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A critical comment on PTI and PAT’s protests against PMLN government – by Pejamistri

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • Imran khan will root out Achakzai in next election in Baluchistan-Pashtun belt , like root outed Asfandyar Wali in present Pakhtunkhawa election. He will be emerge as messiah of smaller provinces . Ackhazi’s democracy doesn’t necessarily meant the essence of democracy.

    Imran will emerge as leader of Black Pakistanis . He will learn quickly , all those were on the container are not his real strength and also those protesting in favour of him DHA . Those belong to same socio-economic interest group which today parliament represent .

    In a long run he will be only left with Black Pakistanis .


  • Its up-to Imran Khan either to become voice of Black Pakistanis or become irrelevant like Black Pakistani’s queen (Benazir) son .

  • After for years calling everything a conspiracy of ISI, now this chutia blog has taken a U turn and has started to support Imran Khan ( once they alleged that he was ISI construct and a fascist). Now suddenly, these chutias have started to call him a democrat and all other as “talibani military” establishment.
    Kuch to sharam karo kanjaro
    begharait kutto

    During PPP, LUBP used to call every critic as an ISI agent. It was said that ISI was conspiring against PPP and indulging in Shiites massacre everywhere. Now suddenly PML N has become the main culprit and ISI has become a supporter of Shiites. wah je wah
    Now according to LUBP , PPP has also become anti Shiite. Besharamo ab PPP per bhee ilzam lagate ho

    Chutio, itni himmat ttu tum logon mein hai nayee ke apne naam se kuch likh sakho aur bakwas woh karte ho.

    Abbas Taj

    Aik dum beghairat ho tum

    Just see your own previous articles and go to hell