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Establishment’s investment in Pakistani blogsphere: Moin Ansari and Ahmed Quraishi exposed

Could it be possible that ISI invested in right wing blogs but ignored to infiltrate the seemingly neutral, civil society ones?

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We are pleased to cross-post an excellent investigative article by CPM at Cafe Pyala. While the author has taken an excellent dig at exposing the relatively unrefined operatives of the ISI who currently infiltrate the Pakistani blogsphere, we remain keenly attentive to other, more subtle and refined operatives of the establishment and its associates (e.g., Jamaat-e-Islami, PTI and MQM) who are polluting the internet, disguised as neutral, objective analysts of the ‘civil’ society, with a clearly anti-politician and anti-democracy agenda. In other words, while the following post exposes the establishment’s investment to spread a right wing mindset in the Pakistani blogsphere, it will be naive to assume that they have not made such investments in the ‘seemingly’ secular, neutral, civil society blogs to promote an anti-politician and anti-democracy mindset. 

Connecting the Dots
Source: Cafe Pyala

So, after quite a while, I was once again checking out the website of The Dawn because somebody asked me about it. And no, I don’t mean Dawn as in the newspaper; in fact, I think the Dawn Media Group once even threatened, or at least contemplated threatening, them with legal action (I have no idea what became of it). And suddenly, something caught my eye that made bells go off in my mind. It was quite a Eureka! moment.

But before I tell you what my Eureka! moment was, let’s all just take a moment to understand what The Dawn really is.

Its flowery tagline proclaims it as a “News digest of the prophetic Sunrise in the East.” If that’s not enough to impress you, in its ‘Why The Dawn News?’ section, it clearly implies that the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was somehow involved in its founding (even though it exists only as a web-paper and the web didn’t actually come into being until about 46 years after the founder of Pakistan passed away). It talks about Jinnah founding Dawn and The Pakistan Times prior to Partition before cleverly (and grammatically incorrectly) sidestepping the issue and adding “This Newspaper is inspired the founding father of Pakistan [sic] and revelation of the Shair e Mashriq Alama Iqbal.” It even uses the following famous photograph of Jinnah to bolster its credentials.

It then goes on a tangential rant about the warped world view of communists, socialists and secularists before concluding, right at the end, with:

“This site has nothing to do”

Prepositions, it seems, are not its strong point. But you may already have surmised that this is not the most widely circulated English paper in Pakistan from the vitriol it spews against alleged “5th columnists” (many of whom write for Dawn) such as Asma Jahangir, Ayaz Amir, Irfan Husain, Ayesha Siddiqa, Imtiaz Alam, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Hasan Nisar, Ardeshir Cowasjee, Najam Sethi, Dr. A.H. Nayyar, Nadeem Farooq Paracha and Huma Yusuf (see Wall of Shame on right of the site’s page). Far more hilariously, however, it adds the following disclaimer in its ‘About Dawn News‘ section:

“The Dawn News makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness [sic], suitability [sic], or validity of any information on this site & [sic] will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.All information is provided on an as-is basis. The Dawn News does not accept any responsibility for sites with similar sounding names.”

Right then. Aren’t you glad you have that sorted out?

Anyway, now that you all understand what I am talking about and I have (hopefully) set up the context, here’s what provoked my Eureka! moment. The website says this about itself:

“The Dawn News is owned and operated by Sapartese Management. There are several editors, Moin Ansari, Amardeep Singh, and Lisa Bernstein.”

Now why did this catch my eye and set off chimes in my head? Well, mainly because the juxtaposition of these important sounding but unknown names seemed vaguely familiar. The combination of one alleged gora/ gori, one alleged Indian and one alleged Pakistani name reminded me of something I once read.

Remember this post about a (well-funded) rag called The Daily Mail? Remember what I had written about the story featured in that post, authored allegedly by “Cherry Ferguson in London, Kapil Verma in Mumbai and Ambreen Nadeem Janjua in Islamabad”?:

“One word to the wise: don’t believe any of the bylines. I doubt any of these people actually exist.”

Incidentally, our persistent friend Marvi Sirmed had actually called up the Mumbai Press Club after that post, only to discover that no journalist by the name of Kapil Verma is known to anyone there. Big surprise. Not. Another of The Daily Mail‘s regular ace reporters namedChristina Palmer, a foreigner based ostensibly in Delhi, apparently does not exist either according to the Indian government (which did try looking for her). The Daily Mail‘s editor Makhdoom Babar even admitted as much, claiming it was a pseudonym “to protect her identity.” (Since she stopped writing soon after the Indians arrested one of their Islamabad-based diplomats, Madhuri Gupta, for spying, there was even speculation that Ms Palmer was actually Ms Gupta… which, if true – Babar denies of course – might give you a little more insight intoThe Daily Mail.)

In any case, I was intrigued enough by the names to Google them. And guess what I discovered? These aresome busy journalists! The exact same combination of names (with some minor additions here and there) appears on at least six other separate sites as editors.

Here’s something called Daily Mail Post:

Here’s the Pakistan Ledger:

Here’s Rupee News:

Here’s Pakistan Patriot:

Here’s Today’s Views:

And here’s Pakistan Independent, which actually ends up getting confused (can you blame them?) and talking aboutRupee News in it’s own ‘About’ section:

In addition, I found another 4 sites where at least one of the above illustrious personalities were listed as editors. These included The Pakistan Times (or New Pakistan Times), the Khalistan Times, the Times of Kabul and theHindustan Globe. All these sites have the exact same description about their ‘team’ of contributing authors which always includes the following list in exactly the same order, typos and all:

“Moin Ansari is a 50-something US-raised Pakistani American living somewhere in the US. His political background is well to the left of centre,  and is very interested in investigative history, international relations, immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working on a long term doctorate in history.

Jason Miller is a tenacious anti-capitalist and vegan animal liberationist. He is also the founder and editor of Thomas Paine’s Corner, associate editor for Cyrano’s Journal Online, blog director for The Transformative Studies Institute and associate editor for the Journal for Critical Animal Studies.

Isha Khan is a Bangladeshi activits who regualrly posts on Rupee News.

Dr. Fawzia Khan
A professor based in New Jersey who writes for various magazines including Counterpunch.

Dr. Abdul Ruff
Prolific writer from Delhi who regularly contributes to Rupee News

Dr. Koncha
A Dalit activits from Hydrabad India who highlights Dalit issues in Dalit Freedom Network

Jim Mondavi: 27 year old economist and journalist, center-left.

Riaz Khan
An American freelance journalist who lives in the US

Munir Khan
An Indian activist who writes on politics

Ahmed Quraishi
A Pakistani nationalist who has his own site

Andaleeb etc. etc.”

Do note the second last name and the “etc. etc.” at the end (that’s how it reads on all the sites). Actually finding Ahmed Quraishi listed on ALL these sites probably was not altogether unpredictable since even The Dawn, in its description about itself, throws in a reference to the infamous obsession of his mentor Zaid Hamid, i.e. Ghazwa-e-Hind.

I also noticed that all these sites were “owned” by the company called Sapartese Management (sometimes misspelled as Sapertese). Digging further, I discovered at least another 8 sites / papers that were owned by this little-known-but-apparently-massive player in the media market (Rupert Murdoch, watch out!). The ‘editorial boards’ (always multiple editors) were slightly different than the ones in the first 11, but all still counted the same writers as their contributing authors. Their names? Times of BombayThe Delhi TimesDacca TimesThe Daily Mail TimesBharat GlobePakistan AkhbarMusalman Timesand Views Times. Interesting collection, isn’t it? And I’m not even listing a number of other blogs also managed by the same company. Unsurprisingly, all sites seem to have the exact same political world view, i.e. hawkishly pro-Pakistan, virulently anti-India and suitably ambivalent about the Afghan Taliban.

Have a look at what all these different sites – which, incidentally cross-reference and promote each other constantly – look like.

But perhaps you’re saying, so what? All this proves is that the same bunch of high-energy people are very enthusiastic about writing for different blogs and papers. And that the company that runs all these sites, even if it’s going over the top with so many titles, is well within its rights to standardize the look of its various publications.

Well, then let’s take a look at the ‘company’ that allegedly owns all these sites: Sapartese Management. There’s one thing quite curious about it. The only place it seems to exist is on these websites; Google it: there is no separate website with any listed office. For a company running at least 19 ‘prestigious’ publications all over the globe, wouldn’t you think it would have a bustling office somewhere?

So I began to pay attention to the contact details for these various publications and the addresses listed for them as well as for, sometimes, Sapartese Management. It proved remarkably difficult to pin down where the company’s offices actually were, mainly because they seemed to be moving around quite a bit. For example, according to The Dawn, Sapartese was located at “1013 Gates Court, Morris Plains, NJ 07950” but according to Pakistan Ledger its parent company was located at “3333 5th Avenue, New York, NY.” Other publications listed a number of other addresses, often also in New York.

But there was something funny about these addresses too, as some might have already gathered. As anyone who has walked around or looked for directions in New York can tell you, there’s critical information such as ZIP codes and Suite numbers missing. In fact, there is no building number 3333 on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the boulevard numbers actually end in the mid-2000s. Look it up on Google maps, I am not kidding. There is another 5th Avenue in Queens but the houses there are numbered in the single digits. Neither is there, it seems, a 1013 Gates Court in Morris Plains, NJ.

Some of the other office addresses are equally absurdly manufactured. For example, the offices of the Times of Bombay are listed as “76543 34th Street, New York, NY” and The Delhi Times as “5555, 15th Street, New York, NY.” Neither exist. If you actually Google these addresses (obviously someone forgot about the extensive mapping of addresses in the US), some land you up in parking lots, others in the middle of the highway. Even the address Mr. ‘Moin Ansari’ – who owns at least 21 domain names – provides while registering domain names is seemingly fictitious.

Incidentally, who really is this mysterious Moin Ansariwho lives “somewhere in the US”? I have no idea if he is either this man or this man or someone entirely different altogether. It must be said, however, that the interview in the second link refers to him as “an executive in the Information Technology industry” and the person under whose name Rupee News is registered also lists a company by the name of Crestech in his registration details. A software company owned by the Crescent Group is also called Crestech but I have no idea if it’s the same one being used here. Perhaps I’ll leave that for another time or for others to probe.

Do I really need to spell out who I think has the resources and the motivation to spin this elaborate web of fake publications and yet be so incompetent about it? And what does that tell you about Ahmed Quraishi and the people associated with papers like The Daily Mail?



Moin Ansari (thanks to Zalaan for pointing towards this video, released by Rupee News)

Moin Ansari is a political scientist at heart and has been writing for more then two decades about Pakistan, Pakistani history, and building the right international relations of Pakistan. Moin Ansari is an executive in the Information Technology industry and has been for the past 25 years. He has three bachelors degrees, and two masters degrees from the best universities in the USA. /

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  • No law to govern Pakistani spy agencies

    Published: Nov 25, 2010 23:02 Updated: Nov 25, 2010 23:02

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Attorney General Anwar-ul-Haq said Thursday that there was no law governing the working of intelligence agencies operating under the armed forces.

    During the hearing of a case in the Supreme Court regarding 11 suspected militants who went missing after they were acquitted, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chowdhry. questioned “whether there is law prevalent in the country to supervise the working of secret agencies.”

    The apex court said that “this is absurd to say that the secret agencies are above the law of the land.” “We don’t want a confrontation amongst the institutions. Therefore, the state should submit answers in the court after proper thinking,” the chief justice said. “How can the attorney general say that notices cannot be issued to the chiefs of these secret agencies,” he said.

    The attorney general had argued that there was no law in Pakistan to govern the working of “secret agencies” operating under the direct command of the military.

    The apex court had issued notices to the chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), Intelligence Bureau and Military Intelligence on the last hearing. Their responses were submitted in the court Thursday. The heads of all the secret agencies denied that the missing people were in their custody. “We will now require the lawyers of the plaintiffs to produce evidence that these people are being detained by these agencies as alleged in the petition,” the official said.

  • Google, CIA Invest in ‘Future’ of Web Monitoring

    By Noah Shachtman July 28, 2010 | 7:30 pm |

    Categories: Spies, Secrecy and Surveillance

    The investment arms of the CIA and Google are both backing a company that monitors the web in real time — and says it uses that information to predict the future.

    The company is called Recorded Future, and it scours tens of thousands of websites, blogs and Twitter accounts to find the relationships between people, organizations, actions and incidents — both present and still-to-come. In a white paper, the company says its temporal analytics engine “goes beyond search” by “looking at the ‘invisible links’ between documents that talk about the same, or related, entities and events.”

    The idea is to figure out for each incident who was involved, where it happened and when it might go down. Recorded Future then plots that chatter, showing online “momentum” for any given event.

    “The cool thing is, you can actually predict the curve, in many cases,” says company CEO Christopher Ahlberg, a former Swedish Army Ranger with a PhD in computer science.

    But Steven Aftergood, a critical observer of the intelligence community from his perch at the Federation of American Scientists, isn’t worried about the Recorded Future deal. Yet.

    “To me, whether this is troublesome or not depends on the degree of transparency involved. If everything is aboveboard — from contracts to deliverables — I don’t see a problem with it,” he told Danger Room by e-mail. “But if there are blank spots in the record, then they will be filled with public skepticism or worse, both here and abroad, and not without reason.”

    Photo: AP/Charles Dharapak

  • Saudis detain ‘internet jihadis’

    Saudi Arabian police say they have arrested five men on charges of using the internet to recruit for al-Qaeda.

    The five men are accused of encouraging people to take up arms in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    Traditional security measures have led to the arrest of hundreds of al-Qaeda suspects over the last seven years.

    BBC Arab Affairs analyst Magdi Abdelhadi says efforts to monitor the internet now appear to be paying off as well.

    The Saudi interior ministry said the men had used 28 different screen names to access various websites.

    The Saudi authorities have been monitoring radical websites for some time.

    They have launched their own internet-based campaign to infiltrate chat rooms and gather information on militant cells.

    The authorities have also used the media and enlisted the support of moderate clerics to discredit the ideology of al-Qaeda.

    (BBC NEWS)…st/7611123.stm

  • An important litmus test is a survey of the blogs. Those who do not explicitly support (or ignore altogether) the Balochi nationalists movement for their legitimate rights are more likely to be in good books of the ISI.

    ’ایجنسیوں کے سربراہوں کا اجلاس بلائیں‘

    لاپتہ افراد کے رشتہ دار آئے روز ان کی بازیابی کے لیے مظاہرے کرتے ہیں

    بلوچستان ہائی کورٹ نے لاپتہ افراد کی بازیابی کو یقینی بنانے کے لیے وزیرِاعلیٰ بلوچستان کو تمام خفیہ اداروں کے سربراہوں کا اعلیٰ سطحی اجلاس طلب کرنے کی ہدایت کردی ہے۔

    کوئٹہ سے بی بی سی کے نامہ نگار ایوب ترین کے مطابق سنیچر کو لاپتہ افراد کے مقدمات کی سماعت کے دوران بلوچستان ہائی کورٹ کے جسٹس جمال مندوخیل اور جسٹس طاہرہ صفدر پر مشتمل بینچ نے ریمارکس دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ لاپتہ افراد کی بازیابی کا معاملہ تشویشناک صورتحال اختیار کرتا جارہا ہے اور اُن کی زندگیوں اور آزادی کو خطرات لاحق ہیں ۔

    عدالت نے کہاکہ حکومتی سطح پر کہا جاتا ہے کہ لاپتہ افراد خفیہ اداروں کی تحویل میں نہیں ہیں اور پولیس کی طرف سے معاملے کی چھان بین کی جارہی ہے لیکن تاحال کوئی مثبت پیشرفت نہیں ہوسکی۔

    ہائی کورٹ کے فاضل بینچ نے بلوچستان میں امن وامان کی صورتحال کوغیر تسلی بخش قرار دیتے ہوئے کہا کہ قومی شاہراہوں کی صورتحال بھی انتہائی خراب ہےجس کے باعث عوام کی جان ومال محفوظ نہیں ہے۔

    وزیرِاعلیٰ بلوچستان نواب اسلم رئیسانی تمام ایجنسیوں کے سربراہوں کا اعلیٰ سطحی اجلاس طلب کریں تاکہ لاپتہ افراد کی بازیابی ممکن اورقومی شاہراہوں پر عوام کے تحفظ کو یقینی بنایاجاسکے۔
    بلوچستان ہائی کورٹ
    بلوچستان ہائی کورٹ نے کہا کہ یہ مناسب ہوگا کہ وزیرِاعلیٰ بلوچستان نواب اسلم رئیسانی تمام ایجنسیوں کے سربراہوں کا اعلیٰ سطحی اجلاس طلب کریں تاکہ لاپتہ افراد کی بازیابی ممکن اورقومی شاہراہوں پر عوام کے تحفظ کو یقینی بنایاجاسکے۔

  • Excellent effort,Though the title seems inappropriate as the writer is not speaking particularly about blogs or blogsphere.
    Neither Ahmed Qureshi is a blogger, nor he represents the community, as he is a Tv host, and has started his career on PTV.
    The writer mostly referred to online newspapers with fake credentials but same agenda, you may call it web space not blogsphere.

  • @Sheen Alif

    It will be naive to attack the unrefined and less influential operatives (who reads these ‘cyber space newspapers’ anyway) but ignore other more influential operatives within our own ranks (‘bloggers’).

    I know it is difficult to confront the ISI.

    agarche but hain jama’at ki aasteenon mein
    mujhe hai hukm-e-azaan….

  • Sarah Khan deserves thanks for this brilliant article. I strongly endorse her conclusions and wish your blog a great success.

    But a question remains to be considered in real time:

    Is democracy being defended by an adequate front on the internet? Or in the press in Pakistan?
    The campaign she has exposed is part of a much larger attack on the roots of constitutional democracy, secularism, human rights and peaceful co-existence of nations. And it is a potential plan for mass destruction for Pakistan. It is on the internet, on TV channels, in cell phone messaging, in print and on forums of speech. It may be crude in some ways but its crudeness does not defeat it; it addresses a mindset which has a pre-existing, even genetic propensity to Omars and Khalid bin waleeds. In addition it derives its efficacy from its scale and repetition and from its thorough lack of ethics.
    Pakistan’s civil rulers and all those who have any stake in a viable Pakistan(I repeat viable Pakistan), have to plan a real effort against it with a serious investment. Miracles, if one believes in them, are stories of the past.

  • Thank you, Mr Mobarak Haider, for the reassuring comment. Much appreciated.

    (By the way, we are a big fan of your book ‘Tehzibi Nargasiat’ which we think is a must read for all concerned Pakistanis

    I agree that the ISI’s campaign on the internet, that the present article exposes, is “part of a much larger attack on the roots of constitutional democracy, secularism, human rights and peaceful co-existence of nations. It is on the internet, on TV channels, in cell phone messaging, in print and on forums of speech.”

    LUBP’s influence and operation is (at least currently) limited to the internet. We are working on exposing and confronting the pro-establishment voices in the cyber space, and are therefore currently facing extreme resistance and criticism from within the cyber space / blogs.

  • Charity begins at home. In no circumstances will we treat our ‘fellow bloggers’ as untouchables, although our critical evaluation of the ‘untouchables’ may represent our individual voices and diversity.

    In particular, we will keep evaluating those “progressive” blogs who witch-hunt leftist writers and critical opinions, and also the “civil society” blogs who discuss “all things related to Pakistan” but fail to explicitly identify and condemn the continued role of the ISI and its created terrorists of the Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba.

  • Me and my Ex pkpolitics forum friends who moved to LUBP forum has experienced this .The moderator of the pkpolitics forum is supporter of Hameed Gul and Support all conspiracy theories

  • Thank you, Zalaan.

    The primary credit for this investigative post goes to CPM, our fellow blogger at Cafe Pyala.

  • Some posters at CP have more interesting things to say which are worth sharing at LUBP.

    The parent company head office is located in Islamabad near 7th avenue and Aab Para intersection, right beside RIPS.

    While the “newspaper” Daily Mail now gives a home addres in F-11/4 as it’s contact, you would be happy to note that the domain is registered to Makhdoom Babar at phone number 2820191, the address of which is OFFICE 3 SHAHBAZ CENTRE G-6/1 ISLAMABAD. Yes, just across the street from the boys. Old pages on the paper’s website give the same address.

    Some more websites run by Moin Ansari and this crowd.
    Pak Historian,
    Islamabad Globe,
    Musalman Times ,
    Bangladesh Patriot
    Times of Islamabad .
    Kashmir Punch,
    Pakistan Punch,
    Times of Srinagar,
    Azad Kashmir Times
    Kashgar Times
    Strategic Thinking and Policy Institute
    American Joint Multifaith Association

    Here’s more to it:

    Domains created on 26-02-2010

    Domains created on 09-11-2010

    All of the above domains hosted at Blue Host (IP created on 03-06-2008, and are created on 26-01-2008. They use nameservers.

    If the strategy is to get top slots in search engines for specific phrases, they are successful so far, as follows:

  • Previously Marvi Memon, a trusted aide of the khakis, and a sitting MNA of PML-Q has been exposed to have significant support of our internet warriors.

    Muhammad Amjad Rashid recently revealed Marvi Memon’s internet fraud:


    Now the thing which I want to mention before innocent public of Pakistan is that, now cheating & frauds have also entered into internet politics. I shall also provide the solid proofs of this internet political cheating.

    Marvi Memon is MNA in national assembly of Pakistan. She is the daughter of former senator Nisar Memon. She belongs to Karachi. She was also MNA in previous national assembly lead by dictatorship of Musharraf and she was the biggest “spoon” of Musharraf. Now she is still associated with Muslim League Q, and it is amazing that a big spoon of Musharraf is not now with Musharraf in APML.

    She looks very innocent from her face (which I also believed till I got the internet cheating facts) but this innocence is only a show not reality. She is trying to demonstrate herself as one of the most literate politician in Pakistani political scene and that’s why she runs her official website and some blogs in her name. First surprise is that she shows that she herself writes in her website and blogs is a big lie. According to some resources she has hired two internet familiar boys which run her agenda on her website & blogs by using her name. Those 2 boys are highly paid by Marvi.

    Twitter & Facebook Fraud:

    But the second surprise, which is her biggest cheating, is that the twitter account of Marvi Memon is being operated by those 2 boys under unethical standards [Do those boys operate from the Aabpara office of a ‘sensitive’ agency?].

    In many countries it is a cyber crime to make twitter, facebook or any other social network’s fake profile and in that country, it is highly fined and even sentenced for some months if anyone found guilty & involved in preparing fake profiles.

    Till recent, Marvi Memon has 6094 followers on Twitter. That is a big quantity as there are very less twitter profiles that have so many followers. But I was shocked to know that a lot of her followers are fake profiles. Even the resources opened the secret that more than 5800 followers of Marvi on Twitter are fake profiles generated by those 2 internet familiar boys which are hired by Marvi Memon. The same fake profiles generated by Marvi’s hired persons themselves also added Marvi on facebook to show that she has a large number of fans.

    Many internet users when traced the IP addresses of those profiles then it was found that more than 5800 profiles on twitter were made from only these IP addresses which are given below for proof.

    From same IP addresses thousands of Facebook profiles are also generated. Those 2 hired persons by Marvi daily generate new dozens of fake profiles to increase the fan number of Marvi on Twitter & Facebook.

    This is a big cyber crime to boast the politics by hiring trained persons and then using them to produce fake ids & profiles to increase the number of followers & fans of her on famous internet social networks like Twitter & Facebook. She criticizes negatively in the national assembly to everyone including each parliamentarian of ruling parties of PPP, ANP and even the opposition party PML-N. When she criticizes them negatively in the assembly, she boasts to be ethical and blames other member of parliament of being unethical & dishonest.

    But this is my question from Marvi that it is easy to criticize others but where you put yourself in ethics? Why are you making Pakistani internet users fool? Why are you boasting yourself on fake profiles? Why are you boasting your internet politics by fake data & facts? You have supported 9 years of Musharraf Dictatorship which was a cheating with votes given to you by innocent public. Were the votes were also fake like your internet fans & followers are fake?

  • Golden words from NFP’s column today, a slap on the face of the urban, middle class pseudo-liberals of the (un)civil society:

    Instigating a revolution and rebellion usually means taking a principled or passionate stand against the status quo, or going against a largely held narrative which the rebel accuses of being a lie constructed to keep a repressed populace sedated. But if one listens to newborn revolutionaries like the Jamat-i-Islami (JI), the Tehreek-i-Insaaf (TI), the ‘hawks’ in the PML-N, and talk show hosts and their largely urban middle-class audiences (masquerading as ‘common people’), one can easily realise that the revolutionary mantra emerging from them is nothing more than the kind of chauvinistic rhetoric that the state itself began devising after the 1971 debacle in the former East Pakistan.

    So what you get are young middle-class urbanites, talk show hosts and certain middle-aged politicians carelessly fusing Marx with Maududi, Osama with Che and the so-called common man’s tragedies with what is actually the eternal and traditional Pakistani middle-class grudge against anything smacking of democracy.

    In a country like Pakistan, brimming with ethnic, religious and sectarian diversity and interests, it is only logical to conclude that much of the economic, political and social turmoil that it faces can only be sorted out by finally allowing democracy its innings. Democracy cannot be allowed to get derailed by lofty middle-class romanticism, morality and frustrations — attributes that have over and over again been manipulated and exploited, sometimes in the name of faith, sometimes in the name of order by those who are the real architects of most of the tragedies that have befallen this country.

    The urban, middle class, ‘civil society’ revolutionaries – by Nadeem F. Paracha

  • Excellent expose of these compulsive-obbsessive ISI types. Or should I say, the ISI typos? 🙂

    Well done Cafe Pyala and LUBP.

  • It is not only the print or TV media, it is also bloggers who remain ‘influenced’.

    For example:

    JULY 25, 2010 · 7:44 PM

    Good luck, General Kayani
    Raza Rumi


    AUGUST 29, 2008 · 6:50 AM

    A profile of the ISI (Pakistan’s best known secret)

    We are publishing this excellent academic piece by Dr Ishtiaq, a renowned scholar who does not castigate the ISI the way mainstream Western media does. It is a cool, level-headed analysis with some pertinent conclusions.


    Geo Blocked. Sherry Resigns. Hundreds Arrested. Crackdown on Long March. Efforts to Cool Tensions Heat Up. Uncertainty Rules.

    March 13, 2009

    Adil Najam


    Defending Dictatorship: Another View on Pakistan
    Posted on March 27, 2008


    ATP Poll: Grading Our Leaders, Again (including General Kayani and CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry)
    Posted on April 11, 2010

    Adil Najam

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  • Thanks for exposing the socalled political scientist Moin Ansari. He should be honored with an title such as Perverted Political scientist. This blogger appears to be mentally unstable and with his like-minded team he well experienced in faking any news. This blogger, not only spoil the name of country of his origin (Pakistan) but also indulge in disrepute the country (USA) he settled by misusing their secular laws.
    Moin Ansari, totally disgraceful personality indeed!

  • Without prejudice to the impressive research work by CPM at Cafe Pyala, the author has failed to pin point mysterious heads behind this media mafia that infiltrates in many blogs and websites. Period. But it would be injustice not to appreciate his one conclusion that this set up can not be a creation of an individual or a group of individuals unless having support of highly influential and resourceful bodies behind it (like Murdoch group). Finger pointation to ISI is not wise, there are other forces as well that want to unsettle the present government and are supporting the talibanization in the garb of “sympathesizers to moderate Pakistan”.

    One more thing, may be behind Moin Ansari and Iqbal Qureshi there may be a man (or two or more) that want to write what they want to write but are afraid of being arrested and manhandled by Intelligence agencies. There is a possibility, right.

  • A full rebuttal was posted on our site to the Payola article. Most to the insinuations are wrong and fabricated.

    Just Google “rupee news kayani” and you will find plenty of articles critical of the Pakistani Military and the ISI

    This article is bogus and a bunch of lies put out by those who disagree with our ideas and thoughts and are jealous of the popularity of our site(s).

    Here is one of the rebuttals

    Our paper routinely criticizes the ISI and the Army, as well as other organs of the government. We have no affiliation with any organization or wing of the government.

    You should be sued for libel and defamation of character–I may decide to do that just to ruffle some feather. On the other had your site is insignificant and has a low readership and has no influence on anyone, except the same old Payola crowd that worships–itself a rag that has a diminishing readership of about a 100,000 confined to some quarters of Karachi. does not own the word “Dawn”. There are hundreds of sites called Dawn.

    Logic would dictate that an ISI run site would never run articles like these

    Come clean! General Kayani must answer these questions

    The Kayani Panetta ‘Noora Kushti’

    Try Gen Kayani for treason if he doesn’t stop the drone murders

    Gen Kayani: Give us TTP heads, not compliance to CIA

    Here is an exceprt from one of our articles:

    “The revelation by Barries raises a lot of questions for the Pakistani military–which has apparently been complicit in the bombing. The Wikileaks provided ample evidence that the highest echelons of the government was involved in the drones bombings. Shafqat Mahmoud writing for the news says “The drone attacks have been going on for a long time. There is sufficient evidence that successive Pakistani governments have acquiesced, if not facilitated them. Claims are even made that Pakistani airbases are used for them, obviously with the approval of our defence establishment. Why have these attacks now become such a big issue?”.

    Those who allow the drones attacks to continue are guilty of treason and should be tried as traitors to the country. The murder of every civilian that has died in drone attacks can be attributed to the compliant acquiescence of the head of the Army, the ISI and those that live in the president house.”

  • Sarah Khan:

    Not sure who you are–but you are misguided and wrong.

    I consider this article a threat to me.

    You just plagiarized an article from Cafe Payala and did not bother to check the authenticity of the claims.

    Please remove this article–as ii is disingenuous, false and has incorrect information.

    Please consider this a formal request

  • While I admire the hard work Ms. Khan has put into exposing the right wing ang zingoistic web sites that pedal nothing worthwhile but hate and dishonesty, her liberal views and general honesty stands in the sharp contrast to the dishonesty, disinformation and outright lies pedalled by Mr. Moin Ansari.

    I am amused by the last post by Mr. Ansari which seems to be some kind of legal threat but it would be fun to watch him bring a law suit in his adopted country the US and try to defend his biased, misleading and often untrue writings under oath. ;-).

  • I think you are right Sarah ,this man moin ansari is a isi agent and should be put under scanner by Fbi.

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