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Condolences to Pro Talibans on Afghan Election Turnout: A Facebook discussion

finger to taliban

Editor’s note: We are posting here a discussion between Syed Riaza Malik Al Hajjaji and an urban elite apologist. As expected other than tone and the quality of written english the urban elite taliban apologist had no substantial argument. The subject of the discussion is the following article:
Condolences to Pro Talibans on Afghan Election Turnout- by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji


FT : Wonderful of you as always, Mr. Hajjajji!

SFMS: Too good bro

OA: Is their really no end to your own pithy nihilism. The way you obfuscate issues man you gotta take up basic training in writing. Why don’t you just write down in a simple one sentence structure of what you wanted to write. Its called a thesis BTW.

Hajjaji : dear OA you are so correct. Too many Double Fat Lassis spiked with Halaal Roofafza have dulled my already deficient mind. My one-sentence thesis would be “Condolences to Pakistani Nationalists on Afghan Election Turnout” which I think I have stated somewhere in the first 3 lines – which is very thesis statements are usually presented. I apologize for my Nihilism – its a leftover habit from my infatuation with the Taliban.

OA: Should be at the end of intro otherwise your thesis gets muddled with premise for your argument. Let me reread it.

You know that the Honda civic society is different to the boxy corolla society which you are really aiming at. The civic society (no pun intended) are merely stylish people too busy petting their girlfriends.

Hajjaji: use “Honda Civic Society” to approximate my deep admiration and regard for Pakistan’s “Civil Society” Civil sounds like Civic so Hajjaji steps in and coins another phrase. Don’t take me too seriously as even I don’t.

As I said earlier, I peddle in words. For art, I just rip off Sabir Nazar like everyone else does.

OA: Sloganeering for benazir vs what it is you’re trying to say is pretty sophomoric. Even hardcore bb supporters will distance themselves from this. You should have really posted the second or third draft here. You see that is when the power of synthesis come into play.

Nah the civic society are just rebels without a cause James dean like! The shodas of heavy metal land cruisers the gas guzzlers are whom you are really after. So why compromise your writing for the sake of an irony for the sake of a horrid pun..

SA:Has Najam Sethi ever argued that the Pakistani Taliban and Afghan Taliban are NOT the same? If so, where.

Hajjaji: SA the point is that our media argues that Pakistan and Afghan Taliban are different and NOT the same. This Artificial Binary is beneficial to the cause of Ghairat.

SA: Of course, that is true and I agree with the fact that they are ideologically the same: same shit different asshole.

However, is it also not true that the Afghan Taliban at one point in time wrote a public letter condemning the Pakistani Taliban’s attacks on the Pak army.

Hajjaji: SA In Jinnah Institute report published in 2011, the point of view that the Afghan Taliban need to be “accomodated” in post 2014 Afghanistan was presented as the majority opinion of 50+ experts including Najam Sethi

Ofcourse they must have written such a letter to create artificial distance and not bite the hand that feeds. Today, Pakistani Taliban are passing the buck to Ahrar ul Hind. Tommorow, we will come up with a new name.

SA: I think that an appreciation of this artificial distinction that you brilliantly point towards in your essay is absolutely critical.

We must ask the question: Why is this artificial distinction maintained? Which groups/classes in Pakistani society are interested in maintaining this lie?

I think that it is the Pakistan Army. The Pak-Army wants to maintain cordial relations with the Afghan Taliban because they want to counteract “indian” influence in the Afghan government. The Afghan Taliban, in turn, need the Pakistan Army for logistical support: remember that North Waziristan is the geographic area where the Afghani Taliban retreat.

As you know, a guerrilla war needs a base area and a retreat area. Pakistani territory is a convenient retreat area for the Afghan Taliban.

Hajjaji: SA I must add to your comment. GORU (original Hajjajism standing for GOlfers & Realtors Union) need to counter Indian Hindu investment of billions of Dollars into Afghanistan’s road and medical infrastructure with the Taliban – an investment that guarantees that Liberal Fascist concerns like Health, Education, Roads, Education and Women’s Empowerment are Opposed!
“Sectarian Hate” blog #LUBP has been asking and answering some of these questions. Shame on them! and Shame on You!

ZK : too many will be offended by your brilliant write up…hope elections bring positive n bloodless change in Afghanistan and end of talibans .

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