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The systematic slaughter of the Shiites. But the world looks only to Israel


Pakistani Taliban in Iraq

“Genocide of the Palestinian people” and “indiscriminate aggression” by Israel. These are the keywords that have characterized the media and debates in recent days with protests in the streets, shares of any kind on social networks and calls for a boycott of Israeli products.

Now, without going into the merits of the issue, which would require an analysis in itself, is more than legitimate to ask why all this activism by certain Islamist circles in Europe and by the “champions of human rights” we have not seen in against the Shiites, systematically massacred by extremist Salafist groups; a clear case is just what the recent advance of the Islamic State in Iraq (ex-Isil) that caused hundreds of deaths and about 300,000 refugees, according to estimates of the High Commission for Human Rights of the UN.

The numbers of Shia Rights Watch speak for themselves: since the beginning of 2014 more than 4,000 were killed Shiites in Iraq, of which only 3794 (1600 in the first three months of the year), but the number is increasing due to the advance the Islamic State which has as its primary target the Shia population in Iraq. Still in 2014, Syria massacred the Shiites are more than 200 in Pakistan and 380 cases were registered in Lebanon, Bahrain and Yemen.

on 11 June, the religious leader Sayed Reza Bahtani and family, originating in Samarra, were killed, along with another family, by terrorists of the Islamic State, while they were on the way to Najaf. On July 2, the jihadists have targeted for the third time the mausoleum of al-Askari, which houses the tomb of two Shi’ite imams, killing six and wounding faithful. On June 6, 54 Shias were massacred in an attack on the Islamic state to two mausoleums in Samarra; then the terrorists have occupied some of the mosques in the city. On June 4, the Islamic State has targeted the hospital in Hilla, killing 14 people and wounding sixty. The day before, a series of bombs exploded in Shiite some commercial areas in Najaf, Iskanadriyah, Nasiriyah and the market of Mahmoudiyah. On May 29, a series of bombs placed in Sadr City and Mosul have caused some sixty dead, while four days before it fell to 35 Shiite pilgrims on their way to the commemoration of Imam Mousa al-Kazim.

Iraq is a paradoxical case, where the Shiite majority has long been the victim of continuous attacks by the Salafist jihadists.

How to forget the first pogrom in the history of Egypt, which took place under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood in 2013, when a group of faithful gathered in a private home in Abu Musallim were lynched by a mob of extremist Salafis. In 2008, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi, gave a warning against “imperialism Shia” that would undermine the security of the Sunnis in Egypt and other Islamic countries.

The Human Rights Watch denounced on its website the violent and systematic propaganda of the Muslim Brotherhood and Salafis against Shiites Egyptians, perpetrated for years.

In Bahrain, where the Sunni family of origin reigns Qatari Al-Khalifa, the Shia population (two-thirds of the country) is constantly a victim of persecution, with thousands of arrests and cases of torture documented by international organizations for human rights.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has documented that instead, only in 2013, more than a thousand Shiites were killed in hundreds of attacks, mainly in the cities of Quetta, Karachi, Kangu, Parachinar, Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

In March of 2013 a Shiite mosque in Anderlecht, Belgium, was the target of an extremist Salafist who entered the building armed with an ax and a can of gasoline with which it started a fire. In the attack he lost his life the Imam Abdallah Dadou.

The issue of intolerance against Shi’ites unfortunately also applies to Italy, where social networks have been reported many comments strongly anti-Shia, also published by some converts.

In short, why we have not seen any mobilization for the thousands of deaths among Shiites, systematically perpetrated by extremists over the years? Muslims who kill other Muslims, as it is not considered as such; thousands of deaths, but they are not worth talking about, it’s an uncomfortable subject. Pacifists are silent.

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Shahram Ali


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  • My heart goes out to my shia muslim brothers. May Allah destroy the Saudi-American paid media groups who are silent on killing of pure muslims.

  • One of My Khalu was targeted in Quetta.. Session Judge Syed Zulfiqar Naqvi. No one took any action.. My Mamo Brig.(r) Bartar Hassan Naqvi was also shot in Quetta but thank Allah he survived.. Now one of my couins is on the hit list who lives in Karachi. He knows that people are after his life. Ge sometime have to secretly leave Karachi without informing his family.. We are humans to, we have families to. We want to live in peace.. Non of our family members life is guaranteed.. No one cares because it’s not a matter of their family..

  • Now the time has come Shia all over the world should stand up and hold arms and bombs to kill salfi, wahabi and deobandi and finish them all. There is no one to care of shia or sunni in the world but they both sects should start massacre of salfi, wahabi and deobandi…….the peace will be come back soon. i assure that

  • I would not be provoked into hurting Sunnis, or Shias or Wahabis or members of any other sect. I refuse to become a tool in the hands of the enemies of Islam/Muslims.

  • “Because Shias are not Muslims.”
    Easy target,scapegoats and kafirs.The world only cries for the palestines .

  • If even only 5% still want to fight and kill, there can be no peace.

    There can be no long term peace as long as it remains easy to convince many to fight and kill others for whatever reasons e.g. fear, greed, patriotism, ideology or religion – e.g. they will become shahid and be greatly rewarded by God if they die while trying to fight and kill others. Or ” … their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions.”.

  • i really dont understand in this century how someone leaves his home by the name of jihad then goes and kills people ,kids,women,elderly by the name of islam,how anyone blame the world when Islam become a world of blood when ISIS came to this?for any one with head to think who is benefit from this killing other than israel and why?and if you are going for jihad ,jihad is when you fight to raise the name of Allah not to go to civilians and kill them ,cut them like sheep and you call Allah akbar,have you even saw how the number of Muslims shrunk since Isis came to power?have any of who support Isis know or knew if then build or done anything good other than killing and search for wives ?the Islam was one before isis came who are made by israel to destroy Islam by the name of Islam,does anyone knows what is the difference that let you kill your brother Muslim?and do you think that anyone of you that Allah(sw) will put you in heaven for killing ants for no reason that he will love you for killing human that you never met or hated you not even call to fight you?

  • I am totally against the killings yet im a sunni and deobandi……. in our sect we donot believe in the killings of the shias but we must remember that when bashar ul assad killed thousands of sunnis in syria a reaction was bound to have hit the shia communities although they were not responsible. Also as this blog mentions the destruction of shia shrines, a heinous crime, but hezbollah also destroyed the shrine of hazrat khalid bin walid…… the astrocities have been committed by both sides and taking up arms and kiling the deobandis won’t help the situation.

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  • Reply@ Car Games. Why don’t LUBP hire you smart advisor. In this article they are talking about deaths of their love ones. Please have some sympathy to our Shia Muslim brothers.

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