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Saudi- Rogue RAW – Deobandi alliance conducted Lahore blasts on Easter



It is becoming clear that Saudi Arabia is the largest facilitator of RAW in Pakistan and that interconnected Deobandi terrorist groups like Jammat ul Ahrar/ASWJ/TTP are the foot soldiers of RAW in Pakistan. Darul Uloom Deoband is not even originally from Pakistan but from India.

In conclusion, rogue sections of RAW are being used by Saudi Arabia to destabilise Pakistan and lay the blame on India and Iran. The proxies of Rogue RAW Services (RRS) are the Deobandis who are factually the biggest terrorists in Pakistan. Deobandis want to start a nuclear war between India and Pakistan and have aligned themselves with both the rogue sections of RAW and ISI.
BLA link with Jamaat ul Ahrar/TTP/ASWJ also public knowledge when Baloch Taliban leader Ramzan Mengal lead the funeral worship of BLA leader Khair Bux Marri.

Saudi- Rogue RAW – Deobandi alliance also conducted Lahore blasts on Easter.