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Noted elitist liberal Nadeem Paracha taken to task by an ordinary Pakistani citizen

Ali Zaidi

Ali Zaidi made this comment on Facebook in response to abhorrent obfuscation of Shia Genocide in the media. Zaidi commented about this post: https://lubpak.net/archives/318239

We thank Ali Zaidi for actually trying but did you really expect these types to feel any sympathy. I used to like NFP until I noticed how repetitive and weak his writing has become lately. similarly, his admiration and cheer leading for Najam Sethi is very similar to how pseudo liberal opportunists and sycophants suck up to each other in Pakistan’s social media scene. He has not written a single dedicated article on Shia Genocide and the one time he broached the subject was with the typical “Iran – Saudi proxy war” rubbish. There is a hint of sectarianism in his writing where he carefully omits any mention of Maula Ali and Imam Hussain when discussing the slogans and Sufi and sacrifice aspects of PPP history which used to have many Shia themes. if you want to understand NFP types, read this https://lubpak.net/archives/241371and https://lubpak.net/archives/315427 and thishttps://lubpak.net/archives/317654.

Where was NFP when his “liberal” buddies like Raza Rumi were hooking up with anti Ahmadi clerics https://lubpak.net/archives/308903. when Raza Rumi’s driver was shot dead, it was ASWJ that was responsible for the attack on Rumi’s car. the same ASWJ who were promoted by The Friday Times of which Rumi is the editor off and the same ASWJ whose supportors and Rumi align with each other to threaten us at LUBP


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