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I request all Ghairatmands and Good Liberals to unite against Apartheid by one French Connoisseur – by Syed Riaz Al-Malik Hajjaji

Philippe Lafforgue, owner of Islamabad's La Maison restaurant Islamabad.
Philippe Lafforgue, owner of Islamabad’s La Maison restaurant Islamabad.

Please, please Celebrate the Union of Good Liberals and Good Ghairatmands (like Maya Khan) who worked together to ban French Bistro in Islamabad Diplomatic Enclave. This act, of taking on Non-Taliban Foreigners based in Islamabad’s Diplomatic enclave, required tremendous Courage!! Bravo. Please remain focussed on such campaigns, instead of say, a Campaign against ‪#‎ASWJ‬/SSP/LeJ/A-Z. We all know that Le Maison was denying the Upper Class Pakistani “Awaam” the simple pleasures of life such as a Lobster Thormidor, Fois Gras and Duck L’Orange downed with a few glasses of Cabernet Sauvignon or a Merlot, Halal and Sommelier matched of course!

I second Kunwar Khuldune Shahid Petition to “officially declare Pakistani Twitteratti’s movement against La Maison as French Revolution”

Viva La Croissant!

We all knew that Pakistan was fast becoming a French Colony and that the French were taking over Pakistan. Therefore the Facebook and Twitter by Good Liberal/Good Ghairatmands campaign to ban Le Maison shamed other such trivial moments in history like Gandhi’s Salt March or Mandela’s in South Africa or MLK.

We all know that declared French Connoisseurs in Islamabad’s Diplomatic Enclave are the real problem in Pakistan unlike say the Arab-Pakistan, Chechan-Pakistan and Uighar-Pakistan in NWA who are just our misguided brothers really. After all, whats more important?

Is it trivial things like the right to exist for Shias, Ahmadis, Christains and Hindus or is it the right to access to a French Bistro!

france_BURNIf you stand in solidarity with the same Good Liberals/Good Ghairatmands who brought you the President Kiyani/Abu Arsalan collaboration, you will opt for the Pinot Noir!

I request all Ghairatmands and Good Liberals to unite against Apartheid by one French Connoisseur in his restaurant in Diplomative Enclave in Islamabad. Please support Good Liberals who lead this campaign from media and Facebook. These are important campaigns. Do you know how much courage it takes to stand up to a French Connoisseur in Islamabad? Much more courage than writing negative stuff about former President Kiyani, ASWJ/SSP/LeJ/A-Z and His Holiness Highness Hazrat Iftikhar Chaudhary. Now, now, I hope you don’t get into your factual mode and start bringing out the example of how Ahmadis are excluded or how Hindus are excluded or how Shias are excluded from Existence itself in Pakistan. These are very trivial topics and much less important than the Poor Awaam having access to some choice Beef Bourguignon and accompanied by a glass of, ahem, Rooh Afza @ Rs. 4000 per head. The Awaam used to frequent such cheap restaurants in Pakistan before French agents blocked them from even this humble past time.

Please don’t mention how a European restaurant was bombed in Pakistan or any other such trivial security concern. Instead support the Defense-Model Town-Bani Gala residing Upper Class Pakistanis who are framing this Debate using Post Colonial Rhetoric

Please join the que to give Salaami to Good Liberals instead of denying them even Salami. In methods similar to their Lal Masjid comrades, these Good Liberals are working hard to SELECTIVELY campaign on Soft Topics such as the denial of a Good Crusty Baguette with some choice Andouie sausage on a cold Islamabad morning drowned with a crisp Shiraz Halal – the staple diet of working class Pakistanis


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