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Allama Shabbir Ahmed Umsani renounced Deobandism, opposed Saudi Wahhabi King on demolition of holy tombs and rauza – Zaid Hamid



This is the original speech Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani did in front of Saudi (Wahhabi) King abdul Aziz when they destroyed all the muqamaat of Sahabas (and Ahle Bait) and tried to destroy the green dome of Rauza Pak. Allama Usmani makes it clear that Saudis are making a mistake here due to their harshness and lack of wisdom in matters of deen.

The argument of Wahabis was that:

1. No grave should be within a structure.
2. No grave should be within a Masjid.

But they faced a serious dilemna. Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm), Sayyadi AbuBakr and Sayyadi Umer are all burried in a room, within the Masjid Shareef under direct orders from Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) and Shaikhain and Sahabas. For 1300 years, no Muslims had any problems with that. So, when Saudis tried to destroy this, naturally, there was anger in the Muslim world. Reply of Allama Usmani clarifies many wrong and harsh interpretations of Wahabi Ulama here. A Muslim can NEVER be a Mushrik!

One more point. Allama Usmani WAS NOT a Deobandi.

Allama Shabbir Ahmed Usmani had LEFT Deoband and joined Quaid e Azam and he was NOT a deobandi after that.

Quaid e Azam was in Congress for 16 years but when he left Congress and joined Muslim league, no one called him a Congressi. Same for Allama Shabbir ahmed Usmani. Deoband waged a war against him for supporting Quaid e Azam but today they claim that he was one of them :)) total lies…

Allama Shabbir was a pious man and he saw a dream of Sayyadi Rasul Allah (sm) with Quaid e Azam and Rasul Allah (sm) ordered Allama Shabbir to support Quaid. At this he immediately resigned from deoband. Please know the history and don’t fall for the lies.









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  • Comment by a friend on a facebook thread:

    Shabir Usmani had changed his views about Ibn Saud when he went Saudia Arab with other deobandi cleric in a delegation led by Syed Suleman Nadvi and called Abdulaziz and Saudi clergy followers of Imam Ahmad bin Hunbal .His changed views were publish in a book titled ” Sermons of Shiekh_Ul_Islam Allamah Shabir Ahmad Usmani”

    There was created difference between Deobandi clergy and Moulana Muhammad Ali Jouhar and other non deobandi Muslim cleric who went to Saudi Arabia to ask Ibn Saud not to demolish Janatulbaqi and jaunatulmaula and Ibn Sauod made some promised which were broken but after that visit Deobandi clergy changed its stance against Alsaud and Wahhabi clergy.

    Deobandi Clergy since 1921 never took stand against demolish of Shrines and tombs .They never resisted against destruction of cultural and historical heritage of Hijaz by Alsaud but they always praised Alsaud and their official Wahhabist ideology .

    After that موتمر which was mentioned above text Ibn Saud never full filled his promise to reconstruct all Shrines which were in Janatulbaqi and Janatulmoula but continued to destroy and demolish old , holy sites but we never saw any protest even not a single statement against Ibn Saud and others . Even now a days deobandi historian do not write full story and never mention promises made by Ibn Saud .Muhammad Ali Johar wrote many articles criticising Darluloom Deoband and its clergy and Ibn Saud . One was published by Voice of Suunis.