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Al Quds Day, human rights and the hypocrisy of Iran-centric Pakistani Shias – by Abdul Nishapuri


Here’s an example of how Iran-loyalist Paksitani Shias remain very selective in their choices of human rights and political agenda.

This conversation with an Iran-loyalist Pakistani Shia took place on 25 July 2014, the day when Iran-loyalist Shias in Pakistan and elsewhere took out emotional anti-Israel, antisemitic rallies to express their support for Hamas and other Palestinians. The conversation confirms that Iran has irreversibly damaged the independent thinking skills of many Shias of Pakistan and elsewhere. They remain unaware of how the pragmatic and cunning Iranian regime uses the target killed Shias of Pakistan, Iraq etc to promote its own national and global agenda.

For a context, 25 July 2014 was the Yaum Al-Quds (or The Quds Day). On that very date, a pro-Palestine pro-Hamas rally by Pakistani Shias in Karachi was attacked by Deobandi ASWJ militants (Hamas’s local allies in Pakistan) in which at least 5 Shias were injured.



The conversation started with the following tweet, the ensuing conversation is self-explanatory. Notice how this man, who claims to be a non-abusive supporter of Imran Khan’s PTI, remains blinded by Iranian agenda, and degenerates himself from a human rights activist to an abusive Ahmadi-phobe.


Abdul Nishapuri @AbdulNishapuri
Iran-loyalist Pakistani Shias participate in Al Quds rally in support of Hamas. Hamas local allies (Deobandis) attack Shias. Shabash to both (5 Shias injured at Deobandi ASWJ’s attack on Al-Quds rally in Karachi 25/7/2014)

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214
@AbdulNishapuri wo unka zarf ye humara zarf…hum uss Ali k man’ny walay hain jo apny qatil ko sherbat pilata hai.

Abdul Nishapuri @AbdulNishapuri
@shanehaider1214 Shabash. Now take out a rally in support of Chechen Muslims killed by Russia. Will you? No! Because Iran didn’t say that!

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214
@AbdulNishapuri There’s a gr8 dif b/w Palestine issue &Chechens. Palestinians r nt miscreants.they wr resident of land now knows as Israel

Abdul Nishapuri @AbdulNishapuri
@shanehaider1214 Chechens are miscreants and the rocket throwing Palestinians are holy? As I said, I don’t argue with Iran-lackeys.

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214
@AbdulNishapuri Leave Iran, u so called librals feel proud in tweeting Che & Madoba. What Madoba said abt Palestine? Bcs of same apartheid

Abdul Nishapuri @AbdulNishapuri
@shanehaider1214 I have never tweeted Che and I don’t know who/what Maodba is. And I don’t want idiots tagging me again. Samjhay!

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214 ·
@AbdulNishapuri Whr injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty..Rocket throwing are resisting! Tum shiyon ki himayat ki aard mai Qadiyaniyat matt phailao.. Aur isi waja sy tumhy Israel pr phainky gay rockets ki takleef hai

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214 ·
@AbdulNishapuri whereever Israel-Lackeys will be found, Iran-Lackeys would confront them

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214
@AbdulNishapuri Your warning my foot… Take into your fucking ass your Marzaeeyat and its agenda…

Abdul Nishapuri @AbdulNishapuri
Gladly BLOCKED an Iranian-loyalist Pakistani Shia who was lecturing me on human rights etc.

Shan-e-Haider Zaidi @shanehaider1214
@AbdulNishapuri hahahahahaha Human Rights lectures are given to human, not to inglorious bastards








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  • عربوں نے اسلام کا استعمال کیا اپنی عربی ریاست اور بادشاہت دنیا بھر میں پھیلانے کے لیے
    ایران نے عربوں کا پھیلایا ھوا اسلام تو قبول کر لیا مگر عربوں کی حکومت نہیں قبول کی
    ایران کی ایک اپنی بڑی اپنی تاریخ ہے جس میں انہونے عربوں پر بھی حکومت کی تھی
    ایران کو اپنے لوگوں کے لیے اسلام سب سے بہتر مذہب لگا مگر عربوں کی خلافت کے بغیر
    مگر عرب اپنی خلافت اور بادشاہت کے لیے ہی اسلام کا جھنڈا استعمال کر رہے تھے .
    – خالی اسلام پھیلانا عربوں مقصد تھا بھی نہیں- اس طرح یہ معاملہ الجھتا گیا.
    ایرانیوں نے اسلام کے اصلی صحابہ اور اہل بیت کو اپنے یہاں بلایا
    اور ان سے مزید اسلامی تعلیم حاصل کی
    امام رضا کے زمانے میں بہت ہجرتیں ہوئیں- بیشمار آل رسول عرب سے ایران ہجرت کر گۓ
    مگر سب کے سب بغیر کسی فوج اور بغیر تلوار کے عرب سے ایران گۓ –
    سیدھے سیدھے اسلامی تبلیغ کے لیے
    اب ایرانیوں کے پاس بھی اسلام پوھنچ گیا اور بغیر سیاسی اور خلافتی مقصد کا اسلام .
    لیکن ایک بڑی کمی ایران کے پاس ہمیشہ رہی. وہ تھی خانہ کعبہ اور مدینہ عرب میں ہی رہا
    ایران کو اب بیت ال مقدس کی تمنا ہے – اگر حزب اللہ اور حماس کے استعمال سے ایرانیوں کو بیت ال مقدس مل جا یے تو بعد میں وہ سعودیہ کی طرف رخ کرینگے کہ خانہ کعبہ پر سے ال سعود کا قبضہ ختم کر کے اس کو اسلام کا حصہ بنایں. فی الحال ایرانی یہ سمجھتے ہیں کے ال سعود اصل میں برطانیہ کی بچھائی ہوئی بساط ہے جو وہابی طرز کے اسلام کے تلے ہی بر قرار رہسکتی ہے
    اس طرح سے اسرئیل اور سعودی عرب دونوں ہی ایران اور اسلام کے دشمن لگتے ہیں کم از کم
    ایرانیوں کو تو یہی لگتا ہے

  • some people are quite hyper on Al-Quds issue. I am unable to understand the logic of liberating Al-Quds….from whom??? Al-Quds is the manifestation of the grandeur & history of the prophets from the linage of Prophet Ishaq where as Kaba is the manifestation of the history and sacrifices of Prophet Ibrahim & Ismail . Prophet Ismail had only one prophet in his linage –the Last Prophet Muhammad (pbum). Bani Israel are the follower of the prophets from the linage of prophet Ishaq and muslims follow last prophet Muhammad from the linage of Prophet Ismail. Bani Israel are associated with Al-Quds for more than 2500 years and prostrating in front of it while worship. Muslims have a history of 1500 years and ordered to prostrate in front of Kaba being the carrier of history of Ismail…. how come a people of 1500 years of history challenge people having more than 2500 years of religious affiliation with Al-Quds. Any reason or logic? how come muslims think of liberating Al-quds from their original worshippers ?? It was only in time of 2nd Kilafat-i-Rashida that muslims laid siege of jerusalem….. If Muslims have ambition of debasing Bani Israel from Al Quds, they may also aspire to debase muslims from their holy places. This was a Jammt-i-Islami politics now adopted by Iran for some political reasons…. its time to liberate Kaba from Al-i-Saud.

  • Hamas and Hizbullah are like two hands of one Muslim ummah, and both Sunni and Shia Muslims must learn from their mistakes and they must work together to end this Zionist, Yankist and Saudis axis of evil.

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