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Empty slogans and rhetoric of Siraj-ulHaq – by Waseem Altaf


The Ameer of Jamaat-e-Islami Molvi Siraj-ul-Haq has stated that World War Three will break out in case blasphemous cartoons are not taken care of.  I don’t think any other Muslim country would come forward to wage a war against the western powers. On the other hand Pakistan is the only Muslim country whose national assembly has passed a unanimous resolution today condemning the “blasphemy.” Since matters of national security are the sole domain of the security establishment maybe Molvi Saab is able to convince the Khakis to go to war with France and its allies.

Great! That would be great! Fantastic! But Siraj-ul-Haq Saab let me bring some unpleasant facts to your knowledge before the hostilities begin. Before you confront the French, let me remind you Siraj-ul-Haq Saab that a couple of Pakistan Air Force squadrons comprise Mirages which are a series of delta-winged fighter/bombers manufactured by Dassault Aviation headquartered in France.

It would be good if sufficient spare parts for the aircraft are imported from France in advance in case we fall short of them during the war. Let me also inform you that our air defense formations are using Crotale Surface-to-air missiles. We purchased them from France where these were developed by Thomson-CSF. Let us buy a sufficient quantity of this ordnance to counter any threat from the air.

And then our army is using equipment manufactured by allies of the French-right from Austrian Glock pistols to British Land rovers, to German Cobra and Milan anti-tank missiles to American APC’s, M48 tanks, and howitzers, Cobra gunships and F-16’s and what not. Even the service rifle of Pakistan army i.e.G3 is being manufactured under a license from Heckler & Koch of Germany. So let us first ensure that the Germans do not cancel the license before any action begins. But I think in view of our overdependence on the West for equipment, extreme disparity in military power, geographical constraints and national security priorities, the defense establishment may not agree to your proposal of going to war with France and the rest.

Moreover we being Muslims should avoid weapons made by “kuffar.” And above all it would not be possible for the workers of Jamaat-e-Islami to go to Europe to lodge a war against France and its allies as you may not get visas for that. The best option available to you and your followers then would be to harass the French by arranging camels and horses, swords and lances. Sit on top of them in typical Arabic attire and charge towards the French embassy in Islamabad in the true Islamic spirit chanting haala haala haala!

And please remember that while the West has all the hardware and software to counter any emerging threat from your side, what you are left with is just haala haala haala*! And wars of today are not fought and won by haala haala haala!