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Hazrat Ali’s birthday and the heartburn – Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji


Today, all day, I was suffering from extreme heartburn. All the Rafidis on my Facebook wall were posting things about Syedna Ali. Apparently, it is his birthday today. First of all, it is shirk and Bidaat to commemorate Birthday of Holy Prophet and his family – just as it is Sharia to celebrate the Birthday of Sahaba and Caliphs.

Some call this hypocrisy but like any good Jamaati/Honda Civic Society/Sufyani Liberal/Muawiya Marxist, these double standards are essential towards maintaining the status quo.

I don’t see why Rafidi and Sufis are so enthralled with Syedna Ali. Why are they not impressed by the war crimes of Khalid Bin Walid? Why don’t they compose poetry to commemorate the political intrigues and political oppression of Caliphs Muawiya, Caliph Yazeed and Caliph Abu Sufyan.

Why don’t they (Rafidis/Sufis/Sunnis) recite elegies and poetry about great war criminals and conquerers like Aurangzeb and Mahmud of Ghazi.

It seems that occasions like the birthday of Syedna Ali negate decades of Pak Studies propaganda. Syedna Ali was spreading dangerous ideas -like in his manifesto he was advising his governor about treating all the citizens of the State equally:

“For one is your Brother in faith and the other is your brother in humanity”!

Whhhhaaattttt!!! These ideas are dangerous and are at odds with the political philosophy of Protectors of Tyrants and Usurpers aka the “Democratically-elected” Monarchs of Gulf States.

Then there are accounts of this Syedna Ali not engaging in loot and plunder. This is too much.

Syedna Ali should not be remembered because be contradicts the Golden Age of Islam

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