The disobiedient killer taliban children of Pak Army

This is a conversation between Gen Kayani, the then COAS and Malik Ishaq, the head of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, when later was flown from Lahore to Rawalpindi in 2009 on a military plane to get the al Qaeda-linked terrorist to negotiate with attackers who had taken several people hostage inside GHQ on 10 October 2009.

Coas is beybas


Our friend Khurram Zaki is addressing the top Army Generals to grow a pair and defend the honor of the Army. I would like to say to him, if they had honor this would have happened already. Further, this is not about honor at all, it is the institutional policy of the Army to take money from the deep Wahhabi State in Saudi Arabia to kill and subdue Baloch, Balti, Gilgiti, Sindhi as well are all other forms of “deviant” Muslims. To beat the citizens of Pakistan in to submission to the ONE Islam, the Islam of the Khawarij that have taken over Mecca and Medina.Slowly but surely the choice in Pakistan will be the the Fort of Wahhabized Deobandi only Islam. Brevli or Sufi Sunni will be no more, Shia will be forced to convert to Sunni Deobandi. No more Pushtun,Bloch, Sindhi or Balti either. Only Punjabi Deobandi will rule supreme.

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