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The historical legacy of 27th December -by H.A. Khan

In 2007,two movements took place in Pakistan.One belongs to the poor working class and the second belongs to the lawyers.Hundreds of non civil society people were in one movement and the same number of civil society was in the other one.The aim of one movement was to achieve bread, butter, education, medical and other fundamental human necessities and the aim of other movement was to restore the ® Chief Justice of Pakistan.One movement’s goal was to achieve the revolution and the other movement’s goal was to restore the reforms.One dream was to change the current system with revolutionary spirits and the other’s was determine to sustain the current system with all its brutalities.

The brutal assassination of Benazir Bhutto on 27th December did not happen as a surprise,but it was planned and executed by the then sovereign powers whom were afraid from the masses.On her arrival on 18th October,2007 our media, the right wing and so called left wing intellectuals were having a unanimous opinion that people will not come in large number to welcome BB Sahiba,but more that 3 million people proved all the corporate assessments wrong.They didn’t come to watch her rather they want her to watch them as they came after the unfinished legacy of 1968-69 to prove their unanimous revolutionary voice against the dying capitalist system and its brutalities.They gave power to BB Sahiba and the NRO was torn by the feet of these masses. This gave BB Sahiba a very strong message that people want a radical change and it was due to this mass pressure that she began to radicalize in her political rallies after the tragic Karsaaz incident.

Till her last speech in Rawalpindi she kept on saying to the people that a time has come for the radical change and lets fight together to save our motherland from the darkest powers of the fundamentalism and fanaticism.She also took oath from the PPP political persons to serve the people if they will come into the power.But unfortunately PPP didn’t act according to the laid principles by their great leaders.The policy of reconciliation was introduced and the Zia’s remnants brought on the top positions.The masses saw this and took revenge with PPP in 11th May elections.

Today’s question is this that will this be continued for ever?the answer is no and never.The time is very near when the revolutionary working class will rise and this time they will participate in the radical change and will not be fooled by the puppets of this dying and rotten capitalist system and only by then the dream of Z.A Bhutto and BB Sahiba to build the classless society on the principles of Socialism will come true through the revolution.


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Dr Uzma Ali


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  • First of all this woman was not a Shaheed. This woman died at a political rally and not fighting the enemy or defending the borders. Her legacy is that of corruption and she was named the corruption queen by the western media, see the link below. Her sole claim to fame has been this mantra of democracy in Pakistan, never mind that her own party is run like a personal fiefdom. Most if not all top leaders of this wretched PPP are feudals or related to feudals. We can gauge her party’s three rules with a trip through interior Sindh, their stronghold. Its almost pitiful to see the illiteracy, poverty, feudal debauchery and mis-rule there. As long as PPP has their ugly tentacles wrapped around this nation there will be no progress.

    See this link for the deeds of her and that criminal Zardari:


  • An amazing articke. It is a sad sad day in the history of subcontinent, politically and socially. We loat a great leader, who perhaps had the right horizon to stop the barbarity faced by the toiling masses. She is, was and will always be one of the greatest leaders their ever was.

  • More like the greatest con-woman masquerading as a politician. But to be fair to her, she had excellent company in the form of Nawaz, another dynastic politician and commander-in-thief now. Bhutto’ greatest gift to this nation was Zardari, a gift that kept giving even after she went to hell.

  • Mr.Khalid please dont abuse her as you should act politically rather than personally.You should have the manners to how to criticize.

    • Nope sorry. When it comes to these Bhutto scums I don’t have any manners. These Bhuttos all deserve the fate that they have met. Papa ZAB was elongated on a rope and went to hell, mommy Nusrat went senile and died and went to hell wearing a soiled diaper, son Murtaza died doing Jihad against that SOB Zardari, other son Shahnawaz was chemically sent to hell while in Paris, Pinky Bhutto had her brains blown out. If that’s not retribution from Allah SWT for all their mis-deeds then what is? I hope the homo fag Bilawal keeps away from politics.

  • BB ruled twice at federal level and her party has ruled most of the times (if not always) in Sindh. The people in interior Sindh, even those living in Garhi Khuda Bakhsh are living the lives of Slaves like the era of Pharohs or any jungle civilization. Their women give birth to slaves for these fuedals bhuttos and zardaris etc. Being a shia and anti-wahabi, i loved the work of LUBP. But to hell with it if it supports BBs and PPP and on the other hand talk about imam Hussain (AS).

    Shame on the admin of LUBP.