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Guidelines for the victims of ongoing Genocide in Pakistan



When you are attacked as you worship, immediately stop doing that and lie down in a straight line, as it will help in your identification and mass grave later

Do not fight with the attackers as you will be immediately dealt with the strong arm of the law … which you must abide by at all times during your murder

If you try to make a movie, please ensure it is edited to show ‘Iranian terrorists’ Killing you with an enormous picture of the ‘Rehber’ on the tip of his gun, in case of Christians you could replace it by the pope’s picture and for Hindus, you must write letters RAW on the Kalashnikov.

Any Saudi / Wahhabi / Deobandi person you come across, you must film hugging him as the savior brother (until he can easily blow his suicidal vest alongside you)

If you survive somehow leave the premises in an orderly manner so the snipers could get you, failing that wash your hands as you will need to collect the pieces of your family on your way out

Do Not cry or do matam, as its a biddat and you will be arrested for it. Do not get angry or attack any mulla who is stood near you egging on the attackers as again you will face the full power of the law (plus a danda stat)
Samajh Ayeeee Shiooo, qadionoooo, karntooo, ghaleez hindouou, barelvioooo

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