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Nazir Naji on Peshawar Massacre and Lal Masjid’ Molvi Abdul Aziz – Daily Dunya

Pakistan’s leading urdu Columnist raises few valid questions while responding to Peshawar (APS) massacre and to the recent bloody tones of Lal Masjid’s Molvi Abdul Aziz. 

I am confused, whom to criticize first, The Molvi of Lal Masjid or  the government. Molvi Abdul aziz is Imam of a CDA’s “Sarkari Mosque”. He, for sure, must be getting his salary as well for this position. However, he is not ready to condemn the brutal killing of 150 innocent children in Peshawar. Civil society protests against this Molvi and consequently, Police arrests the protesters instead of taking action against Molvi Abdul Aziz. Government issues statements to eliminate all type of terrorism but a Molvi, sitting in the center of their Capital, refuses to condemn the murderers. Firstly, I am surprised that this Molvi draws his salary from Government of Pakistan  yet refuse to condemn those who killed innocent children of the soldiers of Pakistan Army. What an example of shamelessness this molvi is setting. He uses the money of this tax paying nation to run the expenses of the mosque but fails to condemn the murderers of the children of same nation. Secondly, I am clueless for the Government who is feeding this Molvi by bearing his expenses who favors terrorists and endorse their brutal activities openly.


Nazir Naji continues and raises a very valid question about the security lapse while talking about Peshawar attack.


Can I dare to ask that how an army who is bombing the hideouts and killing world’s most lethal terrorists is not able to protect its children studying just few miles away from the battlefield? Are we really fighting a war or is it just a ‘Drama’ ? A “Drama” which left the world in tears.