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Pashtun nationalists have every right to criticize PTI’s resolution in support of Hazara province but…


A resolution moved by the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) for creating a new Hazara province was adopted with majority vote by the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) Assembly on 21 March 2014. The resolution read that the provincial assembly should request federal government to pass a bill for National Assembly for creation of new units including Hazara within the ambit of Constitution with the objective of easing administrative affairs.

As expected, Pashtun and Hazarewal (Hindkowan) nationalists have different views on this issue.

Pashtun nationalist friends have every right to criticize PTI’s resolution in support of the Hazara Sooba just as the Hazara-wal friends have every right to have their own Sooba (province).

However, how can certain Pashtun nationalists describe an elected Pashtun majority government, led by a Pashtun CM and other senior ministers, as a colonial, imperial or Punjabi dispensation?

Denial is not just a river in Egypt. ANP was effectively rejected by the majority of Pashtuns in KP just as PPP was wiped off from almost entire Punjab and Balochistan.

Pashtuns are not a homogenous entity. Pashtun supporters of PTI, Taliban, JUI-F etc are as much Pashtuns as are the supporters of ANP and PKMAP. Pashtun residents of Parachinar are as much Pashtuns as are Pashtun residents of Waziristan. Deobandi (majority) Pashtuns are as much Pashtuns as are Sunni Barelvi and Shia Pashtuns.

Pashtuns are diverse, not uniform. They have different ideological and political orientations and priorities which must not be discarded.

Colonial and postcolonial are the most abused and misused words in the current discourse of certain Pashtun nationalists and liberals who are quick to blame outsiders (Arabs, Americans, Punjabis etc) but are almost completely silent on local roots of the Deobandi and Salafi/Wahabi hate ideology in Pashtun areas, nor do they reflect about the failings of their own secular parties and leaders, which have created space for right-wing groups such as JUI-F, PTI, PML-N, ASWJ and TTP.





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  • from social media:

    Imran Khan
    Punjab voted in a party that is against Siraiki Sooba, Sindh voted in a party that is against Jinnah Pur, KP on the other hand overwhelmingly voted in a party that was pretty clear about making Sooba Hazara. It’s the principle that matters on this issue now, if they can make a province through constitutionally specified means, then they have every right to do it.

    Umar Aziz Khan:
    I think no one is questioning the constitutionality of the resolution; the parties opposed are merely presenting their points of view, as did the opponents to the renaming.

    As a polity with a history of military rule, any criticism of the ruling party is construed as a criticism of democracy itself, which is wrong. Similarly, any opposition to an act of parliament is understood as a disrespect for the constitutional process. The “meta” debate seeps into the debate itself, which, I suppose, is natural in nascent democracies?

    Imran Khan
    I agree umer khana, and ANP has the senate option as well, which it should exercise. But have been hearing things like hazarawal should go to Punjab and that nationalism shouldn’t always be about democracy. There are some former spokespersons of autonomy and ethnicity who are now suddenly going all “national interest” on this. And I agree with your statement that voicing ones opposition is necessary, but then one should also be called out for having double standards. And everyone except for MQM seems nanga in this hamam of small provinces. ANP wants seraiki Sooba but not Hazara Sooba. Pmln wants Hazara but not seraiki, PTI wants Hazara but not Jinnah pur, and PPP wants seraiki but not Jinnah Pur. Principled politics it seems is out of fashion.


    Wajahat S. Khan ‏@WajSKhan
    First, Pashtuns voted for mullah scum, MMA. Then, chose socialist scum, ANP. Now, reactionist/apologist PTI. Learn some nuance, folks.

  • Sample of Pashtun nationalists propaganda:

    تحریک انصاف نے پختونوں کے پیٹھ میں چھرا گھونپ دیا، ہزارہ صوبے کی قرارداد منظور کرلی – See more at: http://www.qudrat.com.pk/?p=88257#sthash.MDEsKPEt.dpuf

    Our Pakhtoonkhwa is our motherland and we will never let this divide anymore… If Punjabis and PTI and Jamat -i-Islami dear to divide us then they will see Pakhtoon that face which we showed to Britishers in Anglo Afghan wars where every single Britisher was killed.. So just leave this dream of dividing Pakhtoonkhwa ..


  • @ Rahail, I am a non Pasho speaking Pakhtoon from Hazara & we want a separate province for ourselves because we feel that we have not been given our due right and Hazara region will develop more as hazara province.

  • I am from district Mansehra Hazara. PTI really feels a Genuine demand from the people of Hazara for Hazara Provence. Hazarawal wants Sooba hazara at any cost. Nobody can force Hazarawal to change their views. This is a land of the Hazarwal people and they have right to think for the betterment of all Hazarawal people. I am sure all Pakistani Solute PTI to respect the voice of Hazarawal people.
    Thanks PTI
    Qadam Barao Hazarawal Pakistan tumary sath hay.
    Jag Hazara jag

  • I am not againt Hazara Province. In fact Provinces should be created in entire Pakistan on ethnic Basis, just Like India, This would make the country strong.

    However there is an important point that is being ignored here. Specially in comments section many people have pointed out that why People of KPK have voted for PTI? This statement can be valid if the last elections were fair and free which they were not….

    May 2013 General elections were most rigged in history after the 1977 elections. There was rigging all over Pakistan in all provinces. Those who could do rigging did it and therefore the mandate of the people, sitting in assembles in questionable.. Same is the case with KPK assembly, the assemble is also an output of rigged elections…..

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