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Rubab Mehdi Rizvi’s questionable defence of the abuser of Maula Ali – by Sania Hassan Kayani

RubabEditor’s note: Another pawn moved by Deobandi hate cleric Tahir Ashrafi’s friend Beena Sarwar to defend the abuser of Maula Ali and instead tried to deflect the topic to attack LUBP. We have evidence of such commercially oriented human rights activists selling out to the commercial liberal mafia of Najam Sethi and Beena Sarwar, we shall soon publish. Your cyber attacks, as well as false promises and hosting USA or Europe trips for FAKE LIBERAL PAWNS will not stop us.

It was on June 10th 2015 when I had a post in my Facebook feed about an issue of abuses to Imam Ali and Hazrat Fatima, highlighted by a friend along with conversation between two so called liberals about a religious topic related to Imam Ali a.s and his ancestors. 

Today (22 June) I was shocked to read a status by a female rights activist who pretends to be a biggest supporter of Shia community living in London running an organization by the name of Imam Hussain a.s and she was actually defending that lady (Ilmana Fasih) who abused Imam Ali A.s and Lady Fatima binte Asad on a social public forum she was none other than Ms Rubab Mehdi Rizvi ; who wrote a status in which she used abusive language against people who opposed this act of abuse and when I questioned her about her status on this issue she tried to deflect the topic and shifted the blame to fellow Shia rights activists and bloggers and lied about the actual situation. Later she deleted my conversation with her.

Let me expose these commercial liberals who while living abroad taking funds from different sources actually sell Imam Hussain a.s name for their fame and publicity and if someone criticize them about their doings that act come under blasphemy and person is declared as blasphemous and moreover they relate themselves to Ahlebiyat a.s about whom they know nothing but just to use the sanctity of ahlebiyat a.s for their own self interest. Below are some evidence of conversation happened few hours ago!

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  • Lubp Archives
    June 13 at 2:34pm · Edited ·
    Don’t look at those Shias, Sunnis and rights activists who are criticizing Ilmana Fasih Deobandi on her abuses against Hazrat Ali and Hazrat Fatima.
    Look at those Shias, Sunnis and rights activists who are silent and/or are defending silence. The “neutrals”. They are more interesting. And at least as disgusting as Ilmana and her promoter Beena.
    “Kufa is not a city but the name of a silent nation. Whenever there is oppression and the nation remains silent, it becomes Kufa.” – Imam Ali Zain ul-Abideen