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Salman Taseer! we are ashamed

Salman Taseer Sahib! We are ashamed of

By: Amir Hussaini

I was sitting with my two friends in a resturant one was Azam Khan and other was Syed Musadiq Mehdi Jaffary both are progressive and have long record strugggle against anti democratic and anti enlightened tradition .We were sipping coffee when suddenly a news broke out on T.V screen about attack on Salman Taseer  in Islamabad and his death by his security guard Mumtaz from elite force.

My two friends and me all shocked to see that .Particularly Azam Khan who was very close to Salman Taseer and he had many notable things for sharing about his work with salman taseer during Zia Era in Lahore.

I was also remembering my first meeting with Tadeer sahib in 1988 when he was detained in police station of Sabzazar colony lahore due to political vitimization of Nawaz Sharif  who was Chief Minister of Punjab.

Salman Taseer was acting as opposition leader in Lahore when no body was ready to oppose Nawaz Sharif .This was great crime committed by Taseer in Lahore so he had to face torture in Thana Sabza Zar.When i met him in lock up he was in sever pain but smiled to see me and other Jiyalas .We chanted Jeye Bhutto he also chanted Sada Jeye Bhutto .

Then we met many times but one meeting was so great when he was Governor. He called me and asked to write in his newly launched newspaper Aajkal.But I could not write due to my negligence but when Wajhat Masood became Editorial in-charge in that paper then he forced me to write regularly for daily AAJKAL Lahore.

To write regular column in Urdu daily AAJKAL Lahore proved very pleasant experience and brought me close more to Salman Taseer Sahib.Although he was very busy person but whenever he would read my column then he would send me feedback .

In fact Salman Taseer had a desire of revival of tradition in world of media set by Progressive Papers Limited  in his heart and he mentioned his desire when he decided to issue a new English newspaper Daily Times from Lahore and after some year he started to publish Daily Aajkal Lahore and then started a T.V channel Business Plus.In all his media products he followed enlightened and progressive lines.

Urdu Daily Aajkal provided space for enlightened, progressive and anti rightist columnists and essay writers which was not for them in other Urdu dailies.

Actually Salman Sahib was very interested in revival of progressive traditions and waves in Punjab and he wanted to see Pakistan People’s Party as vanguard of enlightenment and progressive thoughts in Punjab particularly.

He approached  many writers, activists and political workers and asked them to work for betterment of oppressed communities of Pakistan. And he himself never ignored this cause.

Salman Taseer was brought up in Lahore which was center of culture having different shades and colors of thoughts and practices.He was young when he joined Pakistan People’s Party and he wrote a book on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto and a book lover Qayoom Bhutti who is old comrades of Bhutto and junior of Late Hussain Shaheed Soharwardi called it one of the best books were written on Bhuuto.

Salman Taseer was seriously feel legacy of Zia a cancer for Pakistan and cultural life of Punjab so he never felt shame in expressing his feelings in public.He always called so called Islamization introduced in constitution of Pakistan by Zia as Fraud and for victimization of religious minorities of Pakistan and for creating a serious divide among people.

He was breathing actually in old political culture of Pakistan when he was in MRD and whole leadership of MRD rejected so called Islamization of Zia dictator.And it was Waris Mir teacher in Punjab University had written a series of column on question of status of evidence or depone of women in Urdu daily Jang Lahore and Javed Ahmad Ghamdi wrote many essays on stoning till death Punishment and many lawyers and legal experts pointed out many defects and shortcomings in method of registering a case and investigation under Blasphemy Act in Zia era but nobody called them Wajib-ul-Qatal although followers of Syed Mudoodi gave Fatwas against them but nobody took serious them.

And second thing which played important role in sustaining diversity loving political cultural in society in those days was role of Secular, liberal and enlightened political workers,poets,writers,journalists ,lawyers, students and trade union workers .These all resisted whenever rightists wanted to impose their agenda on society and they never allowed theocracy dominating in society although its forced intervention in constitutions and state institutions.

When a poor Christian woman was falsely involved in Blasphemy case then he want to revive tradition of resistance against Mullah-ism and theocratization of society then his view was that he was well known enlightened Muslim and belonged to that family whose links with Islam remained always strong and despite all differences nobody had showed suspicion about his belief.

His view was also that Civil society would support him and comrades of his Party would stand behind him .But alas! all this proved an idealism and he lost his life.

I went next day after his killing Lahore and went in Governor House where Imam of Mosque of Governor House had refused to offer prayer of Janaza of Salman Taseer and all big names of PPP Lahore failed to bring any other cleric for this purpose.

It was Rehman Malik who convinced Allama Afazal Chishty to do that job. Chishty Sahib was President of PPP Ulema wing. Rehman Malik promised him that he would be provided fool proof security but when he offered the prayer then nobody from big names of PPP was there to bring along with him.

There was a young Jiyala of Lahore who picked Allama Chishty from Governor House and provided shelter for some days ignoring all danger and risks in that job and then he managed to bring Chishty Sahib safe and sound in Islam Abad from where Allama sahib shifted in London with his family.

I and Syed Karrar Haider Shah,Azam Khan,Shehzad Francis and some other organized a protest on day of killing of Salman Taseer and invited all those well known but so called progressive who  sole propertied all rights of enlightenment but did not come in that protest and advised us not to put our lives in danger. Comrades of his Party also gave some cold response and newly appointed Governor even removed all portraits and hoardings of Salman Taseer and even he did not mention former Governor when he made a speech after taking oath as Governor.

Salman would have never thought that after his killing his family would face more troubles in hiring a lawyer and Rawalpindi Bar would made hero his killer and then former Chief Justice of Lahore High Court would be defence lawyer of his killer.

Yesterday Bilawal Bhutto again demonstrated of courage and showed himself a brave leader when he wrote on twitter a social net working site,

“ST was on right side of history and we were at wrong side”

“PPP and PML(N) both failed in recovering of Shehbaz Taseer”

I think leadership and workers of PPP should apologize in Public with Salman Taseer and his family.

Really Salman Sahib! we are all feeling guilty and ashamed in front of you.  


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Aamir Hussaini


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  • The whole Pakistani nation has let down Salman Taseer and his family. It is horrible to see how people of that sorry land will celebrate the killing of a humanist. I wish I could do something from abroad, but I have bindings. Comrades who will not support or show up in funeral perhaps had these reservations too. Yes, I am coward , but One day, someone will stand up, a forceful figure with enough sources and protection. Bilawal and Malala come to my mind. How long this darkness will prevail?

  • Taseer was finely and safely removed by agencies using Qadri as their stem planted in his convoy.One thing one should make it clear before death he was having lunch with Owner of best western hotel who belong to land mafia group of Islamabad.Nobody checked whom he called before taseer was leaving him and then Qadri started his gun.Agencies camouflaged this murder under religious gild to secure their planted touts as this is only way they encourage people to join hands with them.Taseer was not only involved in land grabbing scams but considered as big money launderer who was used to of investing money to other countries and that was annoying his accomplices sitting in govt offices and become reason of his death.His son was also under protection of same group and rest of family are busy in court cases for grabbing his wealth spread here and there.His case was eyeopening for all wealth thieves of nation and his murderers are trying to put his murder in religious conflicts for their convenience.

    • I am sorry Nazia, Venom against ST is obvious from your comments. Some ppl are jealous of every rich man. ST had an accounting firm and was owner of few newspaper. He had earned all his wealth by having a CA and establishing mutual funds company. If he was involved in money laundering, Rana Sanaullah (who I believe should be tried for murder of ST also) would for sure would have started inquiry against ST. I do not know how come all right wing anchors did not find out about that phone call, lunch with Best Western Owner and you (Nazia) know about it. ST was land grabbing and PML(N) or CJ, IMCdid not do anything against ST. Please give me a break.

      Please give a logic behind your fabricated story.

  • @Tahir no body is going to jealous of ST and after seeing his end and what his family members are doing in courts for getting his wealth.He is sign of admonition for all of us if we are able to understand his fate.Who is favoring Rana sanaullah under this topic nor denying his link with banned organization .Surely he is part of land mafia too so like ST who played his game on some high level.ST was no more come to range of emotional jiyala as told by people.He become strong businessman through his firm and then his poltical background made him mini don of Lahore.The way he put governor rule in Punjan was clear sign that which group he belonged at that time as messenger of Pakistani establishment. You might dont know that just before his killing he went to srilanka using economy class and hiding his identity from his official protocol team and invested huge money in Srilanka stock exchange and I think this become reason of his killing.He was not a person who risked his life because of any religious cause or for a christian sweeper.He was surely advised by someone to do so for making platform of his killing like that and cashing the sentiments of public.In this game of power politics ultimately people come to dead end and this is where he ended like that and giving reason people like you to pose him hero.

  • One thing more just visit to Kohsar market Islamabad.There only two restaurants available and you can easily talk with personals of that restaurant in which ST dined last time with Best western owner.All knows it but remain silent as this market is closely under surveillance by ISI people.F5 is just located near this market and poor workers know that they can any time be picked from here and then their family would join missing person family group.Enjoy living in deception world of nationalism but inner story is always bitter whether we accept it or not.Who is keeping his son for so long and why . kindly hear the charges his family members putting each other in front of courts just for taking more share from his wealth and they are crossing all limits of decency/ aristocracy which they always claim.

    • ST was killed by a religious mad man and another religious mad man (Ex. CJ Kh Shareef) was attorney fro Mumtaz Qadri. Jeo group and PML(N) had created an atmosphere against ST. If he was a land grabber he should have been tried in the court. By the way who is not land grabber in Pakistan. ST was killed due to his position in favor of Asia Bibi, your arguments can not bring bring his stature down. He stood for what he believed in. Right wing people always come out with conspiracies and actually this way they try to legalize a murder. Similarly as Imran Khan justifies Taliban attacks under drone attacks. Nazia why don’t you provide the information (if it is correct) about land grabbing to Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool or Javed Chauadry. They would love to publish that.

  • Now we can say whatever we want. Bottom line is, a person with a lion heart was killed. The coward Zardari and PPP never stood for him and his family after he had given his life for a real cause. Shame on you Zardari and his cronies. Insha’Allah, you will be disgraced with your act soon.

  • @Tahir I dont want to puncture your superficial faith on ST but just realizing you things are not like that as presented to you.Kh sharif did same which was once done by Jinnah for securing ghazi alimudin for triggering blind Muslim faith in charred environment of subcontinent.Surely Shairf and his team take stand on these issues because they are baseless politicians and take platform like that for raising their dwarf stature and surely support those muslim powers who support them in difficult time but again this is not issue we are going to discuss.As I given you source of khosar market same I said to you talk any senior personal of LDA about ST plaza near H block gulberg 2 and you would get details how ST and his team made forgery for getting this govt land meant for drains and set an empire.while he was governor he used state funds to set facilities for his plaza as his partners were not happy due to its narrow location but he tried his best to made this successful.You people are forgetting that Attack on srilanka team was made on his tenure and then cricket shifted to dubai since that governor rule of ST.you know who were beneficiary of all this miandad, zardari and taseer like business men who earned billions with their dubai counter part for arranging these matches there. so please don’t create abnormal heroic scenes for ST .people know him better than your emotional feelings for him.

  • OK Nazia,

    Give me a break. Are you telling me that ST or AAZ was behind teh attack on Siri Linkan team and our beloved ISI, MI & FIA could not figure that out or if they figured out they kept their silence because they were scared on AAZ of ST, If you have such info why not you consult FIA, ISI and give all that info. They will love to hear that and will love to investigate that as they did in memogate scandal you remember. You I believe can be a fiction writer as Ibne-Safi. You can create a good story and connect the dots as per your wishes.

    • @Innocent Tahir it was consent of ISI that made PPP govt and then emergency in Punjab as those days Zardari and his team were political alliance with ISI team as power sharing deal.But ISI is habitual of changing its lover affair with political cartoons as per need and new political strategy.I cant give information to any agency as you are mentioning as they already have these plans and actually are part of such plans through their officials.Do you think Minadad got position in PCB during Zardari team without any clearance from agencies as relative of Daud Ibrahim who run networks of mafia from Dubai.I m not fiction writer but get facts from realities happening around me.I am not emotional followers or beneficiary of any political group.Just connect the dots and you would get real picture that who was real beneficiary behind killing of ST and attack.

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