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Allegorical Quranic stories taken literally by Mubashir Luqman and Ludhianvi to justify murder of innocent Sunni brelvi and Shia children

Kharra Sach – 19th May 2014 by zemtv

Note by Khurram Zaki: Mubashir Lucman is very close to the leadership of declared takfeeri terrorist outfit ASS (also known as ASWJ). Khadim Hussain Dhilon is a close friend of him. Please keep this fact in mind before flowing with the ongoing currents against GEO. What happened in the morning show was wrong and disgusting but it doesn’t amount to ‪#‎BLASPHEMY‬. Please don’t attempt to give a religious color to what is actually a corporate war between two media outlets and in fact part of the larger tussle between‪#‎ISI‬ and ‪#‎GEO‬. The man who registered the FIR against ‪#‎MSR‬ and other GEO staff is no other than the same Arshad Butt who tried to lodged an FIR against Amir Mir and GEO management in the incident of terrorist attack on Hamid Mir (Official). We have no sympathy with MSR or GEO as a corporate entity but religious codes, values and sentiments are not supposed to be used and abused in such corporate wars. GEO has already apologized in written with respect to whatever transpired and PEMRA has taken immediate notice of inappropriate content. Any further escalation is totally unwarranted and may backfire eventually. Mubashir Lucman hijacked and used this opportunity to invite known terrorist, Ahmed Ludhianvi, in his program and gave him media space and time. Ahmed Ludhianvi, leader of declared terrorist sectarian outfit, himself deserved to be booked and punished under section 295-A, 298-A of PPC and under section 7 of Anti-terrorism Act.

In his show today Mubashir Luqman has used the shoulder of the literal interpretation of Quran.  It extremely dangerous for Mubashir Luqman to hijack the Quran to further his own media battles and ratings. It is despicable that Mullah Ludhianvi that a known hate monger, killer and head of the banned Taliban organization Sipah Sahaba is presented as an expert on religion.

The issue that Geo made a story where names are changed and mistakes made is secondary. Once again Shia and Sunni Ulema are falling into the trap of Ludhianvi and Luqman Takfiri Deoabandi Combine:

The primary issue is the Verses of Quran chosen and promoted literally by Mubashir Luqman and his spiritual leader Mullah Ludhianvi Deobandi:

The verse being promoted:

Then they both proceeded, till they met a boy, he (Khidr) killed him. (Prophet Moosa) said: “Have you killed an innocent person who had killed none? Verily, you have committed a thing “Nukra” (a great Munkar – prohibited, evil, dreadful thing)!” (Quran, Surah Al-Kahf:74)

There could be many lessons from this allegorical story. Quran is full of verses that are clear or determinate as well as open-ended or indeterminate, this is accepted by all Quranic scholars and Quranic verses attest to it. The recruitment of hate mongers like Lidhanvi to explain indeterminate verses means that genocide is being promoted.

Mubhashir and his spiritual guide Mullah Lihanvi want to use this to determine it is alright to kill Sunni Brelvi and Shia children because Mubashir’s divine Prophet Mullhah Lidhanvi has declared them Mushriq and Kafir. Since according to the determination of Lidhanvi these children will be a source of “Azab” or punishment for their parents it is better to have genocide.

Quran and Sunnah are like a constitution and have to be interpreted according to current situation. Quran and Sunnah are for all times. Islam like any other religion is way to conduct yourself. A set of norms or a constitution. Prophet pubhp was a slave trader 1400 years ago Thomas Jefferson was slave trader 200 years ago. When the US constitution is interpreted. It is interpreted in the 21st century not in the 19th century.

Point to note our Prophet pubph gave slaves same rights as free people, 1400 years ago and made Hazrat Bilal caller to prayer. He also made it extremely beneficial to free slaves but worked within the system of that time.

This is why literal interpenetration of Quran or Sunnah is useless and dangerous. Especially when those doing the interpertation are known hate mongers like Lidhanvi and Luqman. Their thinly veiled fascism needs to be exposed.



https://lubpak.net/archives/313519luqman Lidhanvi

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  • These verses from chapter 1, poem 10 are from Saadi’s Gulistan(Bostan). They resemble a hadith. Somebody ask Mubashar Lucman to issue a fatwa on Hafiz Saadi Shirazi as well and somebody please tell him that Hafiz Shirazi and Sheikh Saadi are the same person. Many folklores and metaphors are same in many cultures. Khalil Jibran has rewritten many such stories in his own words. Paulo Coelho has rewritten many. Many stories of Quran are already present in other previous cultures. In Zoroastrian religion of Persia dating back to 7th century BCE, even before Judaism and Christianity, one can find many similar stories. The concepts in Abrahamic religions of 7 heavens, God and Satan, Virgin Birth, Head covering, Renovation and judgment are highly influenced from this ancient persian pagan religion. There are many stories in Quran which are also present in Bible and old testament with great variations. Should a blasphemy case be filed against Zarathustra, St Paul and Rabbi Juda Hanasi? What an ignorant ass this Mubashar Lucman is!
    بنى آدم اعضای یک پیکرند
    که در آفرینش ز یک گوهرند
    چو عضوى به درد آورد روزگار
    دگر عضوها را نماند قرار
    تو کز محنت دیگران بی غمی
    نشاید که نامت نهند آدمی
    Human beings are members of a whole,
    In creation of one essence and soul.
    If one member is afflicted with pain,
    Other members uneasy will remain.
    If you have no sympathy for human pain,
    The name of human you cannot retain.
    (The above verses are displayed in the entrance of the United Nations Hall of Nations as Saadi’s poetry and not as a Hadith. Charge UN for blasphemy too?)


  • Mubashar luqman sahib kia Qura’n pak pe baat kerne k liye aapko yehi killer, Takfiri aur mutanaza molvi mila tha?Aap achey bhaley senior aur tajarba kar sahafi haen aapko ye basic cheez to,u pata hona chahye k jab aap kisi mouzu pe ittefaq e raye qayem krne ja rahe haen tou aise logon ko izhare khayal k liye bulaya jata hai jinki shanakht aur reputation achi ho aur her maktabaye fikar k log onn ki baat sunna chahte hon,jis Jama’t ko ye shakhs represent krta hai osski kia pehchan hai ye sub kuch aap bhool gaye kia?

  • Muhtaram Mubashir Luqman Sahib hum aap ko salam paish krty hein k jaisey aap ne Geo pe jari kufar k khilaf khul k baat krni shuru ki. Mir Shakeel chonkey mazhaban Shia he es lye Tahreef e Quran or wo Hazrat Ali r.t ki gustakhi un k lye kufar nahi balkey sawab ka kam he keu k Shia Barat e Fatima k naam se jo event manatey hein us mein ye gana zarur gaya jata he es k elawa aksar shia shadiyon mein barkat k lye bhi ye gana gaya jata he. Allah ka Shukar he k en ka chupa kufar manzar e aam pe ayaa or logon ne mana k waqi Sipah e Sahaba arsa daraz se jo kehti aa rahi he wo ghalt nahi he. or Nayab Jigree mujhy usi gustakh e Sahaba Firqa k numainda hein jinhe Molana Ludhyanvi Sahib k aney se takleef hoi k en ka mission to sabit ho gaya duniya pe ab hum kya krien gey. Wel done or aap ne waqi Ahl e Sunnat honey ka saboot dya Allah aap ko jaza e khair ata farmaye.

    • Well done aur haan tum ne Waaqai apni Maa ki Khayaanat ka Sabooth de diya hai saari dunya ke saamne Khul kar. Ap tum Shiekh Hamid Jaao aur apni maan se pooch ke us ne tum ko kaise paida kia aur kis ke saath ya phir kis kis ke saath paida kia hai aur kahaan paida kia hai who jagaa kaunsi thi jahaan us ne tum ko paida kia that aur who saal kaunsa tha aur saal ki kaunsi tarreekh thi jab e us ne tum ko paida kia tha. Aur us ne tum ko kyon paida kia tha ke jo aise Haraamzaadon jaisi baatein jo sirf who karsakta hai jis ke Khoon mein Khayaanat shaamil ho karsakta hai. Allah ka SHukar hai ke Tumhaari maan ki Chuppi Khayaanat Manzar-e-Aam par agayi hai aur Sunni ka Kufr Dunyaa ke saamne aa chukka hai.

  • It’s evident to me that this article is designed to attract thinkers and provoke thought. I found this content to be interesting, digestible and well-written.