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Shia Hazaras sold out? – by Saqlain Ahmed

sold out hazaraEditors Note: This article is adapted from Alamdar Road Hijacked after a year! . LUBP lost one our best bloggers Irafan Khudi Ali, in the January 10 2012 Quetta blast which sparked spontaneous international protests.
Ali khudi

PROLOGUE: The so-called establishment liberals are quick to acknowledge that Pakistan is an intolerant society where innocent people are being killed daily. Unfortunately, these for profit liberals fail to acknowledge that it is minorities, Shias in particular, being targeted for their beliefs and differences. Deny it if you must but this, my friends, is genocide. It’s not so much a fixation with the term genocide but a fixation with spreading awareness of the intolerance prevalent in Pakistan. The ignorance of the pro establishment liberals however has been a huge hurdle because of their control of Pak media as they have a fixation on blaming all internal problems on anti-Pakistan foreign establishments (read CIA/RAW/Mossad/Hindu zionists/Jews of the world/Texans etc), all to exonerate Pakistani establishment.

rows of gravesOn January 2013, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi terrorists killed over 100 Hazara Shias on Alamdar Road through two remote-control bombings. This was not the first time that the Shias of Quetta were subjected to such an enormous scale of destruction, but the reaction of the Shias of Quetta was unprecedented. The relatives of the martyrs and their friends and sympathizers refused to bury the dead and brought the coffin on Alamdar Road and refused to bury them unless the government took action against the terrorists.

quettaThey were ignored by the media, rulers, and the Army. But when in the dead cold of Quetta three days passed with the mourners refusing to move and the international media began to pay attention, the ruling elites of Pakistan got scared and set their operatives in motion. The PTI, PML-N, and even the PPP tried to ‘convince’ the mourners to bury the dead. But they refused because these parties just like their paymasters, the ISI, were unreliable and liars: They had done nothing in the past to address Shia suffering in Quetta.

At that point, Sardar Sadaat a prominent Hazara leader, appeared on the scene and assured the mourning Shias that he would negotiate with the government to have Shia demands accepted. At his assurance, the protest was called off on 15 January and the Shias took their dead to the graveyard.

But today, on the first anniversary of the massive Quetta bombings it appears that the ISI and its subservient institutions, such as political parties, have short-changed the Shias of Quetta. Today, they are as insecure as they were when the bombings were staged which killed the best of Shia youths of Quetta. The so-called Shia leaders like Sardar Sadaqat along with other political leaders are sent to negotiate with Shias to end their just demands. They make promises only to break them. These leaders blackmail the Quetta Shias emotionally and then forget about them. Time has come for the Shias of Quetta and elsewhere to make their own decisions and not fall prey to ISI backed puppets.







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