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Victimizing the victim: After the Al-Ahsa massacre of Shia Musims, Saudi government witch-huning Shias across the country

According to reports from Saudi Arabia, at least 300 Shia Muslims were arrested in Medina on the eve of Ashura of Muharram. At least 100 of them are from Pakistani and Indian Shia backgrounds. Their only crime? Participation in the mourning sessions in remembrance of Imam Hussain. Heavily beaten up and abused as infidels and deviant sect.

Many pseudo Muslim progressives and Pakistani fake liberals always get on the bandwagon when it comes to protesting against certain human rights violations. We agree with their condemnation on these topics just as we find their silence on other human rights violations disappointing and hypocritical.

Should sectarian bigotry super cede human rights? The answer is obviously not. Then how else to explain their silence.


The assault occurred on the penultimate day of Ashoura, a highlight on the religious calendar for the world’s Shiite Muslims. The 10-day observance commemorates the death in battle 1,300 years ago of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Imam Hussain.

Shiites are a minority in the predominantly Sunni Muslim kingdom. Many claim they are targets of discrimination—an allegation the government denies—and say they are often viewed as infidels and allies of mainly Shiite Iran.