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The Persecution of Baha’i Community by Iranian Government in Iran – by Farrukh Abbas


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Strongly Condemn The Persecution of Baha’i Community by Iranian Govt in Iran , if Wahabis/Deobandis Are Killing and Victimizing Shias of Pakistan , Bahrain And Malaysia For Their Faith and If Shia Govt of Iran is Victimizing Baha’i Community For Their Faith, Vandalizing Their Graves Just Like Deobandis And Wahabis Are Vandalizing Ahmedis Graveyards in Pakistan or Wahabi / Deobandi Alqaida is Vandalizing Shia, Alawi and Christian Graveyards in Syria, Then What is The Difference Between Shia Clerics and Deobandi or Wahabi Clerics ?? The Answer is Big NOTHING.

As Follower of Imam Ali (As) i Believe no one , NO ONE should be persecuted or victimized for their faith at any cost , Baha’i Community Should not Be Persecuted for their Faith Just Like the Shias of Bahrain , Malaysia and Pakistan or Ahmedis of Pakistan , And Rohingya Muslims of Burma Should’t Be Victimized for Being Ahmedis , Shias and Muslims ..

During Imam Ali (As) Caliphate When there Were Many Jews and Christians Living in Kufa , They Were Certainly Not Muslims , But living in a Muslim ruled and Muslim Dominated City they Were Still Not Persecuted by the State or Muslims,

Just Like imam Ali (as) ‘s Known Enemies Like Mughaira ibn e Sheyba ( Moavia’s Advisor ) , Ashas ibn e Qais ( The One Who Kept Abdul Rehman ibn Muljim Al Muradi At his Home, Ibn e Muljim Was the Kharji Who Attacked Imam Ali(as) in Masjid e Kufa ) and Ziad ibn e Summiya ( Father of Ibn e Ziad , Ziad ibn e Summiya Was Known by His Mother’s Name as His Father Was Unknown and Later Moavia Claimed that it was Abu Sufiyan , Who Had Relations With Summiya and Embraced Ziad as His Brother )..Imam Ali (As) Dint Persecute or Kill any of them , Dint Attack or Victimize Moavia’s Agent and Supporters ,

On the Other Hand Moavia And His Governors Were Killing the Followers of Ali (As) in Damascus , Syria , Palestine and Egypt , His Commanders Basr bin Irtata , Sharjeel Humeri , Amr bin Aas Attacked Shias , Killed them , Their Women and Children Just Because the Supported Ali (As) and Dint Accept Moavia as Their Caliph ,

The Point is to Condemn the Persecution in the Name of Religion , No One , NO ONE should be Persecuted in the Name of ones Faith or Religion , i Might be Called Baha’i After Posting This Status , Just Want to Let You Know That i Dont Even Know Why they Are Called Baha’is But We Should Not Forget What Imam Hussain (As) Said About Oppression : ” Help The Oppressed Even if he is a Non Muslim and Oppose the Oppressor even if he a Muslim ” ..as Followers of Ali (As) and Hussain (As) Its Our Duty to Condemn Oppression Against Anyone by Anyone..This is What i Learned From Hussain (As) And Karbala.


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