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Iran releases Trespassing marines- Another blow to the ‘bomb Iran’ crew – by Zahra Abidi



TEHRAN — Iran released two US Navy patrol vessels and 10 marines that had illegally entered the country’s territorial waters near Farsi Island in the Persian Gulf. The release was made after it was determined that the entry was in error. US Secretary of State John Kerry thanked the Iranian authorities warmly for their cooperation in resolving the issue overnight. US commanders of the captured naval boat, also thanked the Iranian authorities for their ‘fantastic’ behavior and hospitality.

Although the issue was handled diplomatically and cordially from the onset with the Secretary of State John Kerry in constant communication with Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif, yet it did not deter some Iranophobes from ‘crying wolf’. Sen. John McCain blasted the President for not mentioning this ‘provocative’ incident in his state of the union address. Presidential candidate Donald Trump, described it as ‘an indication of where the hell we’re going’. Statements were made in the press that U.S had to apologize to secure freedom for the sailors. US Vice President Biden however clarified that Iran neither sought an apology, nor did the United States issue one. The Iranians released the marines swiftly and peacefully which can be taken as a sign of warmer US-Iran relations.


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Zahra Abidi

Zahra Abidi was born and raised in Pakistan where she got her early education. She later came to U.S. for Master’s in Business Administration which she received from George Washington University, in Washington D.C. She began her career as a consultant at The World Bank and later moved to the private sector.
Zahra is currently the Program Director at The ZAINAB (as) Organization in Seattle, Washington. She is also the member of United Muslims, an association comprising of several different Muslim organizations in Puget Sound who have come together to oppose bigotry against Muslims and Islam. She has conducted various conferences, namely Shia-Sunni Unity Meelad conferences and “I will NOT be Bullied”- A conference for middle and high schoolers. She is married with 2 kids.