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Captain Ibtihaj feeling fit and ready for departure from the hospital in a couple of days – by Jibran Nasir



Met the little lion Ibtihaj at Agha Khan Hospital today. To begin with I would like to inform everyone planning on visiting him that he still does not know that his sister and mother have passed away in the bomb attack. So if you meet him do not bring them up. This kid is really something. Fluent in Persian and struggling with Urdu he jokes about his head injury. Appears least traumatized about living through a bomb attack and regularly goes on the first floor of the hospital to check on the other 9 injured (all adults) who are in a separate ward. His brother who was also in the bus and his Father are by far the strongest men I have ever met. No detail of the tragedy is hidden from them yet they have smiling faces keeping the atmosphere positive for little Ibtihaj. If anyone is planning on taking gifts, please note that Ibtihaj wants to be a pilot. Hint Hint. Also when you visit please also meet Mehreen Kauser, another victim who is 20 years old and is studying BSC in Quetta. A very pleasant and chirpy girl who wants to have wifi at the hospital so she can get a little less bored being currently bed ridden.





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