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Cat got their tongue: The army-bashing commercial liberals and the actual killers of Sabeen Mahmud


With each passing day, forensic, eyewitness and circumstantial evidence has discovered that civil society activist Sabeen Mahmud’s killers are radical Deobandi militants affiliated with the banned terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan aka ASWJ. Here is an extract from a media report (Dawn, 15 Jul 2015).


Source: DAWN "Eyewitnesses identify Bohra community mosque blast suspects
Source: DAWN – “Eyewitnesses identify Bohra community mosque blast suspects” 15 July 2015

So where are all those commercial “liberal” champions who were maliciously and baselessly blaming Pakistan army/ ISI while chanting the slogan of justice for Sabeen?

Why are they silent when the actual killers of Sabeen Mahmud have been caught and their links with the ideology of Haq Nawaz Jhangvi, Tahir Ashrafi and other Deobandi hate clerics have been revealed?

Within hours of Sabeen’s murder, these same commercial “liberal” champions were blaming the army and the ISI. Now that Sabeen’s actual killers are caught, why are these commercial fake liberal “champions” silent?

Is it because it does not suit their purposes to clearly identify the ISIS-affiliated Deobandi terrorists linked to ASWJ who killed not just Sabeen but scores of others including Ismaili, Isnashari and Bohra Shias as well as police officers, army soliders and officers, and other educationists such as Debra Lobo.


Source: DAWN - "Eyewitnesses identifies Bohra community mosque blasts suspects"
Source: DAWN – “Eyewitnesses identifies Bohra community mosque blasts suspects” – 15 July 2015

It must also be noted that many of these commercial (or fake) “liberals” routinely promote the ASWJ-LeJ aligned Deobandi hate clerics like Tahir Ashrafi as “progressive”.

When evidence started to build up against Saad Aziz Deobandi – the actual killer of Sabeen Mahmud, these same fake liberals attempted to indirectly absolve Saad of the murder of Sabeen!

They often referred to him as a “patsy” who was being set up by the ISI/Pakistan army and continued to deny his guilt. In bashing Pakistan army, the Deobandi hate clerics and their commercial liberal enablers try to achieve three objectives: (1) hide the fact that in addition to killing civil society leaders such as Sabeen Mahmud, Prof Sibte Jafar, Mohsin Naqvi, Dr Sarfraz Naeemi, these militants have also massacred thousands of Sunni Sufis, Shias and Pakistan army soldiers including dozen of high-ranking officers such as Brigadier Haroon and General Sanaullah Niazi; (2) seek to lower down the morale of Pakistan army which is currently busy in a crucial anti-terror operation in FATA and other parts of the country; (3) exonerate the Deobandi militants and their sponsors in Deobandi madrassas and religio-political outfits.

Saad Aziz Deobandi and his gang of cowardly mass murderers have been identified on multiple occasions and the evidence of their murders keeps piling up, including the photographic evidence of Saad Aziz Deobandi scouting Sabeen’s T2F cafe.

Then why are the fake liberals not protesting against Saad Aziz Deobandi and the scores of other ASWJ-LeJ militants? While they were quick to blame the army without any proof, why are they utterly absent when Sabeen’s killers have been caught with actual evidence? Why don’t they demand a ban on Deobandi madrassas just as the Salafi-Wahabi hate madrassas have been banned in Tunisia? Why don’t they demand a ban on Tahir Ashrafi, the known Deobandi hate cleric notorious for hate speech against Sunni Sufis, Shias and Ahmadis, and also implicated in the muder of Pakistan’s Christian federal minister Shahbaz Bhatti?

ASWJ-LeJ and other Deobandi terrorist groups like the Taliban have murdered thousands of Pakistan army soldiers and killed both serving generals (Gen. Sanaullah Niazi) and retired generals (Gen. Faisal Alvi) amongst scores of army officers. However, for the 80,000 dead Pakistani citizens and soldiers who have been killed by the Taliban/ASWJ nexus, these liberal champions are mostly mute. Clearly, it does not serve their careerist purposes of making money from the miseries of the common Baloch.

Once again, their hypocrisy is exposed.


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