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Iran nuclear deal: Beware of the mistrust and misinformation campaign by the Saudi-Israel-ISIS lobby


While the entire world is celeberating the historic peace deal, forces of darkness, oppression and violence are back to their dirty tactics.

The Saudi-Israel-ISIS lobby and its proxies in media, politics and terror outfits have been activated to cultivate mistrust and misinformation about the historical nuclear deal among Iran and the P5+1.

The Iran nuclear deal is a rare and welcome opportunity to develop a lasting and durable peace in the Middle East based on non-violence, tolerance, transparency and equality. The deal will bring Muslims and West together and bridge the artificial and real divide between the Middle East and the West.

Saudi Arabia is worried that the deal will spoil its global project of funding, arming and sponsoring the transnational Salafi-Wahhabi and Deobandi militants in Libya, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere.

Israel is worried that the deal will provide an opportunity to the world to focus on its illegal occupation and settlements in Palestine and Jerusalem.

ISIS and its transnational affiliates eg ASWJ, Al-Qaeda, Al-Shabab etc are worried that Sunni, Sufi and Shia Muslims along with Christians and other communities will unite against the barbaric actions and violent ideologies of Wahhabism and Deobandism across the world.

We call upon all peace loving citizens and activists in mainstream and social media to support the Iran peace deal and also confront any misinformation and mistrust being cultivated by the Israel-Saudi-ISIS lobby.

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  • Ian Bremmer’s analysis:

    The Iran deal is done. It’s a historic moment. But as important as it is to defang Iran’s nuclear threat, the bigger story is what the deal means for Iran’s new standing in a crumbling geopolitical order. Three changes will matter most.

    First, the competition between Shia Iran and Salafi-Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and its Deobandi and other Sunni subservients will heat up, and the balance of power will tip toward Tehran. Saudi Arabia is now pumping the most oil since 1980, but an unsanctioned Iran will cut into Saudi market share. Iran is the holder of the world’s fourth-largest proven crude oil reserves and second-largest natural gas reserves, and will soon bring 1 million barrels a day back to the market. Meanwhile, proxy fights in Iraq, Yemen, Syria, and elsewhere will intensify. As the U.S. and Europe look to reduce their presence in the region, the escalation of proxy wars between Saudi Arabia (via ISIS) and Iran (via Iraqi and Syrian governments) will heighten the risk of direct conflict.

    Next, Iran will open for business. The world will trade again with Iran’s $420 billion economy. Trade with the EU could expand as much as 400 percent, from $8.3 billion last year. Economic benefits will spill across the Gulf. Dubai will become a launch pad for foreign investment in Iran. And the investors are coming. Iran is not just another Middle Eastern petro-state; it offers investors a diversified economy with an established capital market. Its population of 80 million, the second largest in the Middle East, promises consumer demand across sectors as varied as travel and logistics to pharmaceuticals and consumer products. By some estimates, the nuclear deal could accelerate growth in Iran to 8 percent over the next three years and motivate the potential return of hundreds of thousands of highly talented Iranians.

    Finally, Iran will lead the fight against ISIS. Obama is in no position to put U.S. boots on the ground, but the more battles ISIS wins in the Middle East, the more of a problem it will become internationally. Washington needs someone with the will and resources to deal ISIS a strong blow. And that’s Iran. Though economic sanctions and a global arms embargo have limited the sophistication of Iran’s military powers (Iran spends a fifth as much as Saudi Arabia on boosting its military assets), the expansion of Iranian influence and economic capabilities will pave the way for greater defense leadership in the Middle East. Iraqi Shia and Sunni Sufi militias, backed by Iran, will offer a desperately-needed counter to Salafi-Wahabi-Deobandi ISIS.

    The U.S. and Iran aren’t about to start trusting one other, much less become fast friends. But in the world created by the deal, Iran starts to matter much more than Saudi Arabia and other old-guard U.S. allies.

    Today’s deal isn’t the end of the story. It’s only the end of the first chapter.

  • Iran and saudia are not very different. Now see how iran will do after deal. With sanctions iran was not good as saudia so it’s influence of shia-ism did not cover as much area as Saudis did with oil money and strong ally like USA. Iran influence in pakistan and other muslims countries is seen in the past few years and you can see with the little in hand iran was on every front against saudi proxies but now after sanctions are lifted you can imagine what iran can do. All the sunnis don’t follow Saudi muftis but all the shias are in control of wali fiqia aytheullah khomenai this is another plus point for iran. I’m sure everyone is familiar with concept of taqleed in shia-ism most of the men and women from all over the world go to qum Iranian city to study Islam in case of sunnis they have different schools like saudia egypt and in pakistan also. I hope iran don’t be like saudia after being economically stable and stronge.

  • Wajahat Ali said:

    ‪#‎IranDeal‬. Done.

    Quick thoughts: The world has not ended. The four bearded horsemen of the Apocalypse have yet to rise from Tehran and force koobideh down our throats. Fesinjoon and blood-red pomegranate juice do not rain from the skies (unfortunately). Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia and 47 Republican Senators, however, will have explosive diarreah and migraines for a week. Someone please go to Costco and buy Mylanta in bulk for them.

    Mubarak to Iranians and Obama – you better believe the iftar parties in Iran will be amazing tonight. I hope people can do a snapchat story capturing the celebrations. Also, impressive feather in Obama’s cap – Iran Deal, Cuba, Obamacare, Marriage Equality and the downfall of the Confederate flag. Consider his legacy cemented.

    Finally, with the #IranDeal, there’s a vacancy – who replaces them as Hollywood’s most reliable Middle Eastern villain?

  • Mazhar Haider said:
    The agreement may prove a good beginning for the establishment of peace in the region. Out of two special friends of USA, Pakistani and Saudi Arab, Pakistan has been already tamed to a large extent. I hope that, after an initial resistance, S.A. too will have to follow the former. There is greater understating, in west now, that the tool of religious extremism has been harming its economic interests. Russia and China will definitely play a useful role in keeping a required balance, intact, for the success of the deal. The agreement will be a gift for Iranian people whose living conditions will improve rapidly. It will be in interest of world peace if Iranian government did not not try to become over smart and did not try to take undue advantage of its better economic conditions. Another danger is the success of Republicans in coming American elections. In that situation the entire process may be reversed.