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Fatima Bhutto’s Blog in New York Times Photoshopped by Tribune – by Zulfiqar Ali


1. Fatima Bhutto wrote Op-Ed in New York Times. Tribune reproduced it. I believe they have arrangements with NYT.


2. They changed Op-Ed to Blog of E-Tribune. SO it means that FB writes ‘blog’ for tribune. Blog has some connotations meaning she still needs to polish her writing to come up to the standards of Tribune.
3. They Photo shopped her picture, as if she was holding Shaqat’s photo. Original is with book.
4. After her blog/article some Omar R Qureshi writes scathing article criticizing FB and other liberals.
5. She exposes them and tells how ethical it was to photo shop.
6. They change the photo. NO apology. No regret. No correction statement.

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