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Hajjaji’s tribute to Benazir Bhutto – by Riaz Malik al-Hajjaji


Once was a Hommie named Zia. He was a badass Mujahid.
His Bro was General Akhtar and his Ho was Farhat Hashmi

He pimped his reign with dollars and make the country crack
In stepped Pinkie to take it all back

Now Zia was a badass and his sons Nawaz Shahbaz
Together they all wanted a Dystopian cracker land

But Pinkie and Nusrat would have none of that
the cops beat them bad but they kept on rappin
till Zia get a Divine slappin

Man-Go Man-Go to Bhawalpur

But his cracka son Nawaz
that motha keep on rappin

Now the Awaam loved Pinkie and she loved them back
The cracka called her crap but she never fought back

Now Pinkie was all grace, her naysayers a disgrace
they ain’t seen no one who could say it to her face

So they got the cops on her case and judges who disgrace
and cracka motha Nawaz who is such a bakwass

But she kept on growing and dunked in their face
so finally Nawaz Taliban bros, who like no hos
shot her in the back and blew up the whole place

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