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Hamas, an ally of Al Nusra – by Abdul Nishapuri



Between an Israeli Jew and a Palestinian Takfiri Jihadist, I will prefer Israeli Jew any day. He won’t slaughter me for my faith.

Hamas must stop firing rockets while hiding behind civilians and then using civilian casualties to blame Israel.

Israel must understand that its indiscriminate attacks on Gaza provide more cannon fodder to the Hamas and ISIS by portraying them as the symbol of resistance.

Thousands of Shias and Sunni Sufis were slaughtered by the ISIS Wahhabis and Deobandis in Iraq in last few weeks. Any condemnation by Hamas?

That Israel is  a state sponsor of terrorism in the shape of its support to Jundallah in Pakistan and Iran doesn’t mean that we should start supporting Hamas, who are bigger terrorists.

Israel’s attacks on Gaza have no similarity to Pakistan army’s legitmiate operation against TTP-ASWJ terrorists holed up in Waziristan!

Are some Palestinian and Afghan Deobandi Jihadists not a part of ISIS? Denial won’t help.

Iran’s principled support for Palestians vanishes when it comes to oppression of Muslims in China and Russia. Hypocrite clerics and blind Shia followers.

If given an opporutnity, Palestinian Takfiri Jihadists will slaughter a Sunni Sufi and Shia Muslims before they slaughter a Jew. Hamas members were active supporters of Al-Qaeda aka Al-Nusra in Syria.

Israel must stop punishing innocent Palestinians for crimes committed by Hamas militants. Must end illegal settlements too.

More than 100 Shias in pro-Palestine Al-Quds rally were massacred by Deobandis in Quetta Pakistan in 2010. Did Hamas condemn Shia genocide?

Those Muslims who are mourning the death of innocent Palestinians at the hands of Israel should also mourn the death of innocent Jews at the hands of Hamas.

In Syria and Iraq, Palestianian terrorists have joined Salafi and Deobandi terrorists of ISIS aka Al-Nusra to massacre Sunni Sufis, Shias, Christians.

ISIS Threatens Holocaust Against Jews – by John Rossomando: A Twitter post Thursday by supporters… http://bit.ly/1w8HuTm

Hamas backstabbed Assad, joined Al Nusra and slaughtered innocent Sunni Sufis, Shias and Christians in Syria.

We must clearly condemn Israel and Hamas. Both are responsible for violence and attacks on innocent civilians.

Hamas backstabbed Syria/Assad, the only country that provided shelter to them while Arabs/Israel were massacring them. Traitors!

99% of Pakistanis and Arabs crying buckets on 60 Palestinians killed by Israel become mute when Deobandis kill 100 Shias in Pakistan in one day. Ditto for the slaughter of more than 3,000 Yemenis by Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies.

That Israel is involved in illegal and terrorist conduct is not in question. What’s in question is the silence on Hamas’s terrorism.
While we condemn violence by Hamas and Israel, there’s no parallel between more than 106 Palestinians killed by the Israeli terrorist State and one Israeli injured by the Hamas terrorists. No false neutrality please.

Hamas must end indiscirminate attacks on innocent Israeli civilians. Israel must end disproportionate and indiscriminate attacks on Palestinians. Israel must end illegal settlements and end illegal occupation of Palestinian territories.

In the meanwhile, those Pakistanis and Arabs who are condemning Israel’s attacks on Gaza should find some shame and also condemn Hamas’s indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians and the massacre of Sunni Sufis, Shias and Christians at the hands of Salafi, Wahhabi and Deobandi terrorists within their own countries including Pakistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and elsewhere.

Jews are our brothers/sisters in humanity and, as a pioneer Abrahamic faith, are also our brothers/sisters in faith.

We can and should criticize Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestinian territories and disproportionate violence against Palestinians but denyng or justifying Holocaust and praising Hitler is against the basic values of Islam and humanity.

Also condemning Israel while remaining silent on Hamas’s indiscriminate attacks on Israeli civilians is equally distasteful and hypocritical.


In Gaza, Hamas militants brutally attacked Fatah supporters. Also attacked Shias. They are fascists. They are Al-Nusra.

According to Iraqi sources, at least 1233 Palestinians are responsible for suicide attacks since 2003, massacring Sunni Sufis, Shias and Christians.

Israel tries to target Hamas militants and it doesn’t care about any collateral damage.

Give me a specific example where Hamas condemned Shia genocide and Sunni sufi genocide!

Heart cries for innocent children and women used by Hamas as cannon fodder, brutally killed by Israel.

Land taken from us? Most Palestinians consider Shias as Kafir. Open your eyes!

It is a fact that USA/Israel/KSA/Qatar/Bahrain/Turkey are working together in support of ISIS aka Al-Nusra aka FSA as seen in Syria. Israel provided free medical care to Jihadis there. However, there are other nuances and frictions which must not be ignored. Can’t place them in one bracket in entirety.

Shias of Pakistan must not act as silly pawns to promote Iran’s political agendas. Period.

Shia MWM organizing solidarity day with Palestinians? Soon a Deobandi suicide bomber may slaughter them in the same rally!

Iran and Iran-infected Shias must understand that you can’t fight with Saudi Arabia and Israel/USA at the same time. Haver mercy on Shias!

Ummat? Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandis are not a part of our ummat.

Ever heard of MWM protesting for the rights of Chechens and Uighurs? Their daddy is Iran and they are silly sheep.

Sunni Barelvis/Sufis, Shias and Christians must not fool themselves by suppporting Hamas. Hamas is another name of ISIS and Al-Nusra.

Is that your answer when facts about Palestinian members of ISIS and Al-Nusra are presented to you? You resort to abuse?

Hamas is an ally of Al-Nusra and ISIS. They betrayed Assad and Hezbollah and slaughtered Sunni Sufis, Shias, Christians.



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  • Back in 2012, when Hamas betrayed Assad and joined Al-Nusra aka ISIS to slaughter Sunni Sufis, Shias and Christians in Syria and Iraq, they also backstabbed Iran.


    Hamas rules out military support for Iran in any war with Israel
    Senior figures say Gaza-based Islamic militants would not launch rockets into Israel at request of Tehran, a key sponsor

    Harriet Sherwood in Gaza City
    The Guardian, Tuesday 6 March 2012 13.46 GMT

    Hamas will not do Iran’s bidding in any war with Israel, according to senior figures within the militant Islamic group.

    “If there is a war between two powers, Hamas will not be part of such a war,” Salah Bardawil, a member of the organisation’s political bureau in Gaza City, told the Guardian.

    He denied the group would launch rockets into Israel at Tehran’s request in response to a strike on its nuclear sites. “Hamas is not part of military alliances in the region,” said Bardawil. “Our strategy is to defend our rights”

    The stance underscores Hamas’s rift with its key financial sponsor and its realignment with the Muslim Brotherhood and popular protest movements in the Arab world.

    Bardawil’s words were echoed by a second senior Hamas figure, who declined to be named. Hamas, he said, “would not get involved” in any war between Iran and Israel.

    Speculation in Israel about the repercussions of a military strike on Iran has encompassed the likelihood of the Jewish state coming under sustained rocket fire from Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Both organisations are routinely described by Israeli officials as “proxies” for the Iranian regime.

    However, Hamas has never given “complete loyalty” to Tehran, said Bardawil, pointing out that Iran’s population is overwhelmingly Shia, whereas Gaza is Sunni. “The relationship was based on common interests.”

    Tehran has withdrawn its patronage of Hamas over the Palestinian group’s refusal to support the Syrian regime against a year-long uprising. According to a Gazan academic who specialises in Islamic movements, this has included the termination of financial support worth $23m (£14.5m) a month.

    “Iran is very unhappy about Hamas and Syria, so it is punishing Hamas,” said Adnan Abu Amer of Ummah university. “They have stopped funding. Hamas has other sources – the Gulf states, Islamic movements, charities – but all of these together are not comparable to $23m a month.”

    Bardawil denied this sum, saying “the money that comes from Iran is very limited. In the early days of the [Israeli] blockade [of Gaza], the money was very good, but it was reduced two years ago.” The cut in funding “is not because of the Syrian revolution,” he added.

    Abu Amer, who had links to both Hamas and the Syrian government during three years in Damascus studying for a PhD, likens the rupture between the two sides to a divorce. “Syria has become the past for Hamas. It’s not a complete divorce, but the love will not return. Both sides understand this.”

    Khaled Meshaal, the exiled leader of Hamas, was the second most important person in the country after President Bashar al-Assad, said Abu Amer. “The hotline between them was unique.” Hamas leaders in Syria were treated like members of state, he said. “The regime even allowed Hamas people to hold weapons. It was like a military base for Hamas.”

    But the uprising against the regime put Hamas in a critical position. “For 10 months, Hamas kept silent in public about the Syrian revolution, neither for it nor against it. But inside Hamas, there was another revolution – arguments within the leadership over the killing of Syrian people,” said Abu Amer.

    “The exiled leadership was frozen, because they had no other place to go. But others, in Gaza and elsewhere, wanted to speak out against the killings, especially the clerics. This was a burden on the leadership.”

    In addition, the Muslim Brotherhood in the region was openly critical of the Syrian regime and urged Hamas to break with Assad. In particular, the influential Islamic cleric Yusuf al-Qaradawi put personal pressure on Meshaal, said Abu Amer.

    Bardawil confirmed the dilemma for the exiled Hamas leadership. “When the bloodshed increased, it was hard ethically not to express sadness. Hamas always stands with the people, not the regimes, but that does not mean holding a weapon to take part in military action against the regime.”

    The Muslim Brotherhood exerted an influence, he said. “Hamas has been part of the Muslim Brotherhood from the beginning. The leadership has a very tight relationship with the Brotherhood leadership.” The connection between the two organisations was based on ideology, he said, whereas the relationship between Hamas and Syria was strategic.

    Hamas has been careful not to completely cut its ties with Syria despite the relocation of the leadership to other countries. “There are still a few Hamas members in Damascus,” said Abu Amer. “And those who left have not made public statements against the regime. Both sides need back-up.”

    According to Bardawil, the Hamas office in Damascus “is still open and functioning, but is empty. We still haven’t found another country to move our office to.” The external leadership is now scattered across Jordan, Qatar and Egypt, with one politburo member, Imad al-Alami, returning to Gaza after a 20-year absence.

    Some observers say the fragmentation of the external leadership of Hamas has inevitably strengthened the hand of the internal Gaza-based leadership headed by the de facto Gaza prime minister Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Zahar. Frictions between the two sets of leaders have grown in recent months, particularly over the issue of political reconciliation between Hamas and its rival, Fatah. Meshaal has pushed hard for a rapprochement; Haniyeh and Zahar are resistant.

    In an unexpected and forceful show of solidarity in a speech in Cairo last month, Haniyeh saluted “the heroic people of Syria who are striving for freedom, democracy and reform”. The move explicitly underlined Hamas’s rift with the regime.

    According to Abu Amer, the external leadership was uncomfortable with Haniyeh’s public stance. But more statements could be expected in the future, he said. “It will gradually become more public. But the clearer, stronger statements will come from Hamas in Gaza.”

    Hamas, he said, wants to be part of the Arab Spring. “The revolutions in the Arab world and the rise of Islamic movements affected Hamas. Hamas read it very well.” The organisation was realigning itself with ascendant Islamist movements which are more oriented towards elections and reaching out to the West than armed resistance. “Hamas cannot be asked to erase the history of 25 years in one day. But it’s coming.”

    Indicative of that was unofficial back-channel contacts between western officials and representatives of Hamas. Bardawil said that he and Zahar met a delegation of Europeans and Americans in Cairo last May, and there had been subsequent meetings with different Hamas representatives. He declined to give details but said: “We are asking to have those channels and connections to western countries. We want to tell our story.”


  • Syed Ali Abbas Zaidi said:

    heart-warming to see so many Pakistanis speaking out for Palestine and against state oppression of Israel. How it would have changed things in Pakistan, had they expressed same zeal and concern for injustices in their own land too. The hypocritical values of concern and activism enables ostrich-mentality. From mass graves in Balochistan, to medieval-style massacres in Gilgit, from siege of Parachinar for half a decade to mutilated bodies of kids in Mashkay — the oppression, tyranny and wars at home derive silence.


  • Ale Natiq said:

    Ale Natiq

    Interesting how all the ‘Oh-I’m-Apolitical-And-Cool‘ club has transformed into some sort of radical activists ready to take on Israel through e-Jihad. The people who would never post anything other than pictures of their burgers in Halal KFC or check-in to the biggest shopping mall of the city are posting pictures of dead in Gaza. And those self obsessed babes who care about nothing but their own selves and talk about nothing but what they buy and what they do were all over Gaza. Where were they when ISIS was demolishing shrines and butchering Christians and Shias, or when Shias were being offloaded buses and shot point blank or when Sunnis were killed en masse in Pakistani shrines? Well, they were hooting for Aafia Siddiqui my friends. Welcome to Lala-land where Palestinians are the Laadla bacha of Muslim chummah even when they sent Jihadis to Iraq and Syria off the money they received from kaafir Iran.

    To set the record straight, I have nothing against Palestinians and sympathize with the innocent civilians being targeted, although they will fire a few celebratory rockets if Rafidhis like me are butchered en masse and happily lend a hand to butcher a few (like they have in Iraq and Syria). My point is what makes their blood holier than Shias of Iraq/Syria/Pakistan, than the Ahmadis of Pakistan, than the Christians of Syria/Iraq/Pakistan? Why is that the Muslims of all ilk – the Shias, Sunnis, Ahmadis, Wahabis, Salafis, Deobandis and the liberals and the desi liberals and the fake liberals and the atheists and the apolitical and the burgers are one large family to cry for Gaza but not for others oppressed in ME and beyond? Why rockets fired at them are a global issue but those at shrine of Zainab are not? Why their houses bombed are protested in all world capitals while siege of Parachinar or bombing of Shia processions and Christian colonies a non issue? Why the disproportionate amount of coverage and tears? Why the flow of aid and sympathy and support to them but nothing of the same scale for others? Shouldn’t Shia Genocide, Ahmadi Persecution, attack on folk traditional Islam and oppression of Christians at the hands of Salafi Wahabi terrorism be a global issue like this? Isn’t this ideology of hate and terror a threat to the mankind?

  • “That Israel is a terrorist state is not in question.”
    Baseless and hollow statement of familiar populist leanings.

  • @Asif Zaidi:

    False Flag: A series of CIA memos describes how Israeli Mossad agents posed as American spies to recruit members of the terrorist organization Jundallah to fight their covert war against Iran.



    Buied deep in the archives of America’s intelligence services are a series of memos, written during the last years of President George W. Bush’s administration, that describe how Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents. According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives — what is commonly referred to as a “false flag” operation.
    The memos, as described by the sources, one of whom has read them and another who is intimately familiar with the case, investigated and debunked reports from 2007 and 2008 accusing the CIA, at the direction of the White House, of covertly supporting Jundallah — a Pakistan-based Sunni extremist organization. Jundallah, according to the U.S. government and published reports, is responsible for assassinating Iranian government officials and killing Iranian women and children.
    But while the memos show that the United States had barred even the most incidental contact with Jundallah, according to both intelligence officers, the same was not true for Israel’s Mossad. The memos also detail CIA field reports saying that Israel’s recruiting activities occurred under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers, most notably in London, the capital of one of Israel’s ostensible allies, where Mossad officers posing as CIA operatives met with Jundallah officials.
    The officials did not know whether the Israeli program to recruit and use Jundallah is ongoing. Nevertheless, they were stunned by the brazenness of the Mossad’s efforts.

    There is no denying that there is a covert, bloody, and ongoing campaign aimed at stopping Iran’s nuclear program, though no evidence has emerged connecting recent acts of sabotage and killings inside Iran to Jundallah. Many reports have cited Israel as the architect of this covert campaign, which claimed its latest victim on Jan. 11 when a motorcyclist in Tehran slipped a magnetic explosive device under the car of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, a young Iranian nuclear scientist. The explosion killed Roshan, making him the fourth scientist assassinated in the past two years. The United States adamantly denies it is behind these killings.

    The debate over Jundallah was resolved only after Bush left office when, within his first weeks as president, Barack Obama drastically scaled back joint U.S.-Israel intelligence programs targeting Iran, according to multiple serving and retired officers.
    The decision was controversial inside the CIA, where officials were forced to shut down “some key intelligence-gathering operations,” a recently retired CIA officer confirmed. This action was followed in November 2010 by the State Department’s addition of Jundallah to its list of foreign terrorist organizations — a decision that one former CIA officer called “an absolute no-brainer.”

    Israel regularly proposes conducting covert operations targeting Iranians, but is just as regularly shut down, according to retired and current intelligence officers. “They come into the room and spread out their plans, and we just shake our heads,” one highly placed intelligence source said, “and we say to them — ‘Don’t even go there. The answer is no.'”
    Unlike the Mujahedin-e Khalq, the controversial exiled Iranian terrorist group that seeks the overthrow of the Tehran regime and is supported by former leading U.S. policymakers, Jundallah is relatively unknown — but just as violent. In May 2009, a Jundallah suicide bomber blew himself up inside a mosque in Zahedan, the capital of Iran’s southeastern Sistan-Baluchistan province bordering Pakistan, during a Shiite religious festival. The bombing killed 25 Iranians and wounded scores of others.

    The 2009 attack was just one in a long line of terrorist attacks attributed to the organization. In August 2007, Jundallah kidnapped 21 Iranian truck drivers. In December 2008, it captured and executed 16 Iranian border guards — the gruesome killings were filmed, in a stark echo of the decapitation of American businessman Nick Berg in Iraq at the hands of al Qaeda’s Abu Musab al-Zarqawi. In July 2010, Jundallah conducted a twin suicide bombing in Zahedan outside a mosque, killing dozens of people, including members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.
    The State Department aggressively denies that the U.S. government had or has any ties to Jundallah. “We have repeatedly stated, and reiterate again that the United States has not provided support to Jundallah,” a spokesman wrote in an email to the Wall Street Journal, following Jundallah’s designation as a terrorist organization. “The United States does not sponsor any form of terrorism. We will continue to work with the international community to curtail support for terrorist organizations and prevent violence against innocent civilians. We have also encouraged other governments to take comparable actions against Jundallah.

    While many of the details of Israel’s involvement with Jundallah are now known, many others still remain a mystery — and are likely to remain so. The CIA memos of the incident have been “blue bordered,” meaning that they were circulated to senior levels of the broader U.S. intelligence community as well as senior State Department officials.
    What has become crystal clear, however, is the level of anger among senior intelligence officials about Israel’s actions. “This was stupid and dangerous,” the intelligence official who first told me about the operation said. “Israel is supposed to be working with us, not against us. If they want to shed blood, it would help a lot if it was their blood and not ours. You know, they’re supposed to be a strategic asset. Well, guess what? There are a lot of people now, important people, who just don’t think that’s true.”


  • Is Israel a terrorist state?


    Engaged in many terrorist attacks, including car bombs in Lebanon, recruitment of Jundullah to kill Shias and Iranian governemnt officials in Zahedain and killing of scientists in Tehran, killing civilians on the ships going to Gaza, indiscriminate missiles strikes on Gaza and shooting civilians in other parts of Palestine.
    Televised capture and torture of Palestiniains
    Building illegal settlements
    Blatant violation of UN resolutions http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_UN_resolutions_concerning_Israel_and_Palestine

    Use of disproportionate and indiscriminate violence against Palestinian population.

    What else is a terrorist stat?

  • This House would Classify Israel as a Terrorist State

    This was our most intense debate yet. In the weeks leading up to the debate, even the title aroused passions and consternation. Several people found the title distastful These were some responses from some potential attendees :

    I want to draw a distinction between provocative debate topics and personal attacks(person or state): the former is to be cherished, the latter to be avoided. It really isn’t right, at any level, to make broad attacks on individuals or on individual states. – L
    The title assumes that Israel’s actions are on the level of terrorism and the question they ask is should that make it a terrorist state…the argument is not about policy, but about the legitmacy of Israel. – J
    So, how did it turn out?

    We had 14 people at the meeting, including 3 palestinians, and one lebanese. – Unfortunatly, despite our efforts to reach out to the Jewish community, through AIPAC, the Israeli consulate, JCC, and SFHillel, no Israelis joined this debate. This was a shame. At the outset, 10 people were in favor of the motion, 1 was undecided, 2 were against.

    George and Jon kicked off the debate with two great opening speeches. The meat of the group discussion centered around the definition of “What is a Terrorist State.” I’ve tried to summarize our discussion….

    Is Israel a State?
    Yes : Two members of the group argued that Israel was not even a state. Jon countered that regardless of it’s creation or borders, the reality was that Israel was generally accepted as a state by most of the world. Group mostly concurred. Israel is a state.
    Is there such thing as a terrorist state?
    Is a terrorist state an oxymoron? Does statehood exempt a government from being labelled as terrorists? James : If Israel was not a state with a seat in the UN, would it’s actions make it a terrorist organization? Keli observed : when states carry out terrorism, is it not just renamed as war? James countered : Who is Israel at war with? There are rules for war.
    So, then, what is a terrorist (state)?
    The group worked long and hard to come up with a definition of a terrorism… whether by an individual, collective, political organization, or state. Here goes…
    Terrorism : Ongoing policies or pre-meditated actions to terrorize psychologically or physically civilians for political gain.
    Eduardo : It’s unfair to single Israel out as a terrorist state
    Most of the group agreed and went further. Other states do qualify as terrorist states. Sudan in regards to it’s support of the genocide in Darfur. Russia could possibly be accused of state terrorism in Chechnya. US expansion into the west during the 1800’s could be classed as state terrorism. Eduardo pointed out that if we go that route, every state is a terrorist. Alex countered that we had identified only a handful. Few people would classify Switzerland as a terrorist state
    Is a ‘state sponsor of terrorism’ the same as a terrorist state?
    Yes. The Khartoum (Sudan) governments support of Janjaweed terrorism in the Darfur region would make them a terrorist state. Conciously funding groups to practice terrorism was the same as being a terrorist. [Hence, Is Iran a terrorist state? If Israel a terrorist state, does that make the US guilty by association – Ed]
    Does Israel have a right to defend itself?
    Issa : What does it have to defend? Stolen land? Stolen water? Why do they need F16’s to bomb civilians? Who are they at war with? George contrasted Israeli reactions to terrorism to that of Spain and the UK with ETA & IRA
    What point is there in labelling Israel as a “terrorist state”?
    James : We are at war on terrorism. The US & Israel currently refuse to recognize Hamas, because we define them as terrorists. If we are at war on terrorism, it is only reasonable to assess whether claims that Israel is also a terrorist state bear any truth. “This house believes Israel is evil, beautiful, or has a right to exist,” would all have been valid debates, but terrorism is a cornerstone of US foreign policy, and it’s definition and application deserves to be clarified and applied to our friends as well as our enemies.
    Does a country founded by terrorists make it one?
    It was argued that because Israel grew out of terrorist organizations such as Lehi and Irgun, that Israel is a terrorist state. No. The US could not be considered a terrorist state because it was started by what the British would have referred to as ‘terrorists.’ Nelson Mandela & the IRA were other examples of former terrorist organizations that are now part of legitimate governments. Being labelled as a terrorist requires one to be actively engaged in ‘ongoing’ acts of terrorism.
    So, Is Israel a Terrorist (state)?
    Jon defended Israel. All governments can be exclusionary : He cited, the Chinese against the Uighurs; South African apartheid; Sudan; Serbia. That dosen’t make them terrorists. Israel was facing legitimate security issues, and they were doing their best to handle them. Israel does not have a policy of wantingly killing innocents.
    George summed up for the motion. He laid out the outstanding UN resolutions. He listed the huge numbers of civilians killed by Israeli forces. He listed the injustices of the palestinian people, and the hardships that they currently lived through. He highlighted that Israel was actively expanding settlements in the West Bank despite its obligations in the Oslo accords, resolution 242 and the 4th Geneva convention. In short, Israel was actively involved in ongoing policies designed to terrorize the palestinian people through violence and humiliation for the political gain. Therefore Israel is a terrorist state.
    Motion Approved : 11-2 This House WOULD classify Israel as a Terrorist State

  • Israel and Proxy Terrorism

    Should Israel be classified as a state sponsor of terrorism? That question is being debated in the wake of a story that NBC News broke late last week.

    Citing unnamed US officials, NBC reported that Israel has used an Iranian opposition group to carry out those much-publicized assassinations of Iranian scientists. The group in question is the M.E.K. (Mojahedin-e Khalq, or People’s Mujahedin of Iran), which since 1997 has been designated a terrorist group by the United States because of its alleged assassinations of US citizens.

    The argument for considering Israel a supporter of terrorism comes in two varieties:

    1) According to NBC, Israel gives the M.E.K. the funding, training, and weapons to carry out the assassinations–and that would seem to constitute support for a terrorist group.

    2) Leaving aside the M.E.K. involvement, there’s the argument that the assassinations inherently constitute terrorism. Andrew Sullivan and Kevin Drum had previously suggested that whoever is behind the assassinations is committing terrorism, but this NBC story is the first mainstream media corroboration of the widespread suspicion that Israel is behind them.

    After the NBC story broke, Paul Pillar, a former CIA official who teaches at Georgetown, dusted off the definition of terrorism used by the US government for purposes of keeping statistics: “premeditated, politically motivated violence perpetrated against non-combatant targets by subnational groups or clandestine agents.” That, says Pillar, is what these assassinations are.

    The counter-arguments have tended not to be big on legalisms. There is the “Look who’s talking” argument. “Isn’t Iran itself the leading exporter of terrorism in the world?” asks The New York Post. And there’s the argument that Iran is an existential threat to Israel and therefore all is fair. “Israel is entirely justified in using whatever means it has to prevent Khameini’s government from achieving its genocidal ends,” writes Jonathan Tobin in Commentary.

    Daniel Larison, writing in The American Conservative, was aghast at Tobin’s argument: “In other words, Israeli state sponsorship of a terrorist group is acceptable because it’s in a good cause.”

    This whole issue is in one sense moot. Adding a country to the list of states that sponsor terrorism requires executive branch initiative. And unless I’m misreading the political winds, placing Israel alongside Iran as a state sponsor of terrorism isn’t high on President Obama’s list of election-year priorities.What’s more, strict and consistent enforcement of America’s anti-terrorism laws could raise uncomfortable questions about some of America’s drone strikes.

    Still, there may be some consequential fallout.

    There has been a movement afoot to “de-list” the M.E.K.–to remove it from America’s list of terrorist groups on the grounds that it has renounced violence and, anyway, hasn’t killed an American in a long time. This argument gets made mainly by Americans who support bombing Iran or even engineering regime change–a project the M.E.K. would love to abet. (A few other high-profile Americans have signed on to the de-list-the-M.E.K. cause, but as The Christian Science Monitor reported, they have shown a tendency to get paid tens of thousands of dollars for the speeches in which they express their newfound yet heartfelt sympathy for the M.E.K.)

    As Glenn Greenwald wrote in Salon, the NBC report should, if nothing else, “completely gut the effort to remove the M.E.K. from the list of designated terrorist groups; after all, murdering Iran’s scientists through the use of bombs and guns is a defining act of a terror group, at least as U.S. law attempts to define the term.”


  • Israel accused of state terrorism after assault on flotilla carrying Gaza aid
    At least nine activists killed and dozens more wounded by Israeli naval commandos

    The flotilla was trying to break the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which has been enforced for the past three years.

    The UN security council met last night in emergency session and Turkey, whose relations with Israel have been severely strained since the war in Gaza in 2008-9, called for Nato to convene over the military assault. The Turkish prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who ordered the recall of the country’s ambassador to Israel, described the operation as “state terrorism” and said Israel had violated international law. “We are not going to remain silent in the face of this inhumane state terrorism,” he said.

    Israel immediately imposed a communications blackout on the detained activists – some were taken by bus to Beersheva prison in the south of Israel – while simultaneously launching a sophisticated public relations operation to ensure its version of events was dominant. Its prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, who defended the assault, put off a meeting with Barack Obama at the White House scheduled for today to fly back to deal with the crisis.

    Activists with less serious injuries began to trickle into Israeli hospitals late yesterday afternoon. There were believed to be about 27 British civilians aboard the flotilla, and last night the Foreign Office confirmed that at least one had been injured. Most of the dead were reported to be Turkish nationals.

    The deaths and injuries were condemned by the UN, EU and other countries. The US, in contrast, was restrained in its response, expressing regret and saying it was “currently working to understand the circumstances surrounding this tragedy”.

    The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, condemned the violence and called for an investigation. “I am shocked by reports of killing of people in boats carrying supply to Gaza. I heard the ships were in international water. That is very bad,” he said.

    The foreign secretary, William Hague, issued a statement “deploring” the loss of life. “There is a clear need for Israel to act with restraint and in line with international obligations,” he said.

    The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, described the storming of the flotilla as a “massacre” and called for three days of national mourning. Israel’s navy had promised to exercise restraint in dealing with the flotilla, and the bloodshed will inevitably leave Israel open to charges of a disproportionate response involving excessive force.


  • Israel – Terrorist State, Harboring Terrorists

    Posted by Subverted Nation on 16Sep08

    What exactly was the “war on terror” all about? In president George Bush’s own words, “we have made it clear to all nations, if you harbor terrorists, you are just as guilty as the terrorists; you’re an enemy of the United States, and you will be held to account”.
    Based on this logic, isn’t it odd that Bush would support the terrorist state of Israel? A state the not only harbors terrorists, but PRAISES them and holds them (as long as they’re Israeli terrorists) to be MARTYRS and HEROES.

    Terrorist jew murderer Baruch Goldstein took an assault rifle and grenades into a mosque to murder innocent people, and is now considered an Israeli hero!

    What’s this you say? Israel harbors terrorists? Exactly. Who do you think the Irgun terrorists were that bombed the King David Hotel 22 July 1946 murdering 91 people? They even pulled off the attack wearing ARAB CLOTHING. Does the term “false flag terrorist attack” come to mind? Remind you of anything else like 911 for instance?
    For this one you can even look at wikipedia and see that they are labeled “a militant zionist group”. Menachin Begin, former Israeli prime minister was the HEAD of the Irgun at the time. So here we have a known terrorist group, who’s leader ends up prime minister of Israel. Israel is a terrorist state and always was.
    These vile creatures let off a small blast as they were leaving the hotel before detonating the larger 360kg’s of explosives for their main event. This is a common tactic we see today in Iraq. First, a primary blast draws in masses of people to help the injured, including rescue workers, then a second blast is able to cause massive carnage and maximum injuries and loss of life. This is absolutely disgusting because most of the time the targets are innocent civilians, just like in Iraq today.
    After the attack Menachim Begin and his group of Irgun terrorists claimed responsibility for the attack, but then countered by saying they had issued a warning to the British and to the hotel, so it was the failure of the British to listen to their warnings that caused people to die. In their minds it had nothing to do with their multiple bomb scenario, which any competent investigator knows is meant to cause maximum collateral damage. Later evidence showed that the Jewish Agency and the Haganah were involved.
    Israel not only harbored these terrorists, but elected one of them Prime Minister – Begin. To top that off, on the 60th anniversary of their horrid attack, another former Prime Minister Benjamin Netenyahu attended a CELEBRATION of their murderous fun at the Menachim Begin Centre. How’s that for a terrorist state, run by terrorist leaders, and harboring terrorists?
    Here is a video of the Irgun terrorists talking about their terrorist activities as if terrorist bombings were the fault of those being bombed.

    That is not all though. Another jewish terrorist, Baruch Goldstein marched into the Cave of Patriarchs which was being used as a mosque, wearing his IDF uniform and opened fire with an automatic weapon and grenades killing 29 muslims and wounding 150 more. Thankfully this wretched critter was defeated by a fire extinguisher and subsequently beaten to death.

    Israeli jew demons built a shrine to this murderous terrorist bastard. Racist jews are the world’s only real terrorists.
    What’s sick about this is how he is now revered in Israel as a hero, and a shrine has been built in the Meir Kahane park dedicated to the leader of the jewish Kach political party labeled by the US and Israeli government as a terrorist organization. This grave site is actually a pilgrimage site for disgusting jews who find his terrorist deeds to be holy in a satanic sense.
    This is no ordinary grave. This is a large shrine for a known terrorist that is worshipped as if it were holy. A plaque dedicated to this filthy cretin says “To the holy Baruch Goldstein, who gave his life for the Jewish people, the Torah and the nation of Israel.” What does that say for those true torah jews? Good guys? What about Israel? It says exactly what I told you. Israel is a terrorist state that harbors terrorists.
    – See more at: http://www.subvertednation.net/israel-terrorist-state-harboring-terrorists/#sthash.eyQvrdQZ.dpuf

  • One thing is very clear that Shia will never join Sunnies no matter what. Even I have seen jews protesting against the oppression of Israel but our Shia brothers will have no mercy. Although they raise the slogans against Israel butm here it looks that they are happy on whatever Israel is doing in Gaza. What a shame. Can they compare the Gaza Attacks with any other event in Pakistan/ Syria / Iraq ??. What a pity on Shia


    Admin: Masood, Enough of your anti-Shia propaganda. Now will you apologize or find anyother excuse to blame Shias?

    Majlis Wahdat Muslimeen (MWM) also staged a protest against terrorism and atrocities of Israel on innocent Palestinians.

    The MWM took out a rally in Shabab Chowk Samanabad after Friday prayers and raised slogans against Israel.

    MWM leader Allama Imtiaz Kazmi urged the Muslims of the world to get united against Israel.


    Several demonstrations took place across the country. Majlis Wahdatul Muslimeen (MWM) held a demonstration outside Islamabad’s central Imam Bargah Isna Ashri. Demonstrators strongly chanted slogans against Israel. Demonstrations led by MWM also continued in Karachi where the protestors were carrying banners and placards that had anti-Israel and pro-Palestine slogans on them.
    The speakers demanded ‘practical steps’ against Israel’s aggression.
    Demonstrations took place in Lahore as well where lawyers from across the city took to streets and protested at GPO Chowk. Those addressing the demonstrations demanded the government to take the matter on global level to record protest.


  • امّت مسلمہ ایک جسم کی مانند ہے- اور جب جسم کے ایک حصّے میں درد ہو تو پورے جسم میں درد محسوس ہوتا ہے- لیکن یہ بات حیران کن ہے کہ جسم کے دوسرے حصے کا درد ہمارے والے حصّے ہی میں کیوں محسوس ہوتا ہے؟ اور ہمارے والے حصّے کا درد پورے جسم میں کیوں محسوس نہیں ہوتا؟
    شاہ خالد محمّد

  • Fahmida Riaz

    اب کچھ لوگ مجھے یہودیوں کے خلاف زہر بھرے میسیج بھیج رہے ہیں ۔یہودی ہونا اور صیہونی ہونا ایک ہی بات نہیں ۔ صیہونیئت تو ایک دیوانگی ہے ۔ جہاں تک یہودی تو مسلمانوں کو یاد ہونا چاہیئے کہ رسول اللہ کے علاوہ ہمارے سارے نبی حضرت یوسف حضرت یعقوب حضرت سلیمان حضرت یونس وغیرہ سارے کے سارے یہودی تھے ۔ اسرایئل حضرت یعقوب علیہالسلام کا ہی نام تھا ۔ یہ جو ہم نماز میں درود بھیجتے ہیں ۔۔علی ابراہیم و علی آل ابراہیم ۔۔تو یہ آل ابراہیم یہودی ہی تو ہیں ۔ حضرت ابراہیم کے دو بیٹے تھے ۔ حضرت اسماعیل اور حضرت اسحاق ۔ ان میں ایک کی آل عرب ہین اور دوسرے کی آل یہودی ہین

  • Saad Mansoor

    There are people who post about humanatarian issues and then there are those passionate Muslims whose humanity has suddenly awakened when Israel attacked Gaza.. to the latter kindly raise your voices for thousands of muslims murdered by TTP & ISIS / Daaish, Shias by Saudi backed ASWJ, Sunnis by Assad and Balochs by Pakistan army or lets cut the crap that is called your concern for humanity and get back to watching ‘Ramadan’ transmissions.

  • Fahad Rizwan

    یہودیت اور صیہونیت دو مختلف نظریات ہیں جس طرح اسلام اور وہابیت دو مختلف نظریات ہیں ، یہودیوں کی اکثریت تاریخ کے ایک بڑے حصے میں مسلمانوں کے ساتھ پر امن انداز میں رہتی ائی ہے . صیہونیت ایک سیاسی نظریہ ہے جسکے مطابق تورات کی اصل تعلیم تزکیہ نفس کے ساتھ ساتھ ایک یہودی اصولوں پر مبنی ریاست اسرئیل کا قیام ہے وہ اسرائیل کہ جسکی سرحدیں سارے مشرق وسطیٰ پر پھیلی ہوں ، صیہونی اپنے پغمبروں داوود اور سلیمان کے دور کو سنہرا دور کہتے ہیں اور اس کا از سر نو احیا کرنا چاہتے ہیں بلکل اسی طرح وہابی بھی یہ کہتے ہیں کہ قرآن کا مقصود تزکیہ نفس سے بڑھ کر ایک اسلامی حکومت کا قیام ہے ، ایک ایسی خلافت جسکی سرحدیں انڈونیشیا سے لے کر اسپین تک وسیح ہوں ، وہابی خلافت راشدہ کے زمانے کا احیاء چاہتے ہیں اور اسے سنہری دور کہتے ہیں ……… مسلمانوں اور یہودیوں کی ایک بڑی اکثریت ان نظریات سے دور جدید زمانے کے ساتھ چلنا چاہتی ہے . انہوں نے جمہوریت ، پارلیمنٹ ، سول قوانین سمیت ایک بڑا معاشی ، سماجی ڈھانچہ جدید دنیا سے مستعار لیا ہے اور اس کو اپنے ماحول اور ضروریات سے ہم آہنگ کر کے اس پر عمل پیرا ہیں .. ہمارے مسلمان دوست جو تمام یہودیوں کے خلاف نفرت بھرا پراپیگنڈہ کر رہے ہیں وہ اسی غلطی کو دہرا رہے ہیں جو مغربی میڈیا کرتا ہے . ہر مسلمان دہشت گرد یا وہاہی نہیں ہوتا اسی طرح ہر یہودی صیہونی نہیں ہوتا …


  • a superficial analysis still! the Hamas story only confirms the age old hatred present in the Muslim Society. But that has not deterred the men of God (Imams) from seeking the welfare of the society or convinced them to side with Pagan forces. Kindly browse and see who bailed out the Omayads in their diplomatic crisis with Byzentianian with the issue of first ever Bill of Exchnage (Coin). if Imam Ali said affirmative to Abu Sufiyan offer for launching rebellion against Abu Bakr. If the fourth Imam did not taught prayers for the soldiers guarding Muslim fronriers?
    we need to see the poison behind such analysis and should not digest whatever is presented!

  • Mr Abdul Nishapuri,

    No matter what hatred you propagate against Palestenians, we the muslims of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon will never stop supporting the Palestine and the rights of our muslim brothers against this illegitimate Israel and its illegal settlers in Palestine!

  • Mr Abdul Nishapuri,

    A simple answer to your hateful article is that the muslims of Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebnon are not idiots and Zionist agents like you.

    Therefore, these muslims will always continue to support these great Iranian religious clerics and their great Islamic Republic!

    No matter what hatred you propagate against Palestenians, we the muslims will never stop supporting the Palestine and the rights of our muslim brothers against this illegitimate Israel and its illegal settlers in Palestine!

  • I disagree to this article. Carry out some more research and see that Wahhabis Ansar al Jihad is already in conflict with Hamas. Wahhabis have always fought with Hamas. Hamas is a Sunni group.

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