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Very disturbing video of a 2-year old Deobandi toddler chanting Shia Kafir, brandishing large knife


This very distrubing video shows how extremist Deobandi Muslims in Pakistan brainwash their children turning them into killing machines and terrorists of Taliban (TTP) and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ).

The video was uploaded on a Deobandi facebook page on 6 March 2014.

Deobandi is a sub-sect of Sunni Muslims, which is closer to Salafi/Wahhabi fanatics due to its violent and puritanical interpretation of Islam. According to government statistics, Deobandi terror outfits are responsible for at least 95% of terrorist activites in Pakistan. In the last few years, Deobandi militants have massacred thousands of Sunni Barelvis/Sufis, Shias and Christians. Sunni Barelvis constitue more than 80% of Sunni Muslims in Pakistan while Deobandis are no more than 15%. In the last few decades, Deobandi clerics, seminaries and political parties have received generous financial and political support from Saudi Arabia and other Salafi Arab countries.

According to Deobandi activists, this Deobandi toddler chanting Shia Kafir slogan, brandishing large knife, is a nephew of Ahmed Ludhyanvi, head of banned Deobandi terrorist oufti Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan, currently openly operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (ASWJ). The ASWJ is known to be a front of the Taliban (TTP) and Al Qaeda in Pakistan’s urban areas.

Within Sunni women, Salafi preachers such as Farhat Hashmi and Deobandi preachers such as Umme Hassan of Jamia Hafsa have played a key role in spread hatred against Sunni Barelvi/Sufi and Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Pakistan’s military estbalishment remains tight-lipped on the common Deobandi identity of TTP, ASWJ, LeJ terrorists, and the media is instructed to amalgamate their identity with ordinary Sunni Muslims.

Specimen comments from Deobandi facebook page:


Other example:

On 17 July 2014, in a funeral of a Deobandi terrorist of ASWJ-LeJ in Rawalpindi, his 5-year old son chanted Kafir Shia slogan.

ASWJ Hate Video

Takfiris of banned Deobandi terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (currently operating as ASWJ, urban army of TTP) openly takes out a hate rally in Islamabad, in front of Pakistan’s national parliament. The hate rally openly chants slogans against Shia Muslims (Shia Kafir or infidels) and Sunni Sufis/Barelvis (Barelvi Mushrik or polytheists). The rally in Islamabad (2014) is led by Ghulam Mustafa Baloch Deobandi, head of ASWJ Islamabad, who is the right hand of Ahmed Ludhyanvi (head of ASWJ) and Aurangzeb Farooqi (head of ASWJ Sindh).


Reaction on Twitter








Speaker: Malik Ishaq Deobandi (VP of ASWJ, founder of LeJ)
Content: Hateful speech (Shias are infidels, Kafir Shia) against Shia Muslims inciting Deobandis to violence against Shias.
Date of speech: 19 June 2012
Location: Kabirwala, Punjab
In Attendance: 5000 radicalized Deobandis
Conference Chaired by: Maulana Muhammad Ahmed Ludhianvi (Head of Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan aka Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat)

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    • Tum pehle jaa ke Apni Maa se Poocho ke us ne tum ko Kaise paida kia, aur Kyon paida kia, Aur kis ke saath ya Phir kis kis ke Saath Paida kia aur kahaan paida kia aur who saalaur saal ka kaunsa maheena tha aur Maheene ki Kaunsi Tareekh thi jab us ne ye Badkaar fael anjaam diya tha, kyon ke aise hi baatein to sirf tujh jaise Badnasle hi karsakte hain!!!…

      Baab Bhardwa, Maa Randi
      Deobandi Deobandi!!!…

    • lanat ho is bacchay k maa baap pe jo ise insaniyat se mohabbat ka dars dene k bajaay nafrat ka de rehe hai phir beray ho k yehi bacchay khud kush hamlaawar ban k khudkushi aur qatal jese gunaah kabira ka bayes bante hai..

    • lanat on hinda type ladies and muavia like sons may GOD send more drones to kill snakes and kids of snakes like this..hereafter kiya tum kameeno k muoon pe tu is duniya mien lanat hai lahabiiiiiioo

  • Lahant ho essi zehni bimaar maan per.. ager yahi kinfe bacha apny gally per pher k marr jata to phir ussy apni jahalat ka andaza hota …

  • Insane, mentally ill animals. You religious nut jobs. What hope does civilised people have until the enlightenment comes? THERE IS NO GOD.

  • This is…disturbing. Very disturbing. All due thanks to the absolute ignorance on the part of the mother. Also, to her Heart, blinded by hatred and inhumanity. She’s raising a monster. I pity the child. May God help Pakistan.

  • Thats all wrong ak insaan ka qatar pori insaniat ka Qatal hai..ek masoom bachy k hath main knife Dianay sai acha deem kee sikhana chaiye Salam Es maa ko jo asi parwarish kar rahee hai Allah sub ko hidayat dai ameer…

  • لگتا ہے کے نفرت کافی ہے شیعوں سے
    دو سال کے بچے کے ہاتھہ میں اصلی چھریاں دیدی ہیں
    بچے کی بھی پرواہ نہیں. لگتا ہے کے اغوا کیا ہوا بچہ ہے بیچارہ
    مگر ان سب باتوں سے ان تکفیری لوگوں کی خود کی قبریں خود رہی ہیں
    الله کا بھی کوئی نظام ہے. لاکھوں تکفیری مر گۓ مردود اور نہ فاتحہ نہ درود

  • Pakistanis are still living in the dark ages. You’re all idiots because of all the inbreeding. Really there is no hope unless you all realise how stupid you are and listen to sensible people like the Aga Khan.

    • and with a comment like that, people like you are the same as the taliban

  • As said above, this kid is nephew of Ahmed ludhiyanvi LA’NATULLAH and if it is so, there is no reason to get surprised to see this evil kid chanting.

  • this is absolutely against the teaching of ISLAM and being the cause spreading extremism amongst Muslim. ISLAM is a peaceful religion. ISLAM says murdering one human is like murdering the whole mankind, its human whether he or she belongs to any religion or sects.

  • A bastard father and bitch mother made a bastard child like this. Allah ki laanat hai aisey logon per.