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Free Islam from Pakistan – by IJ Qureshi

A nation was born in 1947 name Pakistan. It was created on the basis of 2 nation supposition Muslim and Hindus. Muslims of sub continent under the leadership Quaid-e-Azam liberated Pakistan from British Raj.

Since 1956 this Country, that was formed in the name Islam doing injustice with Islam. Pakistan is the only country who has damaged and maligned Islam more than any other Islamic country of this world.

In the land of Pure Muslims whether Shia or Sunni are not allowed to exercise their religious freedom freely.So-called defenders of Islam are doing heinous crimes in the name Islam. Muslims of Pakistan are declaring other Muslims Kafir or Munafiq and bombing mosques killing innocent worshipers every day. They are Kidnapping and be-heading their own Muslims brothers in search of Jannah and virgin hoors.

Pakistan is also on top of the list of Islamic countries where Muslims were killed during Friday prayers. It is the only country where we have more than 72 version of Islam.

Another proud accomplishment of Islamic republic of Pakistan we are having a prostitution industry just 5 minutes away from grand mosque.

Please also take note of Hudood ordinance and blasphemy laws. Many innocent people were killed due to these draconian laws. Anyone can announce you as blasphemer and you can face death sentence in return without detailed inquiry or investigation.

If whatever I have mentioned above is not sufficient kindly note that Pakistan is the only country that is involved in Hajj Corruption.

After reading all these facts as a Muslim first and Pakistani second it’s very difficult for me to declare this country as an Islamic Republic. No Muslim can endure this slur to Islam. Pakistan once distinguished as a fortress of Islam now became a biggest stain on the face of religion of peace and Humanity. It’s my just demand that for ALLAH SAKE if you worship ISLAM please “PLEASE FREE ISLAM FROM PAKISTAN”.

IJ Qureshi is a follower of Bhuttoism and a blogger from Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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Farhad Jarral


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  • The prostitution place existed five minutes from the mosque since that mosque was built. Your post is badly written.

  • In My Opinion Pakistan Has No Escape Frm Islam
    U Call Me An Extremist Orthodox or What Ever I Don’t Care
    Why Pakistan Does Not Have Any Escape Frm Islam Because

    The Red Cliff Line Between Pakistan and India is Just Standing Because when Our Elders who gave their life 4 This Country They had A Thought that this Country is the one which Is Being Taken On the Name of Islam and Still their Blood Is There in the Roots of this Country

    If Iran Iraq Afghanistan or Every Other Country Does Not Proclaim it Self as Muslim or Islamic It Doesn’t Matter 4 Them because They Didn’t Made Their Revolutions on the name of Islam but Instead they Most of Them Were Countries Before But If We do not Proclaim our Self As Islamic Republic Of Pakistan Then The Red Cliff Line Does Not Hold any Strong Base or Meaning As The Britishers were Giving us the Provincial Autonomy Within India

    So this Means That Islam Is The Base or Center Of Gravity Of Pakistan

    Now If We Come to Our Party
    Pakistan Peoples Party Which is Liberal One It also Says in it’s Manifesto clearly

    Islam Is our Faith
    So My Respected Members Must be Understanding My Point Of View

    Raja Muhammad Asad Abbas

  • Situation was not so bad before the Inception of Objective Resolution in 1949.
    Vision of M.A. Jinnah for the progress of a section of Indian Muslims was pushed towards Orthodox grip of the ‘frogs of the well’, known as Mullas.
    Religious fanatics and sick minded scholars like Maulana Mouddodi, introduced militant and political Islam what gradually derailed the social, moral, economic and political fabric of a secular society, what the poor Muslims of Pakistan are facing today.
    People of Pakistan are now hanging at the middle of a rope between 6th and 21st Century.
    Mulla is pulling their legs towards Stone Age where ground reality is facing towards Digital Technology.


    First tell me wht do YOU ppl know abt saudi islam after this i reply.

    All heinous crimes are committed in the name of islam by defender of islam in pakistan .Islam is not doing anything criminal in the name of PAKISTAN.

  • TLW

    its not a place but market where ppl from islami pakistan buy/sell living human beings for money.Plz tell me which islam teaches you to do that?

  • Aslamualikum .

    Quraishi sahab u must understand 1 thing very very carefully ,israel & pakistan created on the basis of RELIGION & ISRAEL already said if they want to stay in this world they have to destroy PAKISTAN ,they are trying there level best but they must know PAKISTAN is in save hands of ALLAH & don’t talk like israelians ok ..ISLAM & PAKISTAN will remain on this EARTH forever and PAKISTAN is the last hope of ISLAM so no 1 can undo PAKISTAN ….