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Pakistan army rebuts malicious lies by PM Nawaz Sharif

Pakistan army rebuts malicious lies by PM Nawaz Sharif. The game is over for the PMLN-ASWJ-TTP ruling Deobandi elite. Our condolences to PMLN, TTP, ASWJ, ANP, JUI, Deobandi activisits, Jang/Geo, Sethi club, and commercial liberals.


AsimBajwaISPR @AsimBajwaISPR
ISPR Release:‪#‎COAS‬ was asked by the Govt to play facilitative role for resolution of current impasse, in yesterday’s meeting, at ‪#‎PM‬ House

‪#‎Army‬ Chief General ‪#‎Raheel‬ Sharif’s meeting with ‪#‎Allama‬ Tahir ul‪#‎Qadri‬ begins

#Army Chief General Raheel Sharif’s Meeting with ‪#‎PTI‬ Chairman ‪#‎Imran‬Khan begins at Rawalpindi


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  • Ammar Ali Qureshi ‏@AmmarAliQureshi
    PM lies.Article 62/63 violated.PM asks army to intervene in politics. Article 6 violated. Quite a feat- articles 62, 63 & 6 violated in 1 go

  • In response to Chaudhry Nisar’s press conference:
    Facilitator: A message-carrying pigeon.
    Mediator: Parent stepping-in to stop kids’ fight.
    Guarantor: One with the gun.
    Guess which one is Pakistan army?
    (Source: Twitter)