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Onward march of an agency-connected fake liberal blogger “Barrister” Ali K. Chishti


Disclaimer: The following post does not represent the LUBP’s view point. This is based on my personal opinion.

Not unlike paid journalists with vested interests, it has become a fashion amongst bloggers and media activists to present themselves as freelance, neutral analysts, however, their loyalties and agenda remain firmly committed to their political or ideological masters. A dominant majority of such disguised neutrals have a middle class urban background, and they remain interested in biasing and influencing the public opinion by distorting and misrepresenting certain facts.

Indeed, we don’t have an issue if such bloggers and media activists were transparent about their political or ideological affiliation. However the problem starts when such bloggers feign neutrality and objectivity in maligning and criticizing other political parties (except their own party) whereas their agendas and analyses are clearly neither impartial nor objective.

One such example is an agency connected activist, namely Ali K Chishti, who writes as a freelance, neutral media person for various newspapers and blogs, and is known for his sympathies to Deobandi militants of Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ), presents himself as an influential media persons of the MQM, is known for ShiaPhobia, something which he tries to hide and camouflage.

Mr Chishti recently wrote an article full of divisive and baseless propaganda against the LUBP. The piece was titled “The Real Agenda of LUBP Fascists”. I am not providing the complete URL of the article because of certain reasons, however, here is an extract: /2010/11/08/the-real-agenda-of-lubp-fascists/ (written by Ali K Chishti on 8 November 2010) The article was subsequently toned down and retitled at the intervention of the editor of the blog on which appeared.

However, I consider it only fair that if someone is alleging us of pursuing a fascist agenda, we are entitled to know what is the agenda of the person hurling a baseless allegation against us. Please note that my aim here is not attack the person of Mr Ali K Chishti who I respect as a human being. The aim instead is to use an example to demonstrate the reality and tactics of our urban middle class analysts with a carefully disguised political agenda.

First, the context:

This is what Mr Ali K Chishti wrote about the PPP:

Under Standing PPP-Sindh
a) Sindh which is practically and administratively divided into two provinces (Urban and Rural) where there’s many interest groups working inside the Pakistan People’s Party. It has folks like N.D Khan, Taj Haider to feudal like, Ameen Faheem etc..
b) And there’s an intra-People’s Party War going on inside the Pakistan People’s Party Sindh faction especially where the party is divided between
Pir Mazhar Ali Shah, Nisar Khuro, Shazia Marri Camp who thinks that PPP is hijacked by unwanted folks like, Agha Siraj Durrani, Zulfiqar Mirza.

Pir Mazhar Ali Shah also envisions himself as the new Chief Minister, Sindh too. The rivalry is such that on record Nisar Khuro and Pir Mazhar Ul Haq tells the media that PPP-Sindh has administratively ‘failed’. Sherry Rehman backs Nisar Khuro Group.
c) And than there’s Nabeel Gabol and Rehman Dakaith’s Lyari and People’s Amn Committee which is the ‘hit squad’ for Zulfiqar Mirza who single handedly veto’s all action against People’s Amn Committee and is a tug of war with Rehman Malik who also thinks ‘Lyari Seat’ could cost PPP’s government.
d) Remember Rehman Dakaith was a passionate follower of Benazir Bhutto and was enraged after her killing and was behind killing Khaled Shahanshah who was deeply linked with Karachi’s underworld. Rehman Dakaith killed Khaled Shahanshah because Rehman Dakaith see Khaled Shahanshah as one of persons involved in killing Bibi. One of the reason’s why we also don’t see Faisal Raza Abidi in Karachi too is because, Rehman Dakaith wanted to kill him too and there are elements within Lyari who would assassinate Faisal Raza Abidi if he comes to Karachi. Uzair Baloch is the new Rehman Dakaith now.
e) It should be noted that Rehman Dakaith was killed by CID’s Chaudry Aslam who on record worked for Daud Ibrahim and Shoaib Khan once.

The Attack on Sherry Rehman’s House was unprecedented and shows the frustration of psyche of certain inner circles of Pakistan People’s Party leadership but the point to be noted that,
a) That for the first time People’s Amn Committee gangsters from Lyari were used by the People’s Party.
b) That more than 300-350 some of them armed men from Lyari fired shots at Sherry Rehman’s House in one of the poshest localities of Karachi.
c) That PPP Karachi’s chief, Najmi Alam along with Zulfiqar Mirza sponsored the event to teach Sherry Rehman a lesson. Hence, two serving SHO’s of Karachi Police namely Muhammad Hussain Tunaio was there to actually give protection to the mob not arrest them.
d) In a television program when I asked, Shirmila Farooqi about as to why no action was taken against the terrorists who attacked Sherry Rehman’s House the answer was, “but she never filed an FIR”. Great answer. No statement from Zulfiqar Mirza on the attacks. It should be noted whatever’s Sherry’s fault but the attack on her house totally exposed PPP and gives us an impression.

This is where Mr Ali K Chishti attacked the LUBP:

Title of the post: The Real agenda of LUBP Fascists

Astoundingly, PPP supporters instead of actually condemning this and introspect are defending such an attack.

I would also appreciate if you folks stop name calling on those who criticize? I mean than what’s the point of actually naming the blog critical supporters?

Who need enemies with friends like you?

I consider it apt now to refer the LUBP readers to an unfortunate event which took place a year ago; which truly reflects the nature of the menace that we are currently dealing with.

In an article published at (extracts cross-posted below), Mr Gehla provides a detailed account of the ethnocentric and mafia style tactics of the MQM bloggers.

Mr Gehla laments that MQM had a fair opportunity to transform itself, abandon the culture of gun and promote tolerant elements within it, however, it has miserably failed in doing so. Mr Gehla wonders if a group associated with such activities (target killings, bhatta khori, violence and harassment) may survive in times of today’s media and global village?

Mr Gehla provides a detailed account of how MQM bloggers actually took over his blog Islamabad Observer in an unethical manner.

How much MQM has transformed itself can be judged by recent incident when party decided to take on bloggers community. On facebook page of Dr. Awab Alvi, I had an argument with Mr. Ali K Chishti, who claims himself to be Vice Chairman of MQM ‘Professionals’. Mr. Chishti was calling Punjabi’s as Bastards and ‘biggest gali’ on earth, Dr. Awab and many other are witnesses to the incident.

I wrote an article on asking MQM to take action against its office bearer for using abusive language against Pujabi’s. Many of MQM sympathizers tried to twist the issue; however Mr. Faisal Sabzwari very honourably came up with an apology and condemned the racist remarks of Mr. Chishti.

The rage and hatred of Mr. Chishti was unknown to me until someone went and registered a website www.  This time Mr. Chishti comes up with a new approach which is reflected from his comments below on Teeth Meastro;

Comment by Barrister Ali K.Chishti on April 29, 2009 @ 2:06 pm

””””’so whats the alternative?

Provincial Autonomy is one alternative and a long lasting one too – distrubution of resources and reforming the whole NFC Award Structure (from population to share on earning) is another one ….18th Amendment should be accepted and endorsed by the parliment on a.s.a.p basis.

For Heaven Sakes, Unite on Such Issues for the betterment of Pakistan – at a same time realze the importance of threat from the Qutbi’s who call themselves Talibans – our biggest national security threat ever! << Taliban’s Website? and PTA doesn’t ban it! what is the real agenda of this website?””””””””””

His dirty trick was countered and exposed by a Pakistani Blogger Momekh and further by Teeth Meastro on his blog;

“””““Momekh – I suspect the exact same.

It was in late end of March that AKC and Nadeem Gehla [] had their run in on my facebook status which was extensively reported by Ahmed Nadeem

Faisal Sabzwari very honorably came on the blog and politely apologized on 29th of March– and more or less gently snubbed on AKC

Dear Mr. Nadeem
I’m really shocked to see that Mr. Chishti has used these remarks in his posts. As a Policy MQM does not support racism or anything close to it. I know that many of the readers HERE might have their own logics or reasons to prove me wrong but I’m clarifying Officially on behalf of MQM. I’ve gone through with the language of the original post and comments, which are disturbing to me and many others, but I believe that being Pakistanis we should stop calling each others names. Again apologies if someone associated from the MQM has done anything which can not be supported.

Faisal Subzwari
Joint Organiser Communication & Media Management Wing MQM

Then suddenly on 2nd April someone registers a domain name of

It remained unnoticed until I hear reports a Taliban video early one morning – which as soon as I saw it on youtube got pulled down by Youtube nowhere to be found – then out comes Ali Raza Abidi on BLOGAP sharing the link on

I am suspecting something fishy – the coincidence of registration of the site and the promotion by MQM in ref to the Taliban video  alone seems fishy.

Then just merely to try and throw a curve ball AKC has the gall to email me and say on 23rd April

“Do you seriously own Islamabad Observer? who owns it? this is bad! :S

Yes old habits die hard, I just hope that the all-good-good sparkly-new MQM attitude is not merely a game face for us all””””’

I complained to MQM central secretariat and had phone conservation with Mr. Anees Advocate. He was not only polite and humble but he also condemned the dirty act of cloning of Islamabad Observer Blog. What surprised me that he refused to recognize any Ali K Chishti to be office bearer of MQM or even the existence of any ‘Professionals Wing’ in MQM of which Mr. Chsishti claims to be Vice Chairman. However he promised me to investigate if any ‘Chishti’ existed as MQM office bearer. This brings us back to the recently held ‘All Pakistan Bloggers Conference’ in Karachi where Mr. Chishti participated as an office bearer of MQM professionals along with Dr. Farooque Sattar, a minister of MQM.

Once again we are in same cycle. This time bloggers are the target and MQM is the player. Cloning websites and extending threats. The same old story of threats, bully and cover up. Will it really work? I doubt. It did not work for Musharraf who had more guns under his control. It had never worked in history. Will MQM be able to silence media, blogs and control electronic world? Today MQM is on same cross road which decides the fate of such organizations.

Every 12th of May will earn more public hatred. Every effort to bully media and clone blogs will result in to more criticism. Each curse and name calling on other ethnicities will result in to more isolation. There is only one way forward. Transform in to a political party and learn tolerance. Clean itself from racist, gun wielding and intolerant elements which are earning isolation for the group. Otherwise an isolated group of gunmen has never existed for too long. Transform or vanish. Tricks, cover-ups, cloning and bully is not going to work in present times. (Source:



The presence of A.K Chishti aka AKC from London is entertaining. AKC is a familiar name for playing tricks in Blogging world. Due to his extremely hostile and fascist approach …and also due to his affiliation with MQM, he is also known as AK47. He used to attach barrister with his name (God knows better about him) since few months he also became a defense analyst and opened a front against Madrassa…. When the whole Pakistan and the whole world and even American human right activists were protesting over American Supreme Court’s verdict, the so called intellectual giant Mr. A K Chishti was trying hard to prove that Dr.Afia Siddiqi was guilty as charged. Irony is that his own party (MQM) started protesting over injustice against Dr.Afia Siddiqi (at least after murder investigations of Dr.Imran Farooq)

abdul hameed:
Btw, The comments by Qudsia about AKC are appropriate. This upstart is MQM plant and I find it difficult to believe that he writes all those articles because when asked about the same issues on TV he almost never has any answer.

msohail83 said:
Sounds like a good topic for ‘Wired and Active” program on Dawn News. They should expose the MQM propaganda brigade online. Shame on these thugs.

sagaciouscorpion said:
well… I think MQM is finding difficult to deceive people in this electronic age… so they have decided to take on the media and blogger community……. but this time they really need to decide… either they start acting sensibly or keep getting exposed… obviously they have succeeded in quietening the media but bloggers is totally different story… you can not threaten to kill some one if he is not using his real name… can you? if you cant identify, you can not quieten him ……… so this time their gunda tactics will finally not work….

imran25 said:
i think these bhatta khors are quite upset and using these dirty and cheap tricks.

gazi313 said:
When poitics and daily living get saparated from ethics and traditional moral standards, these are the likely results. No solution but return to tell the truth and listen to it. Allah save Pakistan

badipak said:
Presently MQM is in problums in due course when local body election in comming days and theycant win majority in Karachi due to no support from highups. Present local gov of sindh belongs to PPPP and also in center. Without rigging they cant took majority in Karachi and Hydrabad cities etc.

Yes they can majority in the center of Karachi only. Every person who leave in Karachi know that all urdu speaking are not MQM loyals and they are in other political and relegious lovals and as well as all the sindhi speaking/punjabi/balochi/mianwali/khachhi/gujrati and seraiki and Pastoon speaking are more than 65% are in Karachi. now only 35% urdu speaking and out of them 10 to 20% max they are loyal or supporter of MQM. by relative or area and by gun or theats reasons.
If fair election and only municipal councellor for every 5000 voters to be held in karachi and one voter one vote basis. and than see only out of 2500 conceller MQM max win 400 seats out of 2500.
I my view the time of death or end is in due time of MQM

Zyxius on May 14, 2009 8:36:49 am
“Anti-MQM forces”? You mean helpless Karachiites who have been subjected to extortion, coercion, kidnapping and bhatta by MQM? You make it sound as if the “Anti-MQM forces” are an armed group with strength whereas the truth is that the MQM is the armed militant organization and those who oppose it in Karachi are typically educated people who are disgusted with its methods.

Regardless of features of one of the faces of MQM you are talking about, the many other faces cannot be ignored. This party, like most others, cannot fund itself without its “earners” who do the type of things that MQM is famous for in order to pay the big man in London. Babar Ghauri, Ishrat-ul-Ibad, Waseem Akhtar, Mustafa Kamal….how many FIRs do you think are registered against each of these people for murder? DId you know that Altaf had 240 cases of murder against him dismissed during Musharraf’s era?

Ali Chishti, the fact of the matter is that the liberals such as yourself are willing to entertain murder, fascism, dictatorship, foreign invasion, bombing civilians and every other unimaginable treason against the people of your own country just because you feel a moral and intellectual self-righteousness in your beliefs over those of all others. For you people, secularism is the end that justifies any means. In the end, secularism as you want it is nothing less than tyranny.

malikrashid on May 14, 2009 1:59:16 pm
Who killed the innocent rickshawallas and other Pathans a couple of weeks ago? Who has been killing their haqiqi opponents? Not that Amir or Afaq are any angels. Who killed Najeeb? Who killed the MQM leader Azim Tariq? Who got innocent cricket-playing boys into guns and murders until they themselves were murdered by law-enforcement agencies?

There was a leader who asked people to buy guns instead of VCRs. They thrived on the support of ISI and when their mentors pressured them, they kidnapped and tortured their ISI contact. I have heard that some parts of his body was skinned. Some corpses were found with holes drilled through their bones. They had been tortured for weeks. MQM is a party with a large vote bank and they represent the most populous city in Pakistan but they do not have the political vision to lead. Why did MQM oppose the lawyer’s movement? Why did they support Musharraf’s emergency rule? At one time it was the army who decided for MQM by keeping them out of the elections once, then bringing them back into contest a couple of years later. Political leadership in Pakistan is at a shameful low. Most politicians are bullies and criminals.

vanguard on May 14, 2009 10:22:11 pm
Aren’t you Barrister Ali K Chishti who is known for spamming websites with MQM propaganda and threatening other bloggers on their websites when they write anything against MQM?

MQM was and will forever remain a ethnic terrorist party

Zyxius on May 14, 2009 11:48:57 pm
Hey thanks Vanguard, This Ali Chishti guy is an MQM fanatic whom even Faisal Sabwari recently chastised for his fanaticism. Not only does this joker claim to be the Vice Chairman of some MQM professionals forum, but the MQM itself disowned him according to the same link you sent. Strange that Chowk allows such confirmed propagandists and liars to publish on the front page like this. I think Mr Ali K Chishti deserves more coverage and should be fully exposed for the buffoon he is. (Source)

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  • I think it would have been better to not have published a personal attack like this piece, especially not putting AK Chishti’s picture up on the top of the post. This is especially not right since we have published many of his articles on LUBP in the past and have always appreciated his well-researched articles on jihadi groups in Pakistan.

  • Can someone from LUBP moderators team kindly explain how this post appeared with my name without my knowledge and permission?

  • Friends:

    1. I have now removed Mr Chishti’s picture from the post.
    2. The post is now restructured and rewritten to provide a context of the need to deconstruct the so called neutral bloggers and media activists.
    3. I have removed Mr Gehla’s name from the title of the post. However, given that his article is in the public domain at, I cross-posted some of its extracts with due credits and links to the original posts.

    Moreover, I have now placed a disclaimer at the start of this post.

  • To be fair, here is a (self-congratulating?) account of Mr Chishti from Wikipedia. It is interesting to note how carefully he avoids showing his true affiliation with the MQM.

    Ali K Chishti
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Ali K Chishti (born 2 July 1983 in Karachi, Pakistan) is a noted Pakistani author, investigative journalist, political and counter terrorism commentator. He is the eldest child of a noted academic and educationalist Dr.Kamran A.Chishti and airline executive, Mrs. Ghazala Kamran.


    Chishti is known for his bold and open columns. He is currently associated with the Daily Times (Pakistan), Friday Times, Newsline, McCharthy Newspaper, Outlook India, The Hindu and has also contributed pieces to Foreign Policy Magazine, The Express Tribune, News Week US, Middle East Institute, Small Wars Journal, US Military and War College, Bangladesh Times and various other international dailies and think-tanks where he writes on various issues.

    Ali K.Chishti’s biggest contribution is re-branding the ‘Quetta Shura’ to ‘Karachi Shura’ [1] [2] where he sold the idea that the Taliban leadership is being given refugee in urban areas of Pakistan to keep them safe from drone attacks.

    In other breaks, Ali K.Chishti successfully broke the al-Queda moving to urban areas [3]and various counter-terrorism related stories where one occasion he linked Saudi support to Lashkar-e-Tayaba because of which the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia banned him to enter the kingdom for an indefinite time. Ali has also written a detailed and investigative piece on Aafia Siddiqui, accusing her of being a double agent for Pakistan’s Intelligence Agencies and al-Queda in mainstream media which created a large hue and uproar in the media and especially with Yvonne Ridley.

    Ali has interviewed Colonel Morris Davis [4] , the Chief Prosecutor of Guantanamo Bay; broken the story and interviewed Gary Faulkner aka Bin Laden Hunter and had also interviewed Baramdagh Bugti [5], Pakistan’s most wanted man.

    Ali K.Chishti has authored two books, “Altaf Hussain and Journey of Life” and is currently in a process of writing, “Jehadi Godzilla and Pakistan Establishment”.

  • Thanks, Sarah, for revising the post and writing the disclaimer.

    We will be indeed very pleased to publish a rebuttal by Mr. Ali K. Chishti if he wishes to do so.

  • Barrister Ali K Chishi in full action in defence of MQM and the 12 May massacre:

    In reponse to barrister Ali Chishti – the MQM issue
    Posted: Aug 28, 2009 Fri 10:36 am
    Views: 434 Interacts: 8

    Dear Barrister Ali Chisti, while I never in my article favored the killings of the 15000 MQM men during the state-sponsored genocide, I posed my contention to MQM’s so-called patriotism which is inflated by…what?statements of Pakistan’s existence being a blunder by Mr. Altaf Hussain?

    The video on the link your provided gave me a hearty laugh. Either Mr. Altaf Hussain barely knows anything about the history of sub-continent – for barely ever would a sensible enough man go on to give the idealistic, utopian statement as that the Muslims of the sub-continent would’ve been a better power as united. What’s true is that Mr. Altaf Hussain, while being at India, blurted out the statement that ‘the creation of Pakistan was the biggest blunder in the history of mankind’ only because he wanted to gather the sympathies of the Indian audience. His statement reeked of a denial of Quaid’s vision. Later additions, explanations barely could cover up this fact, as that is the very habit of our politicians.

    What’s more, you haven’t produced a valid response to the brutalities, terrorist activities of MQM itself which have been filed by UNHCR – I hope MQM apologists do find that a credible enough source, eh?

    The thing is, if a party named MQM is crying over the killings of its 15000 members, which I think it a has a due right of, why shouldn’t the party also be tried for the criminal activities it’s been engaged in for the past decade? Why has the city of Quaid become a tomb of dead bodies and peacelessness ever since MQM came into being?
    What of MQM’s past attacks on the offices of media outlets?

    I tend to have a feeling that it’s because of this past record that today media outlets have cowed into obeying MQM blackmailings at Karachi and they don’t miss a single syllable of the Mr. Altaf Hussain’s speeches, broadcasting it live despite the fact that other than a percentage of Karachi’s population, the rest of the nation barely considers that important enough.

    Then there are also the incidents of May 12. Recently, I couldn’t control fits of laughter as I heard an MQM official say that ‘May 12 incident took place because of agencies – it were the agencies who placed the containers and blocked the roads.’ I mean, how pathetic, outrightly ridiculous could a person get?

    Firstly, I simply don’t believe the guy – nothing of that sort can ever happen without being in the knowledge and having full approval of the city government. Secondly, if indeed the city government was so blind, pathetic and disfuncitonal that it couldn’t have knowledge of such a major happening and neither could it have stopped it, just tell me honestly what good is such a city government?

    I’m still waiting for the response of MQM apologists over these contentions of mine.

    add to my favorite ilogs flag objectionable content

    Latest comments

    Posted by salman11 on Friday August 28, 2009 11:32 pm

    Dear Ali Chishti Bhai,
    With due respect, Mr. Altaf Hussain didn’t conclude, in his original speech, that Pakistan’s creation was a blunder on the argument that it’s like a failed state after so many years of its inception – what he pointed to was that simply Muslims could’ve stayed together and maked a finer force together. I believe considering that, Mr. Altaf Hussain needs a lesson in history if nothing else, since it’s been well argued that bringing together all Muslims would’ve rather rendered Muslims into Hindu hegemony than liberate them in anyway.

    Next, I’m still to wait what you have to say in reply to the killings and terrorist activities by MQM filed by UNHCR and Amnesty International. All you did reply was that the state did the following xyz injustices to MQM. Friend, I’m not concerned about the state right now since I never procured an opinion over it – I certainly oppose any extra-judicial activities done by the state against MQM. However, that doesn’t justify MQM’s terrorist activities.

    And you sound highly naive when you say UNHCR might’ve filed those records on the basis of contemporary media reports of that time. I believe if that were the case, UNHCR would’ve been the most pathetic organization for the purpose it serves – however, the reality is that it works in a way contrary to what you believe, and the reason that you believe so is only that you want to deny the writing on the wall – that MQM has indeed been involved in the killings in the past.

    What’s more, if MQM is lamenting over the killing of it’s personnel in earlier years, we need also to see how deeply was this organization entrenched in terrorist activities before that, and how could it also be brought to justice in regard to the follies it itself committed.

    What’s more, my dear Ali Bhai, is that in producing you reply to Skeptical, you pointed over instances where PPP showed goodwill towards MQM. Now I am wow-ed at that. The guy asks you why didn’t MQM go against what PPP did to it in 90s and you tell us that it’s because they are the good mannered people towards MQM now. A parallel argument that runs, and appears more rational, is that since MQM was given the lucrative offering of seats and ministries in Sindh, it’s hushed over the past follies – and for now, all it wants is a bite in the cake. And precisely that’s why it won’t ruin the partenership with the ruling party, PPP.

    Posted by Taji on Friday August 28, 2009 08:19 pm

    MQM has a long history of acting as the aggrieved party while actually being a part of the ruling party. They have bring out the 1992 issue to protect Musharraf. I have no problem with investigation of 1992 events, as long as all murders and kidnappings that happened in Karachi in last twenty years are thorougly investigated.

    Posted by barristerakc on Friday August 28, 2009 05:11 pm

    Skeptical Bhai,

    Very dispassionately, we are not technically accusing one party but the system and establishment. Nawaz Sharif initiated the operation apart from during his tenure, the issue of Jinnahpur cropped up. I think it’s like “gher ke murgi daal barabar” – we somehow give importance to the so-called anti-state forces like BNP while ignore an important party like MQM which is bent on proving her loyalty to the vary nation , their fore-fathers, created.

    kindly view this video about Asif Nawaz and Altaf Hussain Bhai had to say about him,
    ———————————- ———-

    Kind Regards and Duago,

    Posted by Skeptical on Friday August 28, 2009 04:05 pm

    Dear Barrister Bhai
    So it was a mistake shaking hands with your accused murderer of 15000 workers!!!!!!

    Wesay bhai why did not this allegation rise before? I remember vividly MQM mostly pointing fingers at Asif Nawaz (who by the way had a severe issue with Nawaz Sharif so much so that after his death, his wife alleged that Nawaz along with MQM was responsible for his poisoning)

    And now out of no where, Nawaz Sharif has become a killer of 15000…
    Posted by vanguard on Friday August 28, 2009 03:56 pm
    role of MQM as shown in a foreign documentary of 1995

    Posted by barristerakc on Friday August 28, 2009 03:32 pm

    Dear Skeptical Bhai,

    I. The Co-Chairman of PPP, President, Asif Zardari visited “Shud Qubaristan” (Graveyard of Martyrs of MQM) when he became President which was an acknowledgment. Benazir Bhutto after the Charter of Democracy always supported MQM afterward and actually acknowledged Altaf Bhai and Mustafa Kamal after her return. Lastly, let’s also not forget : that our survival in Sindh is with Sindhi brother’s and sisters whom we can not ignore plus there’s rural and urban divide which needs to taken into consideration.

    II. The alliance was PML-N was indeed a “mistake” – remember the same government imposed Governor Raj in the province and dismissed our government. What else by the way do you expect us to do? they will killing us from everywhere.

    Posted by Skeptical on Friday August 28, 2009 02:51 pm

    Dear Barrister AKC…why MQM joined hands with Nawaz Sharif 1997 if he was responsible for the genocide…..

    Why MQM is ignoring the other operation of 1996 launched by PPP. Is it because PPP is now accomodating MQM…

    Is that it? Kindly give a focused answer. Do not bring in irrelevant details such as “racism” to dodge the issue.

    And I acknowledge all the good work by Mr Mustafa Kamal at the onset. Because I can see that you dodge the questions by pointing to his good work and your educated electorate.

    Kindly give straight answers.

    Posted by barristerakc on Friday August 28, 2009 12:54 pm

    Dear Salman, The statement by Quaid-e-Tahreek, Altaf Hussain Bhai was a reference to the fulfillment of Quaid-e-Azam’s dream to make Pakistan a secular, progressive and enlightened nation and anyone with the a bit of wits could easily conclude that if these objectives were not achieved and with the separation of East Pakistan and the rest of federation in turmoil – it sure seems to be a blunder than anything else. However it does not mean that Altaf Hussain want to break Pakistan but if you analyze “actions” and not “words”, Altaf Hussain Bhai had always worked hard to integrate and save Pakistan and we “the sons and daughters” of whose to made Pakistan would be the last to break it. As per the knowledge of Altaf Hussain Bhai, I would let you keep guessing; you are talking about a leader of the most educated, civilized, secular, progressive, liberal and political and class savvy people of Pakistan. I would not like to judge you, Sir.

    II. Here’s a link to the real report filed by UNHCR and Amenity International,,AMNESTY,,PAK,,3ae6a9b40,0.html

    Kindly review that it mentions law enforcement authorities killing people apart from armed resistance group too – which I told you might be a small reactionary group but by large, 15,000 of my people (Mohajirs form MQM) were targeted and extra-judicially killed.

    IIA. Lets also not forget that most of the filings by most papers needs to be reviewed now after the recent statements which proves that State orchestrated a propaganda campaign to defame MQM – something which is now exposed and even enemies of MQM now accepts.

    IIB. Kindly also review 1995 UNHCR Report,,HRW,,PAK,467fcaa81e,0.html
    As for the rest of “your feelings”, I can’t help you because these are your personal opinions – world does work on your gut-feeling, Sir.

    12th May – Who placed the containers?

    Contention? Your argument is pre-historic and I could smell, racism and nothing more.

    MQM has transformed her areas in Urban Sindh into world class places ; something everyone acknowledges and if politics is all about “giving it to people”, MQM did it!

  • The ever changing MQM
    Sun, May 31, 2009Karachi, Politics in pakistan

    By A.K.Chisti

    karachikhatmal Says:
    June 2nd, 2009 at 4:06 am

    i am a bit shocked at finding such a piece on this blog. i do have nascent support of the MQM, but this unabashed jingoism is laughably inexcusable. i am sorry, but may 12th did not happen out of the blue as the author claims. it was a challenge to the MQM’s muscle, and it reacted in a childish and ultimately murderous way. perhaps this is the reason the MQM can not mature – instead of taking on challenges it inevitably retreats to its roots of being a militant and angry party.

    instead of courting the pashtun vote – which has not been locked up by the ANP – the MQM demonized them. it was a stupid move. and not one becoming of a large party with national ambitions.

    really a very lame post.

    Ali K.Chishti Says:
    June 2nd, 2009 at 4:56 am
    So what’s the alternate?

    If the state want’s to demonize anyone and anything – it can do anything with the PTV Propaganda in the 90′s – things have changed.

    It’s the only political party whose leader are middle class, educated and uncorrupted.

    Saesneg Says:
    June 2nd, 2009 at 5:34 am
    Equality for all…. except Swat IDPs?

  • MQM’s Pashtun phobia

    MQM calls for action against ‘patrons of Talibans in Karachi’
    Updated at: 2314 PST, Sunday, May 10, 2009
    KARACHI: The Coordination Committee of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) has demanded of the Army Chief and Head of ISI to take action against organization for what it said patronizing the activities of Taliban in Karachi.
    A statement of MQM issued here on Sunday said: “Action be taken against Awami National Party (ANP) leaders of Sindh who are supporting Talibanization and activities of Taliban.”

    The Coordination Committee of MQM also alleged that some government officials associated with Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) are also involved in these activities. “Even President Asif Ali Zardari has failed to end links of its party members with the criminal elements,” it said.

    The MQM statement said these officials of ANP and government are receiving kickbacks from land mafia, drug mafia and arms mafia and explicitly supporting their illegal activities.

    “MQM Chief Altaf Hussaind shared the details of activities of these people with the President Asif Ali Zardari during their meeting and despite assurances by the latter the land mafia, drug mafia and arms mafia continue to carry out their illegal business,” the statement further alleged.

    This just goes to show the level of thinking of the ultimate Mafia chief in Pakistan.An ethnic problem is being created in Karachi,the country largest commercial hub…and a lucrative business site of MQM bhatta campaign.I wonder why.Is it a turf war.Does Atlfat hussain feels threatened that his domination over his own party and his reign of terror is about to end.Grouping all the pashtoons in a single category i.e Taliban is not the right thing.Those Pustoon are as much a part of Pakistan as is the Urdu speaking community.(Atleast pushtoons except for ANP are very Pro Pakistan).This is contrast to MQM whose leader called the creation of Pakistan a mistake.MQM has never backed off from blackmailing any government be it Pervaiz mushaarf or zardari.What you see in this news article is exactly that.Now coming to the links between some political parties and the Taliban.While this might be true but the level of the threat is over exaggerated.MQM itself has all links between the criminal underworld and they have the audacity of accusing other parties.Again I personally think MQM is trying to adopt a point scoring strategy so that it can incite more Pustoonicide in Karachi.If MQM calls itself the party of the federation then it should behave like a resposnsible party and adopt a cool minded approach instead of blaming everything on the pushtoons.And last but not the least everybody should know we are pakistanis first and sindhi balochis pushtoon punjabi mohahir etc later.Its not the other way around.

  • Guess Mr. AKC himself is behind this drama staged on LUBP today 😛 MOTIVE=Cheap Publicity..

  • On a side note, heard from reliable sources that Mr. AKC hold no official position or even basic membership of MQM, as a matter of fact, he is just an ambitious person who would leave no stone unturned to get publicity, readers connected with insders of MQM will endorse this as well..

  • Godforbid if Taliban takeover Pakistan people like Mr. AKC will be among the first ones to appear on TV with ‘Sharai’ Darhee and Ankle High Shalwar Kameez and talk like biggest supporters of Taliban, just wait and watch..

  • What does the actions of one person who holds no office in the party is made out to be such a big deal on this site. I thought you guys write about serious stuff?

  • Dear MQM Bashers, if you really have any substance to critisize, atleast find & focus on some real MQM guy, using Mr. AKC type irrelevant person as a subject to vent your cronic frustration sounds pretty lame 😛

  • MQM bashing was not the aim of this post. The aim instead was to expose the sinister agenda of our ‘neutral’ civil society types.

  • Bhit Shah address: Altaf warns govt against sending ISI chief to US court December 26, 2010


    26 February 2002

    Mr Kofi Annan
    Secretary General
    The United Nations
    U N Plaza, New York 10017

    Dear Secretary-General


    I hope that you are in good health and spirit. I know that you are one of the busiest person in the world and, therefore, I will try and keep this letter short, as much as possible which is about the subject mentioned above.

    After the horrific terrorist acts against the United States of America on 11th September 2001, the United Nations, United States of America and the entire sovereign nations, peace loving political leaders including Mr Altaf Hussain, Founder and Leader of Muttahida Quami Movement (MQM), the third largest political party in Pakistan and the second largest in the province of Sindh, strongly condemned the cowardly acts of terrorism in the United States of America. MQM held the biggest rally on 26th. September 2001 in Karachi (port city of Pakistan) to demonstrate its solidarity that it stands shoulder to shoulder with the international community against all sorts of terrorists’ acts and terrorism throughout the world. MQM also offered its unconditional support to the international community against all sorts of terrorism.

    As you would know that one of the journalists of the Wall Street Journal, Mr Daniel Pearl was kidnapped on 23rd January 2002 in Karachi. The kidnappers put certain demands for the release of Mr Daniel Pearl. The present Military Government of Pakistan and its high officials were assuring the entire world that the Authorities and police will recover Mr Daniel Pearl alive within two or three days but failed.

    Pakistan’s interior minister on Friday predicted a “major breakthrough” and more arrests within 48 hours in the search for Daniel Pearl. The official rejected a claim from Pearl’s self-confessed kidnapper that the Wall Street Journal reporter is dead.
    Los Angeles Times, Breakthrough Expected in Kidnap Case, Pakistan Says, February 16, 2002

    No one has explained why Sheikh Omar was held in ISI custody for a week before civilian authorities were informed of his arrest. Two former ISI officers have been questioned about Pearl’s murder.
    The Observer, Vicious Web of Intrigue that Trapped Daniel Pearl, February 24, 2002

    Mr Daniel Pearl was decapitated ruthlessly. What plans had been made by the ISI in collusion with Ahmed Omar Sheikh while he was in its custody only God knows! The Interior Minister of Pakistan and even President General Pervez Musharraf were not aware of this plan.

    Not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world, the educated and politically aware people know that the ISI is above all the institutions and even above the law in Pakistan. ISI is a State within a State. ISI is not answerable to the Presidents, Prime Ministers or anyone else.

    ‘They are a state within a state… ‘The ISI is the only institution powerful enough to
    dare to disobey the President.’
    The Guardian, Torture, treachery and spies – cover war in Afghanistan, November 4, 2001

    The ISI is responsible for harbouring the terrorists’ not only in Pakistan but also throughout the world under the pretext of “Jihad”. The ISI is not at all happy with the decisions taken by the present Government for eradicating religious fanatics, as they are its own creation.

    The ISI and only the ISI is behind this barbaric killing of Mr Daniel Pearl because the ISI wanted to give the message to the USA that by supporting the present Government the USA will not be able to achieve its goals and the United States of America must deal with the ISI and not with anybody else; and if the United States of America would continue to support the present Government then they have to face and see many more barbaric acts.

    From early on in the Pearl investigation, ISI involvement was evident.
    The Observer, Vicious Web of Intrigue that Trapped Daniel Pearl, February 24, 2002

    Dear Secretary-General,

    The ISI has become a monster and until and unless the ISI is disbanded or dismantled, my apprehensions are that the ISI will continue to form, fertilise, harbour, train and provide financial support to create more and more religious fanatical groups like Jesh-e-Mohammad and others.

    The intelligence agency’s past actions indicate that its interests – or, at a minimum, those of former agency officials – have often dovetailed with the interests of Mr. Pearl’s kidnappers, as reflected in their original demands. New disclosures of links between Mr. Sheikh and two recently dismissed agency officials only intensify suspicions about its role in this case.
    The New York Times, Death of Reporter Puts Focus on Pakistan’s Intelligence Unit, February 25, 2002

    Dear Secretary-General,

    I request you to convey my apprehensions to the International Community including the United States of America and its allies and to use your good office to ask the Government of Pakistan to dismantle the ISI. I would also request you that for the dismantling of the ISI, full support and active involvement of the United Nations, USA and the International Community would be required otherwise the present Government or any other Government in Pakistan would not be able to dismantle the ISI.

    I also request you that if the United Nations Organisations and international community seriously and sincerely want to see the entire world free from any source of terrorism, they must take serious and practical steps and actions for completely wiping out the ISI otherwise, it would be too late for the world’s sorrow and tears. The killings of innocent people would be the fate of the world.

    Thank you for giving me your precious time.

    Yours truly,

    Dr Imran Farooq

  • PML-N heading for a split?

    By Ali K Chishti

    Daily Times can confirm after speaking to various insiders of the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz that the country’s main opposition party and the ruling party in Punjab is heading for a serious internal split. PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif is under constant pressure from a
    group within the PML-N that opposes his brother’s governing style and feels threatened with the increasing power and clout of Shahbaz, and the group has decided to re-launch Kulsoom Nawaz in politics after an interval of almost nine years.

    As a small re-launching ceremony of Kulsoon took place, an interesting development occurred when a phone call from the CM’s office was made with directives to local town administrators to take off all posters promoting Kulsoom, which created havoc within the party. Speaking to Daily Times, a very upset female MNA of the PML-N, who is very close to Kulsoom, confirmed such a development and expressed disappointment at the state of affairs within her own party, saying, “The party is being hijacked by Shahbaz Sharif.”

    Kulsoom Nawaz, Nawaz’s wife, had previously been nominated by her party to square off against Mian Azhar, the fiercely pro-Musharraf former chief minister of Punjab, in the 2002 elections from NA-118, before leaving for a forced exile in Saudi Arabia.

    In an another interesting move, Hamza Shahbaz, son of the chief minister, is extremely frustrated and disappointed by the actions of his father in both his personal life and administrative capacity, and has joined hands with his uncle, Nawaz.

    Is the above ‘news item’ connected to the following development:

  • Obviously American media – home of FOX News – is no group of angels, and political bias exists there as well. But where in our own media can we point to high profile journalists and anchors being held to account for their political bias and inaccuracies?

    The Nation is often blatantly partisan, on Sunday offering unqualified faith in PML(N).

    One is certain that the Punjab government that is led by Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, will do everything under the law to arrest the culprits.

    Syed Ali Raza Abidi may masquerade as a journalist, but his true profession as political operative is quite obvious to anyone who cares to look. He maintains a profile on the website, and photos of him as an MQM activist are spread across the internet. Yet when publishing his writing, Express Tribune describes him only as, “A businessman who writes on politics and civic issues”. Aaj TV describes him as “A businessman and a young politician.” Abidi’s MQM activism is never mentioned in his by line, yet the writing of this ‘businessman’ follows a trend that is invariably pro-MQM and anti-government.

    When MQM introduces a de-weaponization bill, Syed Abidi is there to support it in the media. This same ‘businessman’ also offers backhanded praise to the PM for ‘bailing out a failing government’ while saying that “Hopefully the MQM and PML-N have reminded you of what your priorities should have been in the first place”.

    Of course, Abidi is not alone and today’s examples are not the first people to use the profession of journalism as a path to Islamabad. Let us not forget that PML(N) MNA Ayaz Amir and PPP MNA Sherry Rehman were also journalists prior to their careers in politics. Nor is this to say that journalists must be devoid of personal political beliefs, nor does it mean that journalists should never change careers to politics. Actually both Ayaz Amir and Sherry Rehman were excellent journalists and also excellent MNAs. But if a journalist decides to change careers and go into politics, it should be a mystery to the public which party they will choose, so well hidden were there own political beliefs from their reporting.

    Some of this problem is likely the result of the growing number of newspapers and TV channels that require more and more content to attract their audience and advertisers. Pakistan does not have enough trained and qualified journalists to fill the necessary positions. As a result, anyone who can write well and produce content for these groups is accepted. Becoming an ‘analyst’ is even easier. There one often simply needs a phone.

    One part of the solution is for media groups to adopt corrective systems that ensure accuracy and accountability. Zohra Yusuf, Creative Director, Spectrum Y&R, makes an excellent suggestion in a piece for Aurora Magazine.

    The answer to instilling responsibility in the media does not lie in any form of government control or oversight. The days of censorship should be firmly behind us. There are many workable and proven structures and systems of media monitoring and complaints commission available. It is the will that is needed and the consensus among media organisations not only to acknowledge the issue of accountability but to work towards setting in place corrective systems. The Express Tribune has done well to announce the appointment of Justice (Retired) Farkruddin G. Ebrahim as an ombudsman for the newspaper. In fact, it published all his contact details as well, encouraging readers to send their complaints to him. However, a solo effort by a small newspaper will have little impact unless major news organisations make a similar joint commitment.

    By developing internal systems to hold journalists accountable for the accuracy of reports, media groups would ensure their own independence and freedom as well as their long-term business model. The more newspapers and channels enter the media space, being the first with ‘breaking news’ is already having diminishing returns. People see a report early, but they don’t believe it. That creates an opportunity for media groups to compete for the title of ‘most accurate’.

    But ombudsmans and internal controls must also deal with certain questions of journalistic ethics such as what it means to be a reporter and what it means to be a political operative. Pakistan has no shortage of drawing room politicians. What we are desperate for are qualified journalists.

  • I dislike LUBP’s policy of making vicious personal attacks on many legitimate hard-working and honest members of society, like Sherry Rehman etc. However, Ali K Chishti is a very fishy person and must be exposed.

    First see how he blatantly plagiarized the exclusive reporting work of a German journalist Florian Flade

    He also told British reporter for the Telegraph Rob Crilly that he would introduce him to an ISI officer, when in fact it was just his friend pretending to be ISI!!
    Rob Crilly
    @beenasarwar Ask him about time he got a friend to pose as an ISI officer for me to speak to. Brilliant. Then he asked me for dinner too

    Florian Flade
    @robcrilly See you also became a victim of Ali Chishti, check this out

    Also look at ali Chishti’s LinkedIn bio:
    It says that he authored a book called “Jihadi Godzilla & Pakistani Establishment”. But if you search for this on google you will find no reference to any such book being published.

    It also says he is doing a phd in “International terrorism” from Georgetown University, but if you search on google there is no mention that georgetown offers and phd program in “International terrorism”.

    This guy has some questions to answer


    Copyright Violation by “Daily Times”
    Posted on 2010/10/05 by ojihad| Leave a comment
    by Florian Flade

    Today, while going through the news about the Germany-Connection of the recent EU-Plot by al-Qaeda, I came across a piece by so-called journalist Ali K. Chishti on the Pakistani “Daily Times” website.

    Mr.Chishti wrote (or better said copied) an article about “EU plot, German jihadis and the Waziristan connection”.

    The piece is pretty much a illegal copy of my Blog Post “The Hamburg Connection 2.0 – Al Qaeda´s EU Plot”

    Chishti sold this piece to the “Daily Times”, lying about sources. I´m quoting the part he almost 100% copied from my German original.

    “On March 4, 2009, three men and two women boarded an airplane from Hamburg that was to take them to Qatar and then to Peshawar.

    The five Islamists wanted to leave Germany and live in a remote and lawless part of Pakistan near the Afghan border at Waziristan. Shahab D of Iranian descent, who had fled with his parents after the Iran-Iraq war to Germany, was one of the Islamists. In 2008, Shahab married his girlfriend, a 23-year-old dental physician, whose father is a West African Muslim and mother a German. The couple turned to a strict interpretation of the holy Quran and began to exit Germany to live in a real Islamic country, Daily Times was told.

    In March 2009, it was finally the time. Shahab’s wife lied to her parents that they wanted to make a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. In reality, the goal was to join a training camp of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan in Waziristan. Part of that Islamist group, on the trip that left for Pakistan in March 2009 from Germany, was a German-Afghan named Ahmad Wali, whose wife and brother Sulayman S were already being monitored by German and Pakistani intelligence agencies because of their links to a member of the infamous Hamburg Cell, Mounir el Mostassadeq, who also worked at the Hamburg airport.

    Daily Times could now confirm that Ahmad Wali and his comrades reached the terrorist training camp of IMU based in Waziristan in March 2009. Interestingly, Shahab joined the camp a couple of months later where he also changed his name from Shahab to Abu Askar, who is seen in one of the videos originating from Waziristan where he is said to have explained”

    This is basically a copy of my story´s beginning. Just translate it into English via Google and you will see almost nothing has been changed in Chishti´s piece:

    “Es ist der 04.März 2009 als drei Männer und zwei Frauen aus Hamburg am Frankfurter Flughafen in ein Flugzeug steigen, dass sie in das Golfemirat Katar bringen wird. Ein Anschlussflug führt ins pakistanische Peshawar.

    Die fünf Islamisten wollen Deutschland verlassen, sie wollen im wilden Waziristan an der pakistanisch-afghanischen Grenze ein Leben im Dschihad führen, weit weg vom verhassten Westen.

    Shahab D. ist einer von ihnen. Geboren 1983 im Iran, floh er mit seinen Eltern als Folge des Iran-Irak-Krieges und immigrierte 1994 in die Bundesrepublik. Seitdem lebte der Iraner in Hamburg und besuchte die Moschee Masjid Taiba, die inzwischen von den Behörden geschlossen wurde. Beeinflusst von den radikalen Glaubensbrüdern aus dem Umfeld des Hamburger Gotteshauses, konvertierte Shahab D., der gebürtiger Schiit war, zum extremistischen Sunnitentum – er wurde ein strenggläubiger Salafist, trug lange Gewänder und ließ seinen Bart wachsen.

    Im Jahr 2008 heiratete D. seine Freundin, eine heute 23jährige Zahnmedizinerin, ihr Vater ist muslimischer Westafrikaner, die Mutter Deutsche. Das Pärchen hielt sich zunehmend an eine extrem strenge Koranauslegung und begann über die Ausreise in ein islamisches Land nachzudenken.

    Im März 2009 war es schließlich soweit. D.´s Ehefrau log ihre Eltern an, erklärte Shahab und sie wollten eine Pilgerreise nach Saudi-Arabien unternehmen. In Wahrheit war das Ziel ein Ausbildungslager der „Islamischen Bewegung Usbekistans“ (IBU) im pakistanischen Waziristan.”

    How I know this “journalist” copied my text? The facts about D.´s girlfriend, then wife, her profession and what he told to her parents – none of that appeared in any news yet.

    I will leave it with that. Daily Times has been contacted about this – no responds which shouldn´t be a surprise in a country were copyright labels mean nothing and quality journalism is almost non existing.

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