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The Re-invention of Comrade Hamid Mir – by Syed Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji

Hamid Mir and LidhanviThe Re-invention of Comrade Hamid Mir. I am loving how Hamid Mir is equating Taliban with Bangladesh in 1971. Just like he equated Osama bin Laden with Baloch Nationalists in that famous clip of his interview with Shehzad Roy. You seen Hamid Mir is NEO-Anti-Establishment. He uses the grievances of Bengali nationalists from 1947-71 and Baloch nationalists from 1948-present and to subtly justify Taliban “Nationalism”.
Hamid Mir Logic: Pakistan Army committed excesses against Bengali and Baloch nationalists. Ergo, the half-hearted to no resistance (especially under former COAS General Kayani) by the Pakistan Army against the Taliban qualifies the LATTER as the Aggrieved party!

Amongst the common things between NEO-Anti-Establishment and their Sufyani Liberal cheerleaders is to NEVER, EVER mention the common Deobandi denominator between ASWJ-LeJ, Taliban, ISIS, Lal Lasjid and the Wifaq ul Madaris al Arabiya!

Like other NEO-Anti-Establishment types, Hamid Mir is friendly with Deobandi terrorist group ASWJ-LeJ leader Ludhyanvi and supports Saudi Establishment in Pakistan. By supporting the claims of ASWJ-LeJ which Hamid Mir has done on live tv in his complete agreement with the claims of ASWJ-LeJ leader. ASWJ-LeJ is the ISIS affiliate in Pakistan. NEO-Anti-Establishment Hamid Mir has been a historical supporter of Lal Masjid and in turn, has been supported by many Pakistani Liberals. Contradictions. No problem! Selective stances and hypocrisy are a Defining trait of Hamid Mir and friends. NEO-Anti-Establishment Hamid Mir is also a big, big, supporter of Pakistan’s Jamaati Judiciary – the same judiciary that has stayed the executions of convicted killers of ASWJ-LeJ in Rawalpindi and Sindh


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