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Alarming reports on social media about Baloch Genocide and media black out

stop baluch genocide


Editor’s note: We are seeing various credible sources point to atrocities against Baloch Pakistanis by the Pakistan Army. The Protection of Pakistan maybe the license for the Army to be judge jury and executioner of four million Baloch citizens of Pakistan.  LUBP appeals to the Pakistan Army Chief to call of this strategy, these people are not the enemy. LUBP also appeals to majority Punjabi middle class to stand up for the oppressed Baloch, if they do not stand up for the oppressed Baloch, Pakistan could easily be left with just the land locked Punjab and perhaps small part of Khyber Pakhtoon Khawa (KPK).

Here are some recent alarming reports.

Baloch friends and activists from Gawader and Turbat are reporting about a new phase of oppression started by the Frontier Corps (F.C.). In Gawader city F.C. raided on a book shop named Al-Badar book shop and confiscated many books of poetry and fiction and history. They arrested an employee and city police has registered a trumped up F.I.R . The missing employee is F.C. custody, a Baloch in F.C. custody may safely be assumed a dead Baloch.


How Government is managing informations about military operations in Balochistan?

Very reliable sources in news rooms of many main stream media outlets told me that their editors asked them to kill news about alleged killing of non combative men,women and childern in Qalat and Khuzdar military operations in which F.C used gunship helicoptors and jet bombers. They claimed that there had been thirty terrorists killed.

These sources informed me that Editors also directed not to report news about strike and shutter down in many cities of Balochistan including Qalat,Khuzdar,Punjgor cities against air strikes and killings of innocent Baluch peoples.

Press advices now are not being sent directly to editors but to owners of media outlets and they are managing informations about Balochistan and mostly owners are complying instructions of rulers of state in state Pakistan.

I have information that Inter services public relations (ISPR) and special sections of Military Intelligence agency,ISI,F.C and other organs of the establishment have made arrangements through with the clans of defence analysts,clerics, professional human rights activists besides media specialists. Experts on war or conflict zones have been hired and this has been arranged to their presence in talk shows,during news sessions their analysis and comments.

Such embedded journalists,reporters,analysts and clerics are experts are manipulating, obfuscating and concealing facts and plight of baloch people.

Military establishment is spending huge amounts of money on such “experts”. It is noteworthy that such experts and clerics are being glorified and presented as very reliable and able informed persons through another managed process.

Some military official believe that to control and manage information about those areas where security forces or intelligence apparatus are conducting operations particularly is very big and complex task and Military establishment has established foolproof (fool making)system through which military establishment is handling dirty propaganda against Pakistan army and other security forces and objective of such system is to get support of masses(i think when military officials use term masses,public or awam that it means majority punjabi ethnic group).

I noted that through such fool making system it was also made possible to defame those journalists and experts who did not enter in their circle and did not become embedded journalists or experts.
Ayesha Siddiqa is big of a victim defaming campaign run by Military establishment.

Pakistani main stream media creates such environment in which when you talk about serious human rights violation made by security forces and intelligence agencies then particularly in Punjab majority of common persons under massive dirty propaganda take you as alien enemy and agent of west or U.S.A.

Pakistani Military establishment is fully expert in concealing its cruelty and oppression in Baloch areas and main stream media is fully helpful in concealing process.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
@aliabbastaj on Twitter


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  • 101 % concocted story with malafide intentions to disrepute Pakistan. Unfortunately when intellectuals having vested interest opines LIE hundred times its considered as TRUTH. Late Mr Nixon once said to his country men in one of his Friday address to the nation and I quote ” If you give me media in my hands, I will make people believe that I am God” unquote. This is a power of media to play its role in non-kinetic war.

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