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A view from Sufyani Liberal-istan on the most recent Shia massacre in Peshawar – Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji




The land where those who quote Marx, Jon Stewart and Tariq Ali also have a budding romance for “macho” rapists, plunderers and usurpers from the Tariq Ali novels.

In this world, Saddam was a “brave” and “efficient” administrator, ISIS and Al Qaeda are still presented as Jeffersonian-inspired democrats of FSA and Iran is responsible for 9/11 and the Titanic. This is the world where Sipah Mohammad is running rampant all over Pakistan, where every Shia is a Feudal Iranian spy who also happens to be a doctor who is taking away jobs from Deobandi madrassa “intellectuals”.

The same Shias are also abusing “great muslim leaders”like Caliph Yazeed Bin Muawiya from every roof top in Pakistan – that is when they are not otherwise busy being cannabalistic sexual deviants who are streaming into every university and college in Pakistan to get all the degrees so that they can get all the jobs which in fairness should go to failed sucide bombers and other budding terrorist graduates from Wafaq ul Madaris al Arabiya Wal Binoria Un Tableeghia.

This is the world where those like Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi – who facilitated the release of Malik Ishaq – and whose sober (?) hate speech against Shias and Ahmadis qualifies him as a “progressive”.

This is a world where even a token mention of Shia massacres has to be qualified and balanced with copious mention of Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Chile, Venezuela and Burkina Faso. This is a world where if a Shia even dares to fart in a semi-public location, his Shia identity, links to Khomeini, Hugo Chavez, Assad clan and Shia LeBeouf and of course Sipah Mohammad have to threshed out ad infinitum.

But if someone has the temerity to even mention the common Deobandi identity of ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban, JeM, Jundullah etc – well that is “sectarian hatred”.

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