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Shiraz Paracha relinquishes his services as KP CM’s media adviser and spokesman


Peshawar. July 02, 2014. Shiraz Paracha Media Adviser and Spokesman for the Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has formally relinquished his services. Since April this year, Mr. Paracha was inactive due to bureaucratic hurdles created for him by some in Peshawar and Islamabad. He had also stopped attending official meetings at the CM Secretariat and elsewhere.

In a statement in Peshawar, Mr Paracha thanked Chief Minister Pervez Khattak for trusting him (Mr. Paracha) with a huge responsibility. He said that at an appropriate time he would disclose the detailed reasons of his departure.
“Some elements were not happy from the day one of my induction into the CM’s team last summer,” he said.
“Pervez Khattak is a sincere leader but absence of effective linkage between different political poles of the PTI has created gaps between operational hierarchies due to which achieving the targets has become difficult,” observed Mr. Paracha.

“I was Mr. Khattak’s first line of defense. It saddens me to leave him but due to the work environment I can’t perform my responsibilities professionally,” said Mr. Paracha. “My best wishes are with Mr. Khattak and I will remember him as a friend,” he said.

Last year Mr Paracha returned to Pakistan after 16 years. During his time abroad he had worked at international news organizations and universities in Europe and Central Asia.

In July 2013, Chief Minister Pervez Khattak had invited Shiraz Paracha to join his team. Upon Mr.Khattak’s insistence, Mr. Paracha, who was to join a foreign university again as the head of the University’s public relations and communications division, decided to stay in Pakistan and became the Media Adviser and Spokesman for the Chief Minister.

“The Khyber Paktunkhawa Province is a theater of local and foreign wars. We need a proper communication strategy and trained specialists, who understand psychological mind-games applied by powerful forces to create fear and instability in Pakistan, particularly in the Khyber Pakhtunkhawa Province. As a professional communicator and student of psychological-warfare techniques, I wanted to assist the Pakhtunkhawa Government by launching an intelligent counter propaganda strategy,” said Mr. Paracha.

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