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LUBP, Rafizis, Qadianis are running a “hate campaign” against the “progressive” Tahir Ashrafi – by Syed Riaz Malik Al Hajjaji

497217-TahirAshrafiINP-1358833430-553-640x480LUBP, Rafizis, Qadianis are running a “hate campaign” against the “progressive” Tahir Ashrafi. You made me tear up in my Rooh Afza. hick. hick. I kept downing this brown Halal Rooh Afza from Scotland along with my daily intake of 3 litres of Nihari, Paya and Biryani after seeing this “hate” campaign against Tahir Ashrafi- the Hunky Bro of Malik Ishaq and Ludhianvi and commercial liberals are defending this great man; this Rafizi-Qadiani hater- by saying that we should not be attacking his “private” lifestyle which he exposed on GEO. actually, given the dip in GEO’s ratings, probably very few people saw it anyways. But listen to me. What someone says in the privacy of millions of TV viewers is his own damn business. Kapish! You have no right to question the “private” act committed on a live TV channel. Especially, when the person committing the “private” act of drunken lewdness was attacking the private acts of someone else and quoting holy scripture in the process.

This is the same great man Tahir Ashrafi who bravely abused and threatened Shia and Ahmadi and Sunni/Barelvi/Sufi activists on twitter and who keeps the company of anti-establishment “peaceniks” like Malik Ishaq – one of the chiefs of the Deobandi “progressive” organization, the LeJ/ASWJ. This is the same Hunky Stud mullah Tahir Ashrafi who threatened LUBP and its editor Abdul Nishapuri and was tacitly supported by Pakistan’s #CommercialLiberals during this time.

People, we need the Liberal-Takfiri Deobandi alliance to protect Pakistan from the schemes of Sunni Barelvis like Tahir ul Qadri. Pakistan needs Liberal-LeJ alliance, whose bridge is Tahir Ashrafi, to protect Pakistan from the schemes of Ahmadis and Shias and Hindus.

Tahir Ashrafi has been a loyal spokesperson for PML N/LeJ/ASWJ/Liberals – who can forget his services in the release of LeJ chief, Malik Ishaq. Public drunkeness is a private act. wait a minute. Was that the Rooh Afza or the bhang/marijuana talking as that sentence makes no sense. Doesn’t matter.

Tahir Ashrafi is the Mel Gibson of Pakistan. No, not the Braveheart/Mad Max/Lethal Weapon version but the version introduced by Ricky Gervais at the 2010-2011-2012 Golden Globe awards. The drunk anti-Jewish version of Mel Gibson.

some proud private moments of Tahir Ashrafi which he kept private by appearing on live TV Tahir Ashrafi has been tasked with spreading Hate against Ahmadis and Shias and showing that Sunnis/Barelvis/Sufis are as dangerous to Pakistan as the Deobandi Taliban/LeJ/Jundullah/ISIS. Making false binaries and equating victims with their perpetrators is a proud liberal tradition in Pakistan which is why #CommercialLiberals have also defended Tahir Ashrafi.


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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
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