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Ghamdi and doctrine of best deception – Part 1 – Peja Mistari


I have talked about doctrine of best deception and have made several attempts previously to explain it, but this time I have probably found the best example of this doctrine in action.

Let me first give a little introduction to this doctrine. “Doctrine of the best deception” is based on the part of Quranic verse واللہ خیر الماکرین ، which literally means Allah is the best deceiver. This verse has been subject to several interpretations by many Muslim scholars but I won’t go into the details of those discussions here.

This verse however became the foundation for probably the most heinous doctrine in the human history. It was back in early 90’s when I studied likes of Moodoodi, Ghulam Ahmed Pervez, Dr. Israr Ahmed and several other extremist Islamic scholars’ interpretation of Quran and I noticed a common understanding among all of them about this verse.  This verse was in fact one of the favourite subject of all of these scholars who would explain in detail how Allah “plans” against non-Muslims and HIS enemies.

It is important to point out that in the context of these scholars discussions on Quranic topics these scholars themselves act as the proxy to Allah on earth. Dr. Israr Ahmed used to explain this concept of Allah’s proxy on earth in detail when discussing Soorah Baqra. So in reality it is these Muslims who are the ‘best deceiver’.

This deception however is a double-edged knife that cut both ways. On the one side it is about deceiving the other fellow humans in order impose probably the worst ideology of hatred against humans as a whole based on hateful of concept of Toheed that spreads contempt against not only all other deities but also against people in general.

On the other side, it is about self-deception in order to remain in delusional state of mind, and think that you are doing something for the good of humanity and committing the most heinous crimes against humanity without any qualms of conscience. If Dostoevsky were alive today he would have definitely found the doctrine that would allow common person like Roskolnikov to commit the crimes against humanity.

So with this introduction let me introduce you to one of the best practitioner of this doctrine named Javed Ahmed Ghamdi. The following program which appeared on a Pakistani TV channel few years back is a great presentation of doctrine of best deception.

It is important to note that Ghamdi present himself as a ‘liberal molvi’ (again this is part of deception policy as Dr. Israr Ahmed explained once that during Islamic Jihad you might have to do things that are prohibited by Allah in normal circumstances). I call Ghamdi as Rangeela Molvi as he was the first Molvi to appear on TV channel with a young good looking woman presenter to do his Dars-e-Quran. However I don’t condemn him for his rangeelapan, in fact this could be his only positive attribute.

In this series Ghamdi discusses Islam, Jihad and Taliban, in the process he exposes several different aspects of doctrine of best deception which I am going to discuss in this article. (BTW this series must be translated by MEMRI).