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Is it fair to criticize CM Pervez Khattak’s dance in the Islamabad sit-in?



I don’t see anything wrong with CM Pervez Khattak’s innocent dance at the PTI’s Azadi March rally in Islamabad.

As long as provincial and district administrators are helping the flood-affected people, CM’s absence for a day or two is not going to make much difference.

Similar shallow criticism was levelled by the Deobandi right-wingers against President Asif Zardari on his foreign trip during floods in Pakistan. This time around, Khattak is being criticized by “progressive” Pashtun nationalists of ANP. This is clearly a case of bughz-e-Ali, not Hubb-e-Muawiya.

In the meanwhile, enjoy the fact that JUI (Deobandi right-wingers, mostly Pashtuns) and ANP (progressive Deobandi Pashtuns) are on the same page in their criticism of not only Imran Khan but also Tahir ul Qadri. In the casee of IK, their political injury and jealousy is evident but in the case of TuQ, the only explanation is blatant Deobandi sectarian bias against a Sunni Sufi/Barelvi cleric.

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