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‘Mufti’ Naeem Deobandi says Peshawar attack is ‘wrath of God’


President of prominent Madrassa movement Jamia Binoria ‘Mufti’ Naeem slammed Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial government while condemning the Peshawar school attack.

He, however, quickly turned to advice the nation to seek repentance from God claiming that such problems are a ‘wrath from God’.

The Islamist leader said that PTI chairman Imran Khan makes young girls dance in political rallies and should repent for it.

Mufti Naeem Speaks about Peshawar School Incident by binoria


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  • He is not an “Islamist” leader, firstly. Islam is a religion of peace, do not tow the line of the Western-propaganda news agencies like AFP and Reuters and dub all Wahhabi/Deobandi terrorists as “Islamists”, “Sunnis”, or “Jihadis”. The likes of Mufti Naeem are plain Deobandi terrorists and nothing else.

  • What a stupid comment from a stupid mulla. “Sin ” of dancing done by PTI fans and wrath of God, the Rehman the Rahim and all-Knowing all-Wise upon the innocent children! What an ingenious way to create a soft corner for the Taliban thugs.