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Massacre of Sunnis by Salafist Saudi-backed Nawaz Sharif Regime

sharareef Jail

In a typical display of brutality reminiscent of his spiritual father, Zia ul Haq, the Shahbaz Sharif regime massacred over a dozen unarmed Sunni Barelvis and wounded nearly another hundred workers of Minhaj ul Quran.

Certain sections of the media as well as some sectarian (pro Deobandi) “liberals” of Pakistan are doing their best to deflect attention away from the Sharif brothers regime for this latest atrocity.  After failing to stop a much needed military action against the Taliban and their abettors, the Sharif brothers probably on the orders of their Saudi paymasters, launched a brutal crackdown on the Minhaj ul Quran institute run by Pakistan’s leading anti-Taliban Sunni cleric, Maulana Tahir ul Qadri.

The clear aim of this police brutality by the family run Nawaz Sharif regime was to undermine the growing support for General Raheel Sharif’s operation against the Taliban. The current military operation has already spread to Karachi where just last night, a leading Taliban commander was killed in a joint operation by the army and police. This is bad news for the PML N – an open supportor of the Taliban and its urban affiliate, the ASWJ-LeJ.

BqW1smfCYAAIZxALeading the police brutality against the Sunni activists of Minhaj ul Quran was a prominent PML N thug by the name of Gullu Butt. Here is a news story with undeniable evidence of his involvement in the brutality as well as clips and eye witness accounts where he is leading the PML N administered police towards their brutal operations against unarmed the helpless Sunni activists of PAT.


An ASWJ-LeJ terrorist, Rana Tariq was also part of the contigent that lead the attack on the orders of PML N.  In Punjab, especially Lahore, Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif keep a vice like grip on the administration which has been mostly under their thumb for the last 30 years.


BqV04mmCIAEiFWG.jpg largeAlong with other leading Sunni (SIC, ST) and Shia organizations (MWM), Maulana Tahir ul Qadri has been a leading voice in condemning the brutality and religious fascism of the Deobandi Taliban and ASWJ. Along with nearly every other political party including PTI, PPP, MQM, ANP and PML Q, Tahir ul Qadri’s Pakistan Awami Tehrik has supported the army’s military action against the Deobandi terrorists of the Taliban.  While PTI has come on board, the Saudi backed PML N – a family run business has exposed its pro Taliban colours with its pathetic and lukewarm support against the growing anti Taliban sentiment in Pakistan.

The police brutality against the Sunni Minhaj ul Quran activists by the Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif Punjab regime is an impotent response of their failure to stop the military operations against the Taliban.

While PTI, PML Q and MQM have stood in solidarity with the Sunni victims of the Shahbaz Sharif regime, PPP has lost further groud by its dithering on this issue. Instead of condemning this police brutality in clear terms, some PPP leaders like Nisar Khuhru were too busy giving lectures on the Constitution to the victims of this tragedy. Even the Punjab PPP lead by Shaukat Basra was clearly embarrassed by this most recent example of the spinelessness of this own party.

Some Pakistani Fake liberals who find common cause with the anti-Christain, anti-Sunni, Anti-Shia and anti-Ahmadi clerics of ASWJ are too busy abusing and mocking Maulana Tahir ul Qadri to feel too sorry for the Sunni victims of police brutality.  The same fake liberals coddle up to hate spewing Deobandi clerics and seldom criticize them.  These fake liberals never use  anything resembling the vicious language which they selectively reserve for easy and harmless targets like Maulana Tahir ul Qadri. For these fake liberals, the Sunni Barelvi-Shia-Christain-Hindu-Sikh alliance is a resounding slap to the dishonest narrative of Shia vs Sunni.  Maulana Tahir ul Qadri’s clear denunciation of Deobandi terror groups like the Taliban destroys their misrepresentation of Deobandi terrorism as Sunni vs Shia sectarianism.

Meanwhile, the Punjab police which is always under the direct control of Shahbaz Sharif is now tampering with medical evidence http://tribune.com.pk/story/723628/lahore-clashes-police-tamper-with-medical-reports-of-injured


Sunni Brevlvi’s mercilessly killed by Pro Deobandi Fascist ASWJ Sipaha-e-Sahaba Punjab establishment

91TUQ manchester Protests


Gullu Butt the hired thug of Shahbaz Sharif Jhangvi and Lasker e Jhangvi



Shahbaz Sharif Jhangvi has consistantly said he is on same page as LEJ TTP

This news clip attests to the deep links ideological and monetary links between Police Chief Sukhera and Saudi funded pro Salafi Deobandi Terrorist ASWJ Sipah Sahaba




Brutal brelvi killing 2


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  • Powerful WAHABI / SALAFI Killers Always WIN.
    Peaceful SUNNIES and Mourning lover Shias will always LOOSE.
    This is the History of Islam.
    Actual Sunnies have Lost who really loved Rasool kareem.

    • Well done, LUBP. Sunnis will not spare Deobandis or Wahhabis in Pakistan, do not worry; we are the majority here and we will crush Wahhabis and remove them from the face of the planet, if our patience ends.

  • To Hell with Nawaz shrif, shehbaz shrif n Rana sanaullah.jo masoom bnne ka dhong rcha rhay hain.lanat ho tum sb pr.in sb ko Sre Aam phansi di jae.Khuda k azaab se ab kisi soorat nhi bch skte tum.kutto haramiyo.

  • Shame on you guys.

    This is a purely political move, It has nothing to with the sectarianism. FYI you should know that Nawaz/Shahbaz orientation is Sunni Barelvi. It is PMLQ’s Shujaat and Pervail Ilahi who are Deobandi. And Also talking about Salafi/Wahabi, The leader of Wahabi JuD Hafiz Saeed has supported Zarb e Azab. So its Barelvi killling

    Rather than doing bakwas here, first correct your facts.

    And see this fatwa of Barelvi mufitan againts TuQ. You can do little more search and conclude that Barelvi reqard TuQ as not Sunni/Barelvi.


  • Hello… anybody muslim here. I only see sunnies, shias, barelvies etc. No muslim left in Pakistan who can shut the bastards up, like this creep here Bilal Ghazi. Canadian PET Qadri make his idiot followers die for his own benefit and cheep popularity. And what the hell… anybody nonsence, son of many fathers, like the writer of this article, can now post any of his dirty thoughts on internet to spread firqa wariyat. Himaya hi, well done… keep it up.