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Brutal Killings of Sunnis by Takfiri Salafi/Wahhabi/Deobandi ISIS

While this a gruesome post, it is important document the level of cruelty that is espoused by Takfiri Wahhabi Deobandi and Salafi ideologies. It is important to understand that Fascism of any kind is not compatible with the modern state.

Right to life and right to religion is universal and no one has the right to do ethnic cleansing based on faith. No one has a right to enforce their faith upon others.

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  • Assalamu Alaikum
    Dear respected and be loved brother

    Allah TaAllah says that the curse of Allah TaAllah Himself is on the liars. Whenever a Muslim states something he should speak the truth. Dear brother Deobandis and wahabis are VERY DIFFERENT. If you have some Deeni knowledge you will know that Deobandis are predominantly followers of Imam Abu Hanifa RA , the Hanfai madhab, which has the largest Muslim followers in the world. Salafis and wahabis on the contrary follow no madhab. The Salafis are in fact most critical of the Hanfai Madhab and fear the Deobandis the most.. It is the Deobanid who have deeni Ilm to refute the baseless and fabricated doctrines of the salafis and wahabis.

    So dear brother perhaps you have erred and do not know the trues facts, therefore for your own salvation and not to fall under the curse of Allah TaAllah please do not brand the Deobandis as the same as the salamis and the wahabis without knowing the true facts..

    Incidentally Wahab is a name of one of the 99 names of Allah TaAllah. So better not to call those who are deviant wahabis, call them some other name but do not use the name of Allah TaAllah with disrespect.


  • Wahabis / Salfis / Deobandits are three sides of the same coin. They follow no religion. They use the name of religion to use and abuse to commit any attrocity they wish. Shia are more muslim than these scumbags. All three are KHWARIJITES There parents should be ashamed of them because they are a blot against humanity and a bigger blog aggainst islam.

  • Abu Zahar, we are referring to the lunatics who abuse the religion as a means to an end. We are done with you apologists. Turn back to the religion now.