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First Shia genocide awards ceremony held in Quetta – by Laleen Ahmad

ASWJ Baloch 1dbOn 13 March 2014, an awards presentation ceremony was held in Quetta. Its sole purose was to honor those Takfiri Deobandis who have dedicated their lives in promoting and justifying the Shia genocide in Pakistan. To all intents and purposes, it was the First Shia Genocide Awards Ceremony. The head of the Sipa-e-Sahabah/Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat (SSP/ASWJ) Mullah Ahmed Ludhianvi flew from Lahore and handed out shields to various Shia haters.


ASWJ Baloch 2

Some of the photos proudly published by various Deobandi sites on social media are reproduced in this post. Our point, however is this: Before and after the awads ceremony, “Shia Kafir!” slogans were shouted. Thousands of rounds of bullets were fired into the air in order to tell the Shias of Quetta that they can be the target of Takfiri bullets anytime.

ASWJ Baloch 3

But more importatly, the ceremony was given protection by the police and inteligence agencies who cardoned off the area so no harm would come to Ludhianvi and his fellow Takfiri Deobandis. The FC checkpoints are located very close to the venue of the ceremony; they too provided cover to Shia haters. The PML-N government of Baluchistan looked the other way when Mullah Ludhianvi landed in Quetta with his Takfiri Shia haters. In fact they were given VIP welcome and protection. No channel or newspapers told the people of Pakistan how much anti-Shia venom was spat around in Quetta that day. Readers of LUBP can decide for  themseves whether or not the anti-Shia awards ceremony in Quetta was state-sponsored or not.

The ceremony closed after Mullah Ludhianvi declared that the war against the enemies of Islam would continue: More Shia will be killed.

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Ali Abbas Taj is the Editor of Let Us Build Pakistan.
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  • I am not surprised that such a gathering took place. I am not even worried and alarmed by this because after all these people are less than 6% of the population.
    What worries and alarms me is the deafening silence of the majority. And NO REAL STRATEGY TO FIGHT AND DEFEAT THESE THUGS by their victim communities – the majority peace loving #BarelviSunnis, the #Shia, The #Christians and other #Muslim and #NonMuslim groups.

    • Is Kutte ke Bache Ludhyaanvi ko Shield nahin Condom dena Chaiye ye hi us ki auqaat hai!!!…


    • Percentage does not count in terrorism. Had this been of any significance, they would have been demolished. But the real thing is that thew shias are the most non-practical of the nations. it is hightime for the shias to unite, have militant groups within them and on every act of genocide, send a strong rebound, only then will this 6% cont.

  • Zahid Khan Kakar’s comment:
    کوئٹہ کے پچانوے فیصد لوگ لشکرجھنگوی (اہلسنت و الجماعت) کے رہنما سے نا واقف ہیں لیکن یہ وہاں پر مدرسوں سے بچے اکھٹے کرکے بڑے بڑے جلسے کر رہے ہیں۔ قتل و غارت اور خون بہانے کے بعد اب اور کونسا کھیل رہ گیا ہے جو مولانا صاحب لاہور سے اڑان لیکر کوئٹہ پہنچ جاتے ہیں؟

  • shia khanzeer bralvi mushrik ab sun kaan khol kar ab raaj hai sahaba ra ka

    • Zakaulah shia-sunnis will unite and this is happening as we speak and will send ur retarded sect back to the shit hole …. So much hatred shows that we are right and ur wrong …handing out shields cuz ppl are dying… Rasool(swt) , un ki aulaad aur Sahaba e Rasool ka hamesha say raj tha… Tum itnay akal kay andhay ho kayy tumhari jahalat tum ko nafrat ki taraf khech rahi hai …. Har waqt ka ek yazeed hota hai like u ppl … Kisi nay kya khoob bola tha “Ajab mazak hai Islam ki taqdeer kay saath …. Kata hussain (A.s) ka sar Narai taqbeer kay saath” ….

      • Like I said Shield should not have been handed to him but a used Condom, that is what he deserves!!!…


  • Shiayat haq hay hamaysha say aur yeh haq rahay ga hamasha. Yea log jo is jalsay mey ai tha dur asal apnee maao key badkirdaree a subuut paish kur rahay tha ye sub ka sub wuludu zaina hay ya nwy harami hay. In bhurwo ko apna baap ka pata nahi isley apna kala mu lay kar yaha ai tha shia kafir key naray ka peechay!!! Harami Saudi Arabia ko kush kurnay ka leeya yeh rally key gayee aur bhurway nawaz ney aik arab dolaar apni gand mey ley kur is rally ko support keeya!!!!!

  • Is there a need for the government of the TAKFIRIS to announce their license to kill Shias? The Takfiris opposed the creation of Pakistan and they want to dismantle it now, and the day is coming when it will be, “Akhand Bharat” as congress party wanted initially.

  • no drone strike? from the omniscient U.S.A.? looks like us Americans are supporting this too. we could have set the piece of shit deobandis back 20 years.

    wonder if i should start organizing hunting parties to seek out haramobandis. lets see how these animals like having the tables turned on them.

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