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ISIS affiliated Deobandi terror groups like ASWJ need the deflection tactics to carry on Shia Genocide – Khurram Naqvi


This Youtube clip and note will be very painful for Shia-baiters – hint hint one of the main Shia Baiters name rhymes with Na-Mana Bussy. They will be robbed of one of their trump cards of dishonest Shia baiting. ISIS affiliated Deobandi terror groups like ASWJ need the Deflection tactics of Shia Baiters for their continual of Shia Genocide.

“In a way I am actually thankful to the Takfiri scum ‪#‎Ludhyanvi‬ for his false propaganda against Iran. By throwing stone into the mud he has splashed the dirt on his own filthy face.
During the past few months I have come across quite a few Pakistani individuals who have all the traits of a typical ‪#‎DesiLiberal‬ that includes insisting upon not using the word Shia when they are killed (call it Pakistani instead), obfuscating Deobandi terrorism with India-Israel conspiracy, creating false binaries of SSP Vs SMP, Saudi Vs Iran proxy war etc. Some of these individuals claim to have lived in Iran but couldn’t find a single Sunni mosque for their Jumma Prayers. These individuals who had to go to Pakistani Embassy to offer their prayers also claim that Pakistani Shias are treated far better in Pakistan as compared to Iranian Sunnis …
Some facts for these mavericks:

Forget about 2x Alamdar Road Massacres; forget about Abbas Town, Forget about Gilgit, Challas and Mastung where Shias have repeatedly dug mass graves to bury their dead. Only in the province of Sindh from year 2009 – 2014 there have been 416 incidents in which 536 Shias were slaughtered. It’s been only 2 months in year 2015 and Shia death toll in this country has cross circa 150.
Looks like Irani Sunnis do not agree with you folks.
Besides, you guys are a typical example of
دیگ سے زیادہ چمچہ گرم”

Sunnis in Iran (How Sunni Muslims live in a Shiite country?)

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