am the Walrus” or was that Paul?

Look, like Noora, Mansha etc, I am also a Jamaati Crony Capitalist!
Jamaati Crony Capitalists like me, infused with the Jamaati spirit of obfuscation, hot rhetoric and self righteousness feel that only we can engage in money laundering but Zardari and Bhuttos cannot!
Our Motto: “Hum Karein tau Naach, Tum Karo tau Mujra!”

FYI, let me tell how how comrade Nawaz Sharif aka Amir ul Tajireen made his money. For years, he and Shahbaz Sharif used to perform Mujra, ooops, dances for Daddy General Zia ul Haq Shaheed. In 1981, both Noora brothers were lissome beauties who danced their heart out to the extant that they lost all their hair and gained weight. Liberal General Zia ul Haq Shaheed used to shower them with Rs. 1 notes for their hard earned labour. And General Gillani Al-Democracia tasked them to do good governance of Al-Bunjab province.

Today, the Sharif money is from hard earned labour. Such as selling MCB to Comrade Mansha for 1/6th the tender offer that was procured by previous BB regime! Such as buying KASB for Rs. 1 or was it one Paisa. Or making the Metro for Rs. 52 billion after it was estimated to cost Rs. 3 billion by the Asian Development Bank.

Today, Noora Brothers, Nawaz and Shahbaz are the embodiments of Faiz for their stirring recital of Faiz and Jalib at Liars, ooops, Lawyer’s Movement. Today, Noora family are not dynasty family ruling Bunjab and Al-Bakistan with the blessing of Saudi democrat Princes Ya Habbibi! Today, Noora regime, ooops, Noora family cabinet aka PML N are the Real Democrats of Pakistan, the real “anti establishment” and with Jefforsonian and Voltaire-ian figures like Rana Sanaullah and Chaudhary “Mr. Bean” Nisar, Noora league is also the new “liberals” of Pakistan!

Self righteous corruption allegations are only reserved for weak groups like the irrelevant PPP. Rest are all innocent.